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Who Really Is Russell Brand? Part 1

by Maia Mires

Are we being played? If this a game of chess then who exactly are the pawns? And who are the players?

Rarely if ever, do I feel so completely compelled to sit and write an article like I do now. I didn’t know why as I didn’t entirely feel certain of anything. At first I thought it was straight forward – he was a shill and I needed to make that known. But on further research it runs deeper.

I am not a stranger to sitting on the fence, getting off it, and getting back on it again. A good friend of mine once said that my mind has this curious thing whereby I sit on things, then circle around then, then sit back on them. This is because to my mind there are always so many dimensions at play that I have to see it from all angles and viewpoints. It’s my strength and my weakness. There are occasions to step back and observe, and then there are key moments, driven by a strength of impulse, which force us to act.

The initial trigger to write came from hearing many others’ assumptions that he’s ‘being taken down by mainstream media’. I’ve never trusted Russell Brand. I’m suspicious of anybody with a big 6 million following, much bigger than the other main media outlets and why did youtube not delete him earlier when so many others disappeared? He never needed to create code words in his videos like the rest of us. You don’t become part of the establishment without indeed becoming part of the establishment. His tone and manner of presentation didn’t buy me in.

As I’ve gone deeper, I become more intrigued by the division within the awakening community. I saw those coming out in support of him, without much hesitation. Others assuming he’s guilty of what he’s accused, and others thinking it’s about deflection.

It felt as though we were being herded into camps and as always hoodwinked by our obsession with knowing the truth.

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On Saturday 16th September, Channel 4 Dispatches programme broadcast a documentary in which several anonymous women accused him Brand of rape, sexual assaults and emotional abuse over a seven-year period from 2006-2013. It has been a well executed jugular attack on Russell Brand, which included a thorough joint investigation by the Times. The YouTuber, actor and comedian is also said to have behaved inappropriately at work during the height of his fame, including undressing, making sexual remarks, acting aggressively, abusively and behaving predatory. Brand was quick to refute the allegations.

The result: YouTube demonetised his channel but it appears no charges have been brought, yet. For those that knew little about Brand’s more recent role as a YouTuber, he’s morphed into showcasing so-called conspiracy ideas, on the edge subjects, and equally interesting guests. This is a man who knows how to showcase an argument and all its sides effectively and with vigour.

At the same time, it’s also indisputable that Brand has some high level connections. He’s been a member of the Fabian society and the editor of the New Statesman. For years he dated Jemima ‘Goldsmith’ Khan with billionaire status; the Goldsmiths intermarried with the Rothchilds. Some even say he’s the son of a Rothschild. His wife Laura is daughter of golfer Bernard Gallagher claimed to be a freemason. Not to mention the nature of his relationship with Katy Perry as her handler more than her lover.

His 33 tattoo on his left wrist strongly implies he’s a 33rd mason. His argument that it’s the age Jesus died is quite random. It doesn’t seem to matter that he’s produced a black and white chequered book (very clear freemasonry symbols) for children called Pied Piper (among others) which he wrote as he said children need to be introduced to the “sublime Divine”. He even likened himself to the main character, joking that he’s like a version of murdering and raping droogs from the banned film Clockwork Orange. For most people, a famous celebrity juxtaposing, in the very same breath, the sublime Divine with murdering and raping, is just too much to work out, forcing our mind to just immediately dismiss it. Too much in plain sight.

No one also seems to have clocked his appearance at the 2012 olympics closing ceremony either. Here he adorned the striped purple of the child catcher’s cage (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang), whereby the yellow and orange bus he rode mirrored the child catcher’s coloured cloak. Very coincidental, especially alongside his Pied Piper book, where the children were led into the cave, never to be seen again.

Without a judicial trial, this is clearly a case of trial by media. This is tricky territory and we are on shaky ground to assume anyone guilty without trial. The effect of trial by media on the populace is a deepening unease; starved of any access to truth, we are gently pushed into our inner plutonian subterrane. Comfortable it is not, as it yet again echoes one of the world’s greatest collective traumas, forever etched in our souls – the witch trials.

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Needless to say though, if there’s one thing we are learning right now, it is not to jump to any premature conclusions. Exposes and cancelling of celebrities should always prompt us to probe behind the scenes for deeper more complex answers. Staying on the surface for now…. Why all the noise now? What is our attention being drawn to or distracted from?

During all this Brand saga, the House of Lords passed into law the controversial “Online Safety Bill”. This law hands over the duty of online content regulation to OFCOM. Legally, they can now the demand as yet ‘unspecified’ information from users, companies and employees, and make it a crime to withhold it. It documents that online crimes such as “harmful, false and threatening communication”, i.e. ‘false’ but not harmful, or true but ‘harmful’, are now the jurisdiction of OFCOM. Media grabbing events have often been used to pass laws (most noticeably the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666). On top of that though, overstepping government purview, MP Dame Caroline Dinenage wrote letters to various social media outlets asking for Russell Brand’s income and that his accounts ‘cancelled’ or demonetised.

The response from other media figures ranges from typical to bizarre. For example, during 2020, a lot of awakening people trusted Magenta Pixie. She’s now unquestioningly swearing that Brand is on the side of the light and that “there are some things you just don’t need to question”, a suspicious response in and of itself. Yet it’s a given that no one trusts her now anyway, her YouTube comments are always turned off, so then are we to assume the opposite of the opposite, and trust him? Like a double bluff, crazy stuff.

Whether the powers that be believe they are in control of the narrative or not, the current fear for those in power is and always has been that the whole ‘reality’ trip is going down. Ostensibly they need to do all they can to keep the illusion of control intact.

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But as the saturnine towers crumble further inducing dissolution of boundaries, confusion spins out from the epicentre, bringing a palpable sense of impending chaos and collapse. With the top societal structures grappling for control, through their machiavellian meddling and quashing all perceived threats, are the powers that be resorting to whatever it takes to preserve the status quo? Has Brand in effect martyred himself, as many would like to think, facing now persecution, suppression, or even banishment? Or are they all much cleverer than this?

Yet even in the process of asking such questions our energy feels siphoned off and our precious time drained. For how can we ever know for sure? How would it change things if we did know anyway? They are masters at working off the back foot and they also love to keep the populace in a place of uncertainty, doubt and hopelessness.

We continue to underestimate the unrivalled unification of the powers that be. They are quite capable of sacrificing one of their own for the good of them all. It’s very possible that Russell Brand just didn’t quite know the extent or what he was giving away his power to, and got into too deep a water, not realising that it would be like quick sand. Once the power has been given away at that level, it’s very difficult to claim it back. The level of true service required for him to reclaim his power would be great. Since it would not be an individual level of power at this stage, but something far beyond that.

More than anything else though, the powers that be want you to believe that you can achieve all you desire on your own, by yourself. Brand is positioned as a charismatic guru-type, doing it all alone also. The powers that be always work covertly in coalition to achieve all their goals. Their level of coalition is not understood as yet; to my mind, it is beyond our wildest imagining. As Brand himself claims, he is the subject of a “co-ordinated attack” involving “some very serious allegations (that I absolutely refute)”, divulging a truth and a secret; a secret that they are now willing to dispense with, or were always prepared to relinquish as part and parcel of the transition or next stage.

Why would they do this? Well they knew with the universal cycles, they had no other choice but to co-opt the shifting zeitgeist to maintain control. It would just need to be assumed under different, far Aquarian, utopian principles.

It also fits that Brand has been positioned as a reformed, revolutionary, prepared to ‘call them out’. I’m not sure he’s as isolated as he makes out though. By all appearances, to those more fully awake (I do need to find another word for ‘awake’), it still does look like a rather poorly orchestrated attempted control demolition of the current system.

Almost everyone who is already at awakening first base is regurgitating, as though it was inevitable, that ‘they’ – the untouchable powers that be – are out to discredit him, since they are clinging to power. There’s probably now ‘almost’ a chorus of collective agreement that questioning the status quo ultimately lands you in trouble. You only need to look at the fates of Assange, Trump and Tate, and the lesser troubles of Alex Jones. It is also not news that there are forces that orchestrate terrorist attacks, pull puppet strings, and design falls from grace.

Brand’s laying of blame squarely onto something untouchable, unknown and menacingly threatening gives us a fear trip. When we can’t identify the source of a threat, our fear levels amp up. We could argue that he has little other option here. But his video thumbnails also radiate fear and this feeds indirectly into our subconscious. Inducing collective fear is a well known strategy for steering public opinion and it’s always far better for those promoting fear if the thing we are lead to fear is intangible and uncontrollable.

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