Aquarius Full Moon 2021 (3)

Aquarius Full Moon 2021

by Maia Mires

We have a Full Moon in Aquarius on 22nd August 2021 at 13:02 GMT.

Sunday 22 August – Full Moon in Aquarius 13:02 GMT

Sunday 22 August – Sun into Virgo 22:35 GMT

Monday 23 August – Venus trine Saturn 13:48 GMT

Wednesday 25 August – Mercury opposite Neptune 2:14 GMT

Thursday 16 August – Venus opposite Chiron 14:24 GMT

Thursday 16 August – Mercury trine Pluto 15:23 GMT

Monday 30 August – Mercury into Libra 6:10 GMT

Thursday 2 September – Mars opposite Neptune 18:43 GMT

Sunday 5 September – Mercury trine Saturn 2:30 GMT

Monday 6 September – Venus square Pluto 4:07 GMT

Monday 6 September – Mars trine Pluto 13:20 GMT

Monday 6 September – Venus trine Jupiter 14:05 GMT

Tuesday 7 September – New Moon in Virgo 1:52 GMT

This is the second Aquarius Full Moon this season. The other was in late July. This is therefore known as a Blue Moon. When there’s two New or Full Moons in one sign, we know that the beginning and end degree of the signs are occupied by the Sun. This Full Moon we have the Sun in the last degrees of Leo, known as the anaretic degree.

The final degree of a sign is known to embody three elements, not just the one it’s in. That is, the previous element, which in this case is water (Cancer), the current fire (Leo) and then the next which is earth (Virgo). The same applies to Aquarius 29 degrees – taking on previous, current and next element.. 

It is a point of intensity, struggle and power, since it is whole within itself. Those born with a planet or angle in a final degree in any sign are granted great gifts there.

Aquarius and Uranus is about trauma – a collective trauma. This Aquarius Moon is ruled by Uranus – the higher mind – giving us further access to beyond the veils, beyond the isms, the rules, the confinements. The things that supplement life’s lack of meaning.

Our whole world hasn’t made long sense for a while. A whole world of free floating anxiety and discontented minds, unable to understand their pain or fear.  People just don’t have a connection with themselves. They just numb the pain. They are burnt out. They are disconnected from each other, from themselves. Jobs are senseless, meaningless.

Everyone is looking for something to connect their fear and discontent into, something to give them meaning and an object to focus it on, a reason for it, and a way of dealing with it is what Covid was/is. It’s the perfect heroine’s journey. It gives some a way to focus their lack of life meaning. To sing their unsung hero. To battle on behalf of something that finally feels like they can offer something to the world. Or to try and ignore the real pain in joint solidarity against ‘the virus’.

It’s like ww2 all over again. It’s mentally intoxifying. To focus and narrow in attention. This is what happens when we get hypnotised. And people have been open to  being hypnotised for some time. This is just another larger level of it and it’s doesn’t matter whether they are wrong or right, it gives their life meaning. In the way that having a view on Brexit also gave their life meaning. Take these small meaningful things away and what are we left with?

This is one reason why it’s so challenging to converse at the level of belief and opinion and get somewhere. I feel this isn’t about belief, we are in a whole different territory.

When we question someone’s concept of reality and what supports them to feel better, we threaten comfort and unfortunately most are not equipped to do battle. They retreat away into their comfort zone, preferring avoidance, blanking you out, or go even further into the collective hypnosis. 

There are other and better ways – but that’s another post. First though we need to properly identify what is happening. We can’t dive into solutions until get clearer on where people are at. 

One issue is that people don’t want to go back to that aimless fear. A life of denial and no care whether their lives are based on reality or not, is better than that fear. 

Looking to longer term transits this isn’t letting up till Neptune, the master of delusion moves from Pisces into Aries in 2024. We have some time yet to get to grips with this.

What is clear also is that if we ignore and deny the discontent and fear we feel it will create more problems. This is what I said back in 2017 at the Sedna Scorpio Moon. Fear needs our attention as it indicates there’s a message trying to get through and usually there’s something important behind it. People need ways of dealing with their fear.

Aquarius Full Moon 2021

Ultimately we will have to deal with what’s lying deeper beneath. The foreboding global psychological crisis. And fundamentally it’s a crisis of no inner connection, feeling powerless and no heart, mind, soul or body connection or integration. Of being desouled and separate from one another.

You see I don’t hear much empathy about the collateral damage, about the victims of lockdowns, those who missed out of essential medical care, the damaged kids,  the demise of rights – ‘my body, my choice’. Even when you tell them people have died of the vaccine most say that the means (which are the unfortunate few thousand) justify the ends, are better this than the alternative – the virus. What they mean is that they prefer to not go back to what they had before.

Its not even an egoism issue, it’s a narrowed focus issue of obedience. You can take away everything from people – their rights and their freedom, even their jobs, bonds, families, and still, they want to be the hero, the saviour, the martyr, the do-gooder, the obeyer. You could slice into some peoples flesh and they wouldn’t notice. This is the level of desensitisation hypnosis. I know I trained many years ago.

The challenge is that we are getting to a place where there is little choice left but to look at it. It’s glaring. They are seeing that those in power are ‘just not on the right side’ (of the law, it seems). Yet for some this narrowed attention on something very powerful is so binding. For others it’s an issue with courage. I’m sure there’s many other issues also.

As the collective veils dissolve many will gain access to their unease, through an inner disturbance that cascades through them in such a way that they cannot ignore what they know now ‘is not right’. 

And yet they might still cling. We need people to actually take a side.

But the hypnotised are binded, unwavering in their allegiance, unbending in their attachment to their identity, embedded and enmeshed in cultural, political, social or educational belief systems. It’s their collective and personal identity that they cling to. They do not want to be submerged by the unknown and so they are hanging on by more than their teeth.

People want to keep the banality. It’s their prop. You can hear it in conversations. Full of meaningless, senselessness, but no one addresses it. It’s in the tone, the mundanity, the brittleness. I see an eagerness to belong, to follow, to act when expected and to be on tenterhooks, willing to respond in order to please. They perhaps still wear their masks. Others don’t but don’t want to offend. So it’s stuffed into their pocket ‘just in case’. The mask now gets you what you want when you really need it.

And at first glance you wouldn’t notice the symptoms. Since we are also display them ourselves. As these symptoms of the real virus do not appear to discriminate. We are all susceptible. We need to identify what creates this locally and collectively.

So in comes Sedna at this Full Moon in square to the Sun-Moon opposition. Sedna is the Innuit goddess who resides in the ocean, she became the Queen of sea mammals and creatures. 

The myth is that she was betrayed by her father (previously betrayed by her evil husband also), who threw her to the icy ocean depths to save himself. As she clung for her life to the side of his boat, he cut off her fingers off and so she was left to haunt the ocean forever, her severed limbs becoming the sea mammals.

Nice story eh. We can’t expect anything else currently. Sedna’s themes are clear; the ocean, shadow, cut off parts, regeneration, soul bindings. Sedna is currently at the anaretic degree of Taurus averaging a 50 year orbit of one sign (12,000 year cycle), entering Gemini in 2022-2065. Sedna is about transitions, but those on a vast broad scale, since we cannot make sense in a historical way of Sedna, since we do not know how she would have played out in her previous cycles. 

We have no recorded history to compare what’s happening now to. We can try and link current events to world wars and such like, but really, we cannot make complete sense of these events on those terms and in those contexts. We are in unknown territory, cast into the ocean, I find myself often shaking my head in disbelief at the unfolding or emerging events. Although those who grew up in a reality such as this will understand more.

Sedna beckons us to open up to our fears and not cast them into the ocean. Shadow and fear is rising, no longer content with being submerged and ostracised, the role assigned by the patriarchy.

“Those who hide in this Shadow of Dullness, tend to hide in numbers, where they feel the illusion of safety. This dullness is death, it’s stifled imagination, cowardice, comfort and indolence. The Dilemma here is Comfort, we must change or die. From all quadrants, comfort is like a siren song to blunt our sharp edges, to make us soft and take life for granted. Never take life for granted, death and suffering teaches this.”

But as I said, many do not have the capacity to think for themselves outside of the dominant narrative. They are in this collective hypnotic trance that forbids it. They do not understand they are taking life for granted, they do not see the sacredness. Instead they look for masters and authority outside for instruction. Those outside masters have betrayed us. 

Her story is ours, one of patriarchal betrayal. Here is the patriarchy:

“My mind has tried to understand this unquenchable longing. I tamed my desires and my body. Fueled by the feeling of separation I restrained what are called animalistic drives and instincts.

Out of this feeling of sorrow and being deeply wounded I created mighty buildings, I built cathedrals, and scraped the skies. I cultivated land, build gardens and terraces, and harvest the crops to secure our food supply.

I discover unknown continents and dig up the earth for treasures. I hoard and distribute, and when greed overcomes me, I kill. Forgetting my origins and my roots, I turn vicious.”

I think it’s the last two sentences we need to take heed of.

Yet Sedna is the sustenance as the sea mammals regenerated from her cut off fingers. She is life and regeneration. She speaks of how we can be reborn from this betrayal. Yes the father cannot save us. This is becoming increasingly real. But we can be reborn and reclaim ourselves.

Sedna is the shadow of humanity and our personal shadow that we prefer not to face. It is dark and cold. We mostly even deny it exists. We attempt to relinquish it to the ocean floor. Yet she is always floating there, and cannot ever be truly abandoned, always waiting to be reabsorbed by us, reclaimed back into existence.

But if we cling and refuse to surrender to the pain we will feel lost and empty.

Sedna is what we fear the most, floating in the depths of the ocean, the sacrificed parts, where we have ‘dehumanised’ ourselves through holding onto our identities (which is not our humanity), numbed to the depths of the pain or emptiness. Not able to face the sheer immensity of our disconnection. Humanity’s shadow has never been more on display, urgent in its demand that we witness it.

At this Blue Moon notice where you are frozen in the depths, what you have cut off, what you cling to, where you displace your fear, and what you refuse to acknowledge. 

This is the time to be bold and expansive. To reclaim your life as yours. You are not the here to be subsumed by the state, the government as a corporation or confined to an identity. You are sovereign.

As Sedna rises, our frozen numbness, our incapacity to feel ourselves and others, our cut off humanity, our assumed identities and parts as fragments of who we are, all this is coming up for well, something. And so we are perhaps all thawing out.

It cannot make any logical, rational sense to blatantly disregard human rights. There is a deeper issue/s. It is therefore not an injected versus non-injected conversation. It is a pure and simple disregard of human rights ‘my body, my choice’ – with much deeper origins. People need to thaw and feel ‘my body my choice’ again.

Finally while there are those that will never awaken, the major will awaken. We just don’t want to get to full on destruction to make that happen, at the moment folks are just plain scared and want to lay low waiting for it to all be over. Perhaps the full magnitude hasn’t hit yet, they are half hypnotised into ‘patriarchal power over structures’ or just do not feel they have enough courage to stand up. 

We need to hold and create space for these people as much as those also holding the line and fort. With some support, the right vision, and better alternatives to the current restrictive looking future, these people might just start getting more engaged in resisting the onslaught of totalitarian.

In the words of the ‘offering card’ this month:

“The Offering carries a clear-as-day message and a call to action.”

So I want to encourage you all to join the online community space that I’ve set up for this to make space for conversation. It’s free and we will be discussing all these topics as well as giving you the exciting alternatives. I don’t care what side of the fence you are on you are welcome here and you will find support.

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