Cancer Full Moon 2022 – Card Guidance

Published on: 16 Jan, 2022

Join us for the a spirit led journey into what it means to be sovereign


Goddess Of Ten Thousand Names

If you have felt

constrained by a role,

name or identity

and are wishing

for assistance in

growing beyond it,

or if you have sensed a

new role or identity calling

you into greater expression

and would love some

divine help in that growth,

this Oracle indicates

the help you need

is already with you,

urging your growth from within.

Isis - mother of life
Tarot - 7 of feathers



Two of Feathers

Bring the stream of your thoughts to a stop.

Observe your inner dialogue through meditation.

Realize how chains of thoughts are formed and how they freeze into automatic thought patterns, doubting and pondering.

Just for a moment let your thoughts come to a standstill.

Feel the power of the space that lies between a dying and newly forming thought.



The Prayer

What is prayer? When are we in a state of prayer and when are we not? To whom or what do we pray?

Archetypally, the practice of prayer has been with us since the dawn of time as a remedy for the omnipresent self-centered thinking that spins us toward illusion.

Prayer leads us beyond our ego, as we move from our little story to the big one. Some say we are in a state of prayer anytime we are not the center of our own thoughts.

Others say prayer is a natural result of gratitude. Perhaps it is simply surrender. Or service. Whatever prayer is for you…this card reminds us of its importance.

Get quiet, low, humble, and soft.

Bow and touch the ground as your heart lifts to the sky.

Though it may be uncomfortable, it is time. Nothing else will do.

When light it is offering to be of service, asking for guidance.

When dark it is expecting results, self-aggrandizement.

archetypes - the vessel
Tarot - 7 of feathers

I Ching

64 – The Way of Imagination

The whole process of the Gene Keys can be so confusing and that is this 64th Shadow – Confusion. Here’s the secret; confusion needs time to become clear on its own, according to a natural process. Awakening is uncomfortable and confusing. We’re confused about reality. It’s so uncomfortable to realise we’re asleep, and yet still be asleep. Confusion only really arrives when a transformation comes around, because then we enter into the void state where all that we know about ourselves is questioned. It’s about entering into the not-knowing, into the mystery. To the mind it’s frightening so it tries to put things back in order, so we have the illusion of feeling safe again. Most of us aren’t able or willing to stay that vulnerable, so we retreat into false order and control. We end up repressing the transformation that was inviting us to evolve our awareness in some way. If we don’t embrace the confusion, we never get the leap. When we do allow confusion some time and space, then we get the Gift of Imagination which is about magic, surprises and the unexpected. It’s about manipulating matter; that’s what magic and imagination is. The 64th Gene Key is all about psychic energy, about mind over matter. It is about listening to the visions coming through the imagination and trusting them. At the Gift level, genius always contains boldness. It takes courage to surrender to the force of evolution inside us. It says, ‘trust in your wildest dreams’. It’s illogical, poetic, wild, spontaneous and unexpected. This Gift is never complete – it’s Before Completion. There’s always the possibility for a greater leap in consciousness and the possibility of a miracle. When awakening occurs through the Siddhi of Illumination, it comes as an inner light. This is the state of Absorption, where our DNA vibrates at such a high frequency that it becomes very, very pure and in essence begins to crystallise within the core of every molecule.