Virgo New Moon 2023

Virgo New Moon 2023

by Maia Mires

We have a New Moon in Virgo on 15th September 2023 at 2.40 BST.  

Friday 15 September – New Moon in Virgo 2:40 BST

Friday 15 September  – Mercury Direct 21:21 BST

Saturday 16 September – Sun trine Uranus 2:24 BST

Sunday 17 September – Venus square Jupiter 7:09 BST

Tuesday 19 September – Sun opposite Neptune 12:17 BST

Thursday 21 September – Sun trine Pluto 6:21 BST

Saturday 23 September – Sun into Libra 7:50 BST

Saturday 23 September – Venus trine Chiron 9:17 BST

Sunday 24 September – Mars opposite Chiron 9:06 BST

Monday 25 September – Mercury trine Jupiter 13:10 BST

Friday 29 September – Full Moon in Aries 10:57 BST

We have a New Moon in Virgo on 15th September 2023 at 2.40 BST.  

This new moon is opposed by Neptune, trine Pluto and Uranus forming a kite aspect.

There’s also a lot of minor planet/asteroid aspects, and some moving into new signs. With lots of planetary activity happening all at once it’s difficult to predict what’s going to happen but we can be sure there will be events.

Six planets are currently retrograde. This supports an internal processing prior to our outward expression of creativity lending more inner connection. Dreams will also be significant. Venus and Jupiter in square are inspiring and propelling us forward with new ideas and more internal and external focus and resources.

However the influence of Neptune opposing this New Moon is the juxtaposition of our vast potential with the humble everyday self that fetches water and chops wood. We might seesaw between the mundanity of our lives and the magnitude of the possibilities. 

Most recently retrograde, Jupiter, begins its 4-month retrace of steps in Taurus bringing us to into a reflection and integration of whatever we have fixed or transfixed upon.

Venus is conjoining Juno also, while Ceres, Vesta, and Pallas Athene all change changes to Scorpio, Cancer and Libra respectively. The Sun-Moon conjunction in Virgo tightly trines Uranus (with Jupiter) and forms a kite with Pluto and Neptune.

Virgo New Moon 2023 - pic 2

The Sun-Moon conjunction brings in wholeness and adaption, with Jupiter’s expansion, Uranus’s creative jolts, Neptune’s spiritual metamorphosis and Pluto’s transformation. 

A kite formation represents a higher order or frequency. Numerologically, Neptune ‘rules’ the kite pattern, so they naturally broaden spiritual perspective. This is very important, as spiritual perspective is what we will need in the next few months.

There are so many layers to this. A metamorphosis activation is the key to understanding this New Moon. It represents a line drawn in the sand, when life was one way and then becomes another. As we enter into this next phase, small or large events act as triggers. 

So while in these growing pains, lean into the process well, know what is happening at the higher levels and hold little judgment.

It’s important to know that all life at this time and all times is intelligent, organising what we need to experience. Life is inherently regenerative, creative in its nature, and it will emerge spontaneously from whatever manure it is given. See life, or better still, love as a generator, concentrator and distributor, and life cannot be without love. 

Love is what we need to remember more than anything now, and the highest octave of love – Neptune – rules this New Moon (though Mercury is the actual ruler).

Virgo New Moon 2023 - pic 1

The spiritual perspective that’s dropping in is the understanding that we are all moving towards the same goal, even though it might not seem that way. Good and bad are sides of the same coin, we all exist within this greater body of intelligence.

We are not isolated, no one is, and yet we need to experience isolation to grow our connectedness. When we accept where we are at, see it fully, and choose to work with it to nudge us forwards, miracles can happen. Sometimes it’s the time to disappear from the world, but for most it’s now time to emerge and be bathed in the hope and trust available.

On a more practical level, Virgo season and Mercury retrograde support us to attend to fine tuning, noticing the shifts within and around us. It also helps us to address core matters, get things done, tidy up some loose ends and bring some much needed order. 

After all the dangling loose ends and uncertainty, and withdrawing energies of Venus and Mercury (among others) retrogrades, we have been given an opportunity to now sift through some of the Pisces mystery and get some sense of what’s next.

An entire month of Venus direct in square to now retrograde Jupiter helps us see the positive rather than the negative, and is socially helpful, uplifting, particularly in respect to our relationships with women but all relationships will benefit from our spiritual buoyancy and perspective.

The chart for this new moon has part of fortune on the ascendant. This is unusual, saying we are in a process of getting rooted, magnetically coming back to ourselves, integrating the fragmentation. It symbolises again this focus on inner connection and inner wealth, focus on the enrichment within.

During the retrogrades lots got reworked and now the shoots of the new, revitalised reconnection to life can begin slowly to take some shape and form. It’s not going to happen overnight, but it’s now forthcoming.

Virgo New Moon 2023 - pic 3

A new inner relationship is emerging with ourselves, where we are merging with the ‘other/s’ within, of letting in, through acceptance, of what was separate. A coming together, an inner orchestra where these aspects can combine harmonically. 

Perhaps this is reflective of Venus-Juno in conjunction, the inner marriage. The reflection are around what are we bonded to and what would we prefer to be bonded to?

At the same time, with big shifts comes letting go and purification, definitely reflective of Virgo season. Perhaps this is about the breaking or renewal of contracts. The change of seasons often heralds a surrendering up so we can start the new season fresh. 

This can come in the form of surrendering up an addictive pattern or behaviour, a way in which we self-medicate. We are regaining our strength and so whatever took you out of your emotions, body and capacity to be in the world is up for some intentional release.

Examine wherever or whatever you give your power to, where you feel you lose it and lack connection with yourself, but don’t set new intentions until after Mercury turns direct later in the evening of this New Moon (20.21 BST). Release earlier and set after.

If we take a look at the emphasis on the earth and fire elements, combined with the part of fortune on ascendant, Eros on the descendant and the Leo Venus-Juno we can see there’s potentially also an intimacy focus, either with selves, with our erotic ventures, our sexuality, or with partners. That’s a whole blog post in and of itself.

Significantly, a lot of the major and minor planets occupy the Leo-Scorpio and Capricorn-Taurus part of the chart. There’s a clear polarity between these two chart hemispheres. This is helping us look at life through a kaleidoscope rather than a single-focus lens.

Yet as with all kaleidoscope vision, we need some rooting to solid ground and a central pillar that links us back to our centre. This is what is missing in most people’s lives, rooted or extended into the things that do not serve, such as behaviours, jobs, other people, objects. 

Hence it’s time to come back to your centre and know it will feel good to really create that magnetic connection between you and the earth’s core.

This is especially needed with Jupiter exaggerating our emotions, everything moving through us feels more influential, important or relevant than perhaps it is or needs to be. Heightened emotions might be the run of the day but at least it helps us really see and feel where we are really at and brings us back into our bodies.

For those in the process of moving forward be sure that now it’s with more sense and feeling. Eros on the descendant urges us to now do what we love to do, be the driving force, the enthusiasm and embrace the expansion available at this time. We are now in a more certain, clear and connected phase that allows us to move forward with more ease, so take advantage of these times.

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