Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse 2023

by Maia Mires

We have a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on 5th May 2023 at 18:34 BST

Friday 5 May – Full Moon in Scorpio 18:34 BST

Sunday 7 May – Venus into Cancer 15:24 BST

Tuesday 9 May – Sun conjunct Uranus 20:56 BST

Friday 12 May – Mercury sextile Saturn 9:40 BST

Saturday 13 May – Mercury sextile Venus 3:44 BST

Saturday 13 May – Venus trine Saturn 7:57 BST

Monday 15 May – Mercury Direct 4:17 BST

Monday 15 May – Mars trine Neptune 14:44 BST

Tuesday 16 May – Jupiter into Taurus 18:20 BST

Thursday 18 May – Jupiter square Pluto 2:11 BST

Thursday 18 May – Sun sextile Neptune 9:59 BST

Friday 19 May – Mercury sextile Saturn 7:37 BST

Friday 19 May – New Moon in Taurus 16:53 BST

This eclipse is helping resurrect, or perhaps birth is the more appropriate term, our potential, held deep in seed, in the dark caverns of our consciousness.

True, there are many wounded aspects in our consciousness. But we need to begin to make a distinction; between wounded and those aspects in the dark, asleep, broody, resistant, held back or trapped AND those wounded. Sometimes there’s even overlap, and it can get complicated.

To keep things simple here, often find people come to me believing they have a deep or core wound that needs healing, when in fact it is more accurate to say that there is something ready to give birth within them, to show them a new way of being, a more integrative, multidimensional way of living.

The confusion happens because these hidden, in seed aspects, can appear wounded, broody, unhappy and even disturbing, in the first instance. They are often rejected by us, or those around us, so they are not always that happy.

For others, it might come more as a grounding or inner clarity, that then supports progress over the next few months. The Sun is still close enough to Aries to make this a new moon in conjunction with Jupiter, with brings us the exuberance and confidence to make things happen.

Things are beginning to land. The fog of the past year is beginning to lift and while we are still very much in a transition phase, until the year end or even longer, it’s a transition that allows for a lot of movement and action, whether internally or externally, helping us feel that we can make a difference, that all is not lost.

Aries New Moon 2023 Act 2 - 1

They can also cause a fair few issues for us if they have been repeatedly pushed aside or down into our consciousness through our fear of them.

And it’s also true, we might have good reason to initially be in fear of them, since they hold a lot of potential and power, and they will rarely take any prisoners in the way they would prefer us to go through into the world.

Yet it’s only the lower aspects os us, the ego fears and controls, the mechanisms and strategies of protection and armouring that are in fear.

When we actually start seriously letting these aspects speak with us and give them some space to be observed and felt, they have a lot to offer, and what they bring often is the solution, a more integrative and harmonising answer, that we have been searching for unknowingly for some time.

If we address these darker shadowy aspects as though they are just wounded inner children or have nothing to offer, you will find them causing more issues in your consciousness, so it’s very much in your interest to go deep and make contact.

Scorpio Full Moons – and especially eclipses – are the perfect time to open to this new way of seeing yourself, creating this intimacy and space within and learn how they want to begin have more space in your life.

Aries New Moon 2023 Act 2 - 2

It’s time to bring on change and let go of what has been confining and trapping. Mercury retrograde also encourage an inwardness and internal focus, that helps us feel ourselves more deeply.

Scorpio energy can be complex and intense, it can also bring up fear, for it’s not easy to let go of patterns and identities that have been with our whole lives, our ancestors lives and other incarnations.

In many ways, this is what the powers that be that run our planet fear most. They would much prefer that we never make contact with these places deep within, as they understand the power contained and trapped within in. They also understand that they are the link to our whole more multidimensional nature.

Anything that forces us into a polarity, disconnection (inner or outer), disembodiment or dishamony is in their favour. And it’s true, that these places within, if not aired and given space to take up more residence in our lives, will force us into illness and disease.

And these parts can really challenge us – they are only interested in our soul’s growth. For this reason, though it might not feel it, they are our deepest allies, and will give us many nudges, we just need to be prepared to open our minds to listen.

We are all being highly tested at this time, some of us are receiving the biggest tests of our lives.! With this being a lunar eclipse in Scorpio, it’s really a time to let go, perhaps one of the bigger nudges we’ve had for a long time.

Uranus is in conjunct the Sun combined with Mercury retrograde gives us a strong detachment and yet focus on the past. It might feel like we are being encouraged to create from distance from that which we are in the process of letting go of, at this time.

If we are clinging in anyway to these things, plans that might keep alive these connections or hold on to them, might be thwarted. So it’s good to observe how and what isn’t working out this weekend and take it as a nudge to the right direction.

Scorpio energy can be abandoning and be sizzling with undercurrents of rage not expressed. At this time, we might feel a vulnerability in our letting go, or others acting in ways that triggers us into these depths or
emotions. Triggering raw, primal, hidden parts.

Aries New Moon 2023 Act 2 - 3

By now, we might be more comfortable in all of this intensity and challenge, seeing as the testing has been ongoing for a few years now. We might have some deeper management of these feeling and triggers, and if we are noticing this then we have come far already.

Notice what your deeper emotions are, what they are connected to, and avoid reacting but drop more into it. Drop also into the response that you want to release – what’s underpinning this response – ego agendas, armouring, deep hatred, and feel into what it telling you about what needs to heal or have less of your energy.

Look at your life less in black and white terms. It always help to sense and feel where you are at rather than create definitive answers from your thinking. It’s better to just see what is unfolding direction here. Where is the energy going to? Where is it moving away from? What’s separating and what’s culminating?

We don’t always need to drastically cut things from our life. Allowing space can be enough. Withdrawing inwards to assess, being slow and gentle, taking our time, being considered, in other words deliberately slowing down. Not jumping to fix, complete, make right. This is the way to manage Mercury retrograde.

This is about strengthening ourselves from within, rather than constantly through the external world. This is not to say that changing the external world isn’t what we need at times, as we do need to make choices.

It might help to take a step back and shift your attention. In other words, shift the balance so that you’re getting more of what you need instead of giving energy to others who do not give you anything back.

Finally, the ruler of the Eclipse, Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) is soon to be in square to Jupiter. This is great for digging a bit deeper into what is really going on within. So the next few weeks should be fruitful for internal growth and expansion, if the necessary mining is done.

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