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Taurus Full Moon 2023 – Card Guidance

Published on: 27 Oct, 2023

Join us for the a spirit led journey into what it means to be sovereign


Magick and Ritual

Effect in the external

world can be created

through inner practice.

Heart-centered ritual can support

your inner path in the physical world.

You are encouraged to enhance

your power with regular practice,

as you grow in grace, love,

ability and wisdom,

applying your inner beauty

to transform your outer world.

Isis - mother of life
Tarot - The Devil


Nine of Coins


Meditate on a stone and you will have abundance in your life.

Abundance and treasure are not apparent, they are hidden in the ordinary and commonplace.

Everybody can partake in this abundance of life.

If your thoughts are directed towards the unattainable or things that you don’t have, you will experience scarcity, not abundance.

A state of emptiness is the prerequisite for experiencing fullness.

If you have ever fasted, you will know the intense taste of the first bite.

It is said that all minerals are contained within any given stone.

Round unworked stones symbolizes the feminine.

Stones hide their treasure within.

Through meditation a stone will become soft and ready to reveal its treasure.


The Starborn

An elusive yet radiant aspect of the self, The Starborn archetype points to the cosmic spark of light that arrives with each being at birth.

The moment the newborn “crowns” (whether vaginally or surgically), the royal stars above are said to constellate in a unique shape that maps our path in the world.

The idea of destiny is controversial, yet The Starborn naturally feels a sense of destination and purpose, aiming itself toward a future that is beyond the mundane.

When this card appears, travel back to your birth story for clues and insight.

What did you desire when you were young?

Practice seeing your life from a mythic point of view rather than as a series of logistics.

Read the story of the Three Fates and envision yourself born under the stars with a unique destiny.

When light it is alight, trusting, vibrant, aimed.

When dark it is a feeling of misalignment, loss of longing.

The Stone - Archetypes
54 - the marrying maiden

I Ching

32 – The Way of Preservation

What is failure? We need to see that there is no such thing as failure, that what we perceive as failure is always a gift in disguise. Is failure a missing of purpose – to live a whole life without a true sense of purpose? The highest purpose we humans have is to live well. The Dilemma here is Panic. Panic is a subtle vibration that emanates from fear, from a deep forgetting of who we are. Panic leads us down the road of failure. On an inner level, it’s about how we make decisions in our daily life. To live well and savour more moments, to sip from the arc of eons, to revel in the riot of colour that’s our life, to see the poetics of nature and not pass them by. That’s the art of living well. When we panic, we move too fast. We need to take our time with things. Be contemplative. Then we’re outside the loop of failure. The only failure is to miss our higher purpose. If there’s such a thing as success, it’s this – to live without panic – to let life in. Failure can be a portal to many possibilities. It’s really an illusion of our perception. Our panic about dying drives us to try and preserve our life through selfishness. The question is will we allow ourself and our illusions to be shattered? When we trust in life enough, we allow events to shatter us and that reframes our view. The great inner question becomes what is essential and what needs preserving – love, truth, virtue, forgiveness? The Gift of Preservation is all about continuity and grafting, then it brings transformation. It requires a great deal of self-discipline. It’s all about our ability to listen inwardly to the Truth inside us.