Aquarius Full Moon 2021 - card guidance

Aquarius Full Moon 2021 – Card Guidance

Published on: 20 Aug, 2021

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Rising Sun

A dark phase

and struggle is over.

A new phase

is upon you –

one of hope, glory,

light and triumph.

It is won through

boldness and persistence.

You have been through much

and now victory

is upon you beloved,

for the Divine Solar Child,

a new consciousness

within you is born.

Isis - Rising Sun
father of coins



Father of Coins

I feel a strong attraction to the woman who brought me into this world. Part of me wanted to remain with her. But the laws of evolution required different measures.

My mind has tried to understand this unquenchable longing. I tamed my desires and my body. Fueled by the feeling of separation I restrained what are called animalistic drives and instincts.

Out of this feeling of sorrow and being deeply wounded I created mighty buildings, I built cathedrals, and scraped the skies. I cultivated land, build gardens and terraces, and harvest the crops to secure our food supply.

I discover unknown continents and dig up the earth for treasures. I hoard and distribute, and when greed overcomes me, I kill. Forgetting my origins and my roots, I turn vicious.

Remembering my connectedness, I use my abilities to serve my community. The woman I call my companion lifted the veil of my delusion.




The Offering

Unlike many of the other cards in the deck, The Offering carries a clear-as-day message and a call to action.

As you may have guessed, it is time for something to be given – and given up – for the sake of the bigger picture.

If nothing comes to mind immediately (though it’s likely it will), take time in meditation to consider what must be offered and who is to receive it.

It’s likely you’ll feel attachment and hesitancy. You’ll make excuses. But recognise the link between the word “sacrifice” and the word “sacred”. One leads to the other. When we offer up something to the greater good, we lighten our load and become more able to serve.

Imagine for a moment if you were able to offer your whole self, unconditionally, to the world. For now, start small.

When light it is generosity, donation, volunteering.

When dark it is giving with expectations, keeping track.

archetypes - the offering
I Ching - 15

I Ching

15 – The Way of Magnetism

With moving from Dullness to Fluorescence we have nature in its most abundant form, giving birth endlessly to the creative ideas of God.

Those who hide in this Shadow of Dullness, tend to hide in numbers, where they feel the illusion of safety. This dullness is death, it’s stifled imagination, cowardice, comfort and indolence.

The Dilemma here is Comfort, we must change or die. From all quadrants, comfort is like a siren song to blunt our sharp edges, to make us soft and take life for granted. Never take life for granted, death and suffering teaches this.

Magnetism is the Gift of loving the time one is in. There is a great positivity in this Gift, one that is truly humble, with a noble heart, who genuinely appreciates the whole farce of life. Another important aspect to this Gene Key is the seeking for betterment. This Gene Key is the most grounded and earthy of all Gene Keys. It’s connected to the natural energy frequency that’s emitted by earth, like the breath of Gaia.

To be in harmony with this is to be at peace. Deep harmony frees us to behave spontaneously because whatever we do, our behaviour emerges from a mountain of benevolence inside us. Of all people the gardener knows the power of Fluorescence, the power of greenness – the magic of rhythm.

Everything comes at its proper time.