Russell Brand part 2

Who Really Is Russell Brand? Part 2

by Maia Mires

Brand’s rebuttal, that this is a ‘coordinated attack’, forces division; taking a side or an impartial position. If you love Brand, you logically assume it’s ‘coordinated’; hate him and he’s controlled opposition; and if you prefer to soak up fear porn and parrot mainstream media, then either there’s no smoke without fire or innocent until proven guilty – both of which are insubstantial. However, it seems quite convenient that these claims cannot be proved or disproved. The truth is obscured. We only have opinion and perception to go on.

Yes as we’ve seen there’s many contradicting sides to Brand (as you’d expect from a Gemini); a revolutionary, anarchist, in it for the people, but then he’s more than happy to admit he’s a whore for money and has been photographed greeting the Queen with a Masonic hand shake. Regularly admitting he’s a trickster, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, the fool, and a pied piper, it seems clear not all is what it seems. Brand is well versed in matters of the occult programming, as his pied piper book full of masonic symbols shows.

He certainly knows how to appeal to a diverse range of the populace also – New Agers, activists, skeptics and other camps. It’s probably safe to say (although not a straight-forward case)  that Brand falls into the group of ‘controlled opposition’. This is where those awakening who no longer trust the traditional systems of control within education, media, government, ideologies and identity politics are controlled through smoke and mirrors, half-truths, making us feel we have reached some level of truth, when actually we have just been conveniently redirected into yet another clever matrix of control.

His promotion of a loose adherence to spiritual teachings and practises, guarantees peoples’ maintenance of some kind of balance without a true deepening or spiritual development. Yes he’s helped many people partially wake up with his truth interspersed with lies. But with all due respect, the establishment don’t care that people are ‘waking up’ as long as they stay soundly asleep to the ultimate truths.

You could say he acts as a second or next line of defence, leading awakening people down paths that lead nowhere very slowly.

Russell Brand-pic 1

When a while back he came out with “we need a new global governance” it made me think he was herding the newly awakened into his cultish ‘commune’ community so he could position himself as a utopian leader. Many people wishfully convinced themselves back then that what he really meant is a system run by and for the people. While he does have a unique understanding of the importance of collective experiences, and he does tap into the collective undercurrents better than most, his use of the word ‘global’ presupposes a centralised system, be it based on New Age principles, Communist, or WEF goals. Either way, not someone to put too much faith into because as well as he provides solace, he equally exacerbates fears.

The great reveal of the current system, it’s corruption, scandals, and dark foundations was always inevitable. See the 9 dimensions of the Mayan Calendar work by Calleman. But astrologically also, the journey of Pluto through Capricorn, and the infamous conjunction of Pluto and Saturn in January 2020 (also rarely aligned with Pluto’s and Saturn’s Nodes also) ushered in an relentless force that would dismantle all the secret machiavellians of the powers that be, and of course they knew this.

The only option was to control this unstoppable demolition of a system that can no longer sustain itself, and craft a new more egalitarian system out of the New Age movement and identity / activist ideologies. Almost all transitions are controlled; from the hippy and peace movement of the 1960s, the socialism to open markets after the Berlin Wall fell, and there are many others. Whether those at the top have a full awareness of the planetary movements, which ultimately lay the foundations and herald the consciousness shifts, is unknown, but my understanding is that there is conscious awareness and manipulation – some of the things I see are just too uncanny.

Regardless though, the upshot of all the smoke and mirrors, and enmeshment of truth with lies, is that we spend all our waking hours trying to figure it all out. We are also poised between being on the fence, distrust and trust.

Brand is a master of repetition, as Gandhi said, “an error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it”. There was a reason why Gandhi heeded this warning. The insertion of a rhythmic, repetitive element in Brand’s messaging forces habit to be formed; his videos say to me he’s interested in the habitual patterns he can form in our mind.

If there ever was a born solipsist, it is Russell Brand. He masquerades as a curious, open minded, listener. He encourages perception and opinion, rather than insight, and is able to shape even swindle us out of our own truth. He appeals to our ego’s love of relativism and our fear of absolute truth. Even though he seems to be on the search for truth, he covertly preaches that you can never really get there. You see there’s a big difference between truth and perception; perceptions are always based upon what people think is there, and can be quite blind to the truth even when it’s staring them in the face.

Under normal circumstances, it is admirable to help others gain awareness of their perception. But at this time on the planet, it’s more important that we discern and trust our inner knowing. Humble opinions do not offer strong foundations to live life by. Not at this time. “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what is not true; the other is to refuse to accept what is true” Soren Kierkegaard. The Truth is really the only reality and we must begin to acknowledge that our perceptions are often erroneous.

In many ways, Brand’s projected image acts as a role model. And let’s not forget, everyone has respect for someone who is astute, erudite, articulate, curious yet challenging. What does it take for us to notice and discern clearly the hallmarks of someone who hasn’t got humanity’s best interest at heart? How would we know this as truth? Perhaps it’s even an impossible question to answer, but it was always going to be important to ask these questions for our discernment development. 

Russell Brand-pic 6

Perhaps it’s also easier of more necessary to just ask is this the sort of leader we really want taking us into the so-called golden age?

To me, as outlines, there are some clear hallmarks of an inauthentic leader. What we want or do not want to be true, is our biggest filter through which we see reality. If we all want Russell to have come good and be the real deal; the rebellious, courageous, individualistic, dogged fighter for society’s underdogs, who will single-handedly claw back the power and give it back to the people, then this will be our filter. We must question what filters our reality.

It boggles the mind and makes your head spin to think about the infinite layers and levels of possibilities at play here. For example, why on earth would the establishment want to bring the establishment down? With the mainstream machiavellian media circus and unctuous Brand seemingly at logger heads, the seasoned awakened do not know what to think. I see a possible flip side to this. By attacking Brand with (so far) insubstantial evidence, the establishment could be trying to increase the credibility and popularity for his revolutionary mission by simultaneously invoking sympathy. After all, there’s no doubt this will increase his support in certain circles.

Personally, I do not trust that he is a revolutionary in his heart. So we might need to be prepared to face our disappointment. We need to confront our willingness to give away our power to any outside authority, particularly someone messiah-like. It’s just a bandaid to soothe and salve our own feeling of ineffectiveness or powerlessness in the world. At this time, we will constantly be pushed back in on ourselves until we reclaim this power we so absently give away.

On the surface, Brand epitomises the logical type, where his nature is to doubt, needing facts, reasons, and a logical basis for everything. In this he reflects most of the world population; the limitation of living in just the left brain. He supports a constant verification of the facts at play and is clearly gifted at raising every possible cynical or sensible question. He is made for the job of pushing us back into the left brain and forcing us out of our inner truth. You get the sense that his restless mind never ceases, and he’s always in it, and this is where we are being encouraged to be also. There’s always a knife edge of madness to Russell Brand, I personally would want to stay clear of that vibe.

From what I can surmise, this is a man that at some point, has given away his power, perhaps unwittingly or regretfully and is in fact now just following orders. At whose orders is unclear. And whether he’s stepped out of line at some point is also unclear. You don’t learn how to play a chequered board like this unless you have had to give in to the will of others and learnt to suppress your own desires.

My sense is that he answers to man not God, as all freemasons are required to do. Some people oddly seem to think that you can get out of freemasonry unscathed. This is not the case. It’s a huge soul decision to choose the material realm above the spiritual, and it takes the soul lifetimes to resolve.

Russell Brand-pic 4

A freemason’s general excuse for doing wrong is “well, there is always someone else there to do it if not me, so why not me, I might as well benefit”. It’s this type of consciousness, where there is an excuse and abdication of responsibility for choices and actions, a submission to a ‘master’ without connection to the true self, that bequeaths people like Brand to lead their own followers to their own demise. I see this in him.

Without our true self (through our Divine connection) being fully online, it’s very easy to give away our power as a habit. Unfortunately also, we are all so accustomed to emotional experiences without any involvement of our human core self, and as aforementioned, most of these emotional experiences arise from our perception, not our core individual ‘feeling’ sovereignty which connects us into our truth. Without this core, we are like a dog chasing its own tail. I am very doubtful that Brand has this core true self online.

In the very essence of dissociation and disembodiment, where there is no connection to a deep soul core truth, a creation of kalisdescopic chaotic confusion runs riot, working only to magnify our own experience of a disenfranchised frantically searching mind, desperately trying to put things back in order. So the illusion of feeling safe again is maintained. Most of us aren’t able or willing to stay that vulnerable in the unknown chaos of the mind, so we retreat into false concepts and habits of order and control. Very few are able to fully embrace the confusion of life, pausing and breathing in that space. It’s quite possible that Brand’s ultimate destiny will force him there, but I don’t think he’s been there ‘in trust’ yet. He doesn’t know how to surrender – this is what I see. He might get there ultimately, but not until much later.

It’s clear to me that his avid poetic imagination would also give him full access to magic and the unexpected, but also confusion. He is doubtlessly interested in manipulating matter through mind and psychic energy; blending magic and imagination, having control in this way over elements of his life, and likely others beyond him, as we can see from the ‘obey’ Katy Perry moment on the red carpet. Perhaps just as others have had control and power over him. It’s quite possible that he has dabbled in dark magical ritual as wherever there is a propensity for confusion, there is nearly always a need for order, often through ritual – both harmless or harmful ones (even OCD is a form of ritual).

It takes courage to surrender to the force of evolution inside us, the visions it gives up, whether full of beauty or ugliness. It says, ‘trust in your wildest dreams’. When we embrace our evolution, as I’m sure Brand is, we must not assume that we are not being taken on a powerful learning journey that will throw us many serious curveballs. We really do never know fully what we are here to learn. It’s often illogical, wild, and spontaneous, and especially this is the case with Brand. I think there’s some serious surrendering up lessons coming to him. Perhaps it is in this that his true destiny resides, rather than in the Messiah complex, which he promotes.

Regardless of who he is and what’s the truth, we (the masses) are clearly being challenged in our perception of what is real, solid, known, and safe. I see Russell Brand as just one big reflection and counterbalance of our own lives lived. Where whatever we thought of him, we now live in doubt, thrust into the unknown. No matter how far we’ve come on our path, no matter our age, experience or wisdom – we can’t hide from this collective dissolution or living in the unknown. Neither can Brand.

I do not know he has called forth for his own soul evolution, but it feels potentially big and chaotic. Yes the idea of destiny is controversial, yet with Brand, we naturally feel a sense of destination and purpose, just perhaps not the one he’d expect (since anyone with that amount of egotism will at some point require a wake up call). He is clearly aiming himself toward a future that is beyond the mundane, but with this, there’s a likelihood of getting quite lost along the way. You may think there is a path to lead you straight through, but I think Brand is about to enter onto the pathless path. We might too, if we do not hesitate and apply a little more thought to what we give our power to.

There are tricksters on the pathless path, and plenty of brambles to get entangled and snared in. But in a way we are all on this adventure now, and there’s no turning back. Whether it’s a case that Brand has been sacrificed, he’s going to try and sacrifice us, or he’s a good guy, it’s best to stay clear of all the chaotic mess. Even if his messages appeal there’s fear and drama there and it will only yield more drama. We need to embrace the inner light to light our own path and know that this will take us where we need to go, resisting the appeal to follow others, since we have no idea where they are being taken and where we will be led as a result. There’s no doubt Brand has something to teach, but weary of him I remain, and I reckon it’s wise to “have the patience to wait until the mud settles and the waters become clear” Lao Tzu.

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