Taurus New Moon 2021

by Maia Mires

We have a new moon in Taurus on 11th May 2021 at 8 pm BST.

This New Moon occurs directly before the Jupiter’s in free into Pisces, kicking off a couple of weeks of a freedom loving feeling. Yes finally, we have a little real rest bite and perhaps we need it in order to prepare us for June’s platter of challenges.

Jupiter in Pisces has almost appeared on the scene before it’s actually appeared on the scene. This sense of higher frequency – of needing to be around and in the company of less density is what Jupiter in Pisces brings. There’s not much opportunity for division and identity when we have Jupiter in Pisces.

Essentially we are shifting from lives based on being around people who reflected our values and identity, to being around people who reflect our frequency. What previously binded us together, is changing. We need relationships based on resonance.

This can create experiences in our relationships where we just feel less attached to certain people, for no particular reason at all, and more attached to others. Or rather. It attached to anyone in particular, but more joy around people we before had no resonance with.

It’s a bit like a collective ego death, as Jupiter moves into Pisces. We will all feel the lightness of being and the heart being more the guiding force. It might feel like the emotional floodgates start to open again, this is not such a bad thing, we just need to slowly get comfortable with that heart reopening. There’s no rush.

The letting go of the old, of release, of what’s complete and what kept us internally restricted and limited in our heart’s joy has now space to happen. Our attachments to what was are able to dissolve. We can forgive, bring a deeper understanding and perhaps feel more compassion also for others.

It’s worth mentioning also that the detachment we were able to access before might be replaced, potentially, for some of us, with a kind of positive grief. This in a way is a way of mourning that which was not properly felt in 2019-20. Or just another level of it, or a surrender into a new awareness.

So with Jupiter in Aquarius and then Pisces and then Aquarius again, it’s all about our attachment, detachment and attachment again. Each time we learn something deeper about what it means to be a feeling human being, with a capacity for divine detachment.

As a benefit, Jupiter has both fire and water aspects. In its Pisces placement it brings us connections, a sense of unity, where before there was division and separation. Since Pisces lubricates and with Jupiter expansion we can expect a bounty of that.

The restrictions lifting, until at least the end of July, we can expect our social and with it our emotional world to come back online, or offline, and into the real-time. We need to make the most of this balm, while it’s here. Form connections, and key into what’s positive and supporting life.

With Pisces, there’s an opportunity for original solutions to so far dead-end problems.  Looking at things from a different angle and perspective to gain traction, spiritual solutions.

Yet this is the first pass of Jupiter into Pisces, he’s only there until July, so we will need to wait until the year end for the truth of what this transit means for us. It is a taste, a flavour of what we will feel more permanent next year, whatever that might be.

Yet it’s not quite that simple, as we have an eclipse in May. And eclipses always bring a release, especially when connected to the south node side, in Sagittarius. With the south node transiting Sagittarius, we have been on a quest, probably a fair few of them, and it’s getting to be time for these mythic journeys in have a change in orientation.

Sagittarius is about the spiritual quests, the mythic journey. The sage, the teacher, the student also. Something needs emptying out, so something more deeply meaningful can enter. What might enter in its place might not make itself fully known immediately, there will be a period of the unknown.


This is Pisces domain after all, the territory it knows best. We need to allow the emptiness, the more we can grow comfortable in that space, the more we can release and let be what is, and naturally realign and temper our tendency to push and force our way. Just sitting with emptiness, making space, takes a creative attitude. We are the vessel through which the source of life gives birth.

Whatever emerges from the next eclipse on 26th may will be what is needed at some level. Just remember things need to leave, we need to surrender what’s no longer needed to make a pathway for the new. Let things be swept away. It can then be fertilised with something new. No attachment, no judgment. It is what it is.

We are preparing for the next Saturn-Uranus square. See the themes in your life, how Saturn and Uranus together are helping you break free from restriction to your independence. As structures and systems are shifting and disappearing sometimes quite dramatically, we can expect to be challenged to adapt.

We can be like a rigid structure ourselves too, brittle and unbending, unable to swiftly change course with ease, on dead end trajectories, unable to flow. Or we can equally be too passive and absorb all that’s around us without question.

Jupiter in Pisces makes us more susceptible in our receptivity. This is the lower frequency of Pisces, more passive, without the awareness of self. If we manage to navigate the next few months with a connection to our sovereign nature inside, our inner divinity, then we can expect an expansion of spiritual connection and unity.

So it can possibly be a gentle process, with a dose of noticing where the ground is shaking beneath, and what foundations need to undergo further dismantling. Structures inside and outside are dissolving and shifting. What is true and holds meaning and depth will stick around, we can at least trust in that. What needs to go, will go. Uranus is uncompromising.

I think we are developing deep levels of trust in life currently on a mass scale. Every person is undergoing massive internal shifts in preparation for the new higher frequencies gently arriving and arising. Trust in source, in life, in the process, in beyond the mundanity.

Mercury goes retrograde at the every end of may, also squaring Neptune a couple of times. This can add confusion to the confusion. So stay with the theme of shifting territory and revisions necessary. All is change, so we need to get this ebb and flow, adapting and flexible.

The focus with Gemini later in the month is information, sharing, connections, reconnecting. Just try to not jump to any conclusions, the illusions and denial of reality is strongly permeating still. You have to be prepared for many more veils and layers to open up. It’s an ever ending journey, at least for the next couple of years.

Keep in mind the transitional nature of reality. Peoples lives are changing radically. We cannot rely on people showing up as they have in the past. We have to allow others to be who they are. Relinquishing our attachments and giving space, while being ourselves, not easy territory but through a solid inner connection, it’s easier.

And on another note, we can’t plan much right now. Certainly not in our relationships at least. If we are more divinely aligned, the plans might work, but we must let go to the process and trust, beyond all plans. Small incremental steps, observing and revising and revisiting, this is the focus.



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