sagittarius solar eclipse 2021

Sagittarius Solar Eclipse 2021

by Maia Mires

We have a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on 4th December 2021 at 7.43 GMT. 

Saturday 4 December – New Moon in Sagittarius 7:43 GMT

Monday 6 December – Mars sextile Pluto 11:41 GMT

Tuesday 7 December – Mercury square Neptune 15:16 GMT

Wednesday 8 December – Mars square Jupiter 6:21 GMT

Saturday 11 December – Venus conjunct Pluto 16:29 GMT

Saturday 11 December – Mercury sextile Jupiter 19:24 GMT

Sunday 12 December – Sun square Neptune 6:21 GMT

Monday 13 December – Mars into Sagittarius 9:53 GMT

Monday 13 December – Mercury into Capricorn 17:52 GMT

Sunday 19 December – Mercury square Chiron 2:35 GMT

Sunday 19 December – Full Moon in Gemini 4:35 GMT

This is the last in the Gemini-Sagittarius eclipse season. We next move to the Taurus-Scorpio nodal axis eclipses, which will amp up the pressure of the ongoing but now lessening Uranus-Saturn square also in fixed sign Taurus and Aquarius.

But I must not speak too soon, the final Saturn-Uranus square is at the end of this month on 24th December, shortly followed on 27th by Venus retrograde meeting with Pluto. It’s going to be an intense Christmas.

Another couple of intense spots to watch out for happen around 7-8th with Mars square Jupiter, the Moon conjunct Saturn, and Mercury square Neptune – it might bring some confusion, exuberance and then a bit of a comedown.

Then also 11-12th when Venus still direct makes her first hit with Pluto. This day will give us a little flavour of the Venus retrograde period to come on the 19th, for 40 days. Also on that day, Sun squares Neptune which might bring a lot of confusion, or connection to a deeper spiritual sense within. Or both, as all challenging transits can be harnessed in positive ways, if we are prepared to follow the process.

Jupiter also moves into Pisces at the end of the month, another ending, but also a sweet a beginning. Pisces Jupiter might support some compassion and understanding, even while Saturn still in Aquarius keeps people clinging to the collective communal sort of propaganda of ’in it together’.

So there are some endings this month, with the last Sagittarius eclipse on 4th, later the last exact Saturn-Uranus, and Jupiter moving out of Aquarius into Pisces.


Sagittarius Solar eclipse 2021 pic 1

There’s a sense, perhaps emanating from this, that some crystallisation is finally upon us. The game is becoming clear and the sides apparent. The spiritual warfare is becoming more visible. It is clear that denial and resistance to the reality of things is not now an option, what comes next is not clear yet.

Many in doubt and confusion of a lot of things might also be doubting that they have it in them to resist this global agenda. Do they have it in them to withstand the onslaught? It is important to know that our resistance will not be forever. It’s temporary, but it is important.

It’s depressing to see friends, family and countries held dear to our hearts get swept away with the lies and deception. It’s sad to see that relationships are simply becoming untenable because of simple basic human rights being disrespected and feelings not taken seriously. Especially when it’s out of denial, cognitive dissonance, fear or passivity.

But everything is temporary, there’s always forgiveness within us, and we will be able to release our anger if we hold it. We have to understand this time will pass. We are not entering a draconian NWO global state for long since the consciousness of people is simultaneously rising, and fast, and everything contributes toward this, whatever level is manifests at.

Appreciate that everyone of us is at different stages and levels in this global process. It feels like many things are being asked of us, pressures, catch 22s, overwhelm, responsibility, survival issues, and so yes we are in an acute testing period. But it’s not forever. We need to be prepared to hold out and just surrender and go in our own being where this time is asking us to go.

We are going to have to let go and trust that what is showing itself to us is there as a mirror and teaching tool – it is time to truly listen and pay attention, no more excuses, and that means also discovering what life is really about and what is really important.

The world is stuck in a solution orientated approach. Origin, cause, effect and solution. People even awake to the agendas are testing their kids for covid, knowing the tests are not reliable, just to get some kind of confirmation or solid ground to work with. This level of consciousness is not the reality and truth of the matter. Let go of needing to know and explain things. Let go of your comfort blankets and trust.

Our individual evolution is happening whether we are aligned with it consciously or not. Evolution does not equate to staying on the planet, it doesn’t equate to staying alive. It means life in a rapid and intense process of change, raising us in awareness and consciousness, sometimes this even happens at the moment of death.

Sagittarius Solar eclipse 2021 pic 2

We can see that there are people teetering on the edge, which could fall either way. We have to keep the door open for those people. We need to go slow and not overwhelm people. Many need time and space to process what is happening to our planet right now. They don’t even need information, they just need to be in their feelings. And they need space for that.

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction’s ripples will keep going, so while the orb between these planets is now wide and irrelevant, the energetic wave is moving through all. People will cling to what they can, often with no or little awareness, as they think that it can’t get any better, that what they have is what sustains them.

They are wrong. Their current life does not sustain them, they need to find that sustenance within and then they will understand freedom. Then they have a chance for happiness. This runs through all – no matter what side you belong to.

A part of us can belong to a side, the truth or illusion of the matter. But beyond this part that belongs somewhere, is a vastness that needs not take a side as it sees the immense cosmic joke.

We are in for a deep and intense rollercoaster ride. Imagine you are a child about to jump on a rollercoaster, a once in a lifetime event, and this will be the highlight of your life. Imagine how much there is to deeply experience. Imagine that is going to change you forever to such a degree that you will never wish for anything else other than what you have right here and now because you will be so profoundly reconnected to your inner freedom.

Scorpio New Moon 2021 pic 2

It is exciting times, it is not scary, as there are always loop holes and pathways for the Divine to make things that need to happen, happen. Always. If it’s not coming into your reality, it’s because it doesn’t need to, or its not the time for it right now. Trust the timing. Venus is going into her underworld soon, we are already getting glimpses of what we can expect from the calling of our inner world.

Yes as with these transits and the journey coming, we might begin with the lower frequency expression and experience of it, and then end up with the surrender, trust, or acceptance or compassion. This should be our focus – to move through to the higher frequency, so we get the release from the judgment, anger or confusion.

Every moment, especially at these intense times, is a bit like an opportunity to see your own reflection. It might feel like nothing around us is like us right now, but these reflections are everywhere. We just don’t realise the extent of the portals available to us, they are everywhere, and they are here to support us to see beyond the polarity, into the vastness.

These mirrors, all around us, are in a process of shattering, I would say. Wherever we see the beloved outside, and project away our power, they will shatter. Likewise, they will flatter situations, so they appear better than what they are, they will distort also.

It’s all about self-perception. We think we know who we are, we think we are clear, but we never really do know. Not until we begin to truly connect to the sovereign being within us, that is stable and free. It’s important to know we are about to embark on a journey of deep self-connection and knowing. But many things in our reality might seem like they are in our way.

In truth, they are not in our way, they are there to take us deeper. It’s time to put the worldly stuff aside, and come back to what really matters. To begin to live by your own truth, to cut the dialogue, to know yourself.

The more we withdraw from what we thought made us who we are or what mattered, or was of value, the more we will know who we are. Be prepared to withdraw, from people, objects, sources of pleasure, and resources. Emptiness and depth is what we are crave, deep down.

We all have a tendency to think it’s about maintaining our mental, emotional or physical health at this time, and yes there is some truth in this. But personally, I feel it’s more about seeing where you are repeating your old patterns and really waking up. Sometimes that requires us to lose things that ARE contributing to our mental health etc as this shows us our crutches.

We are now at a place where the crutches need to go. Even if that means our health is temporarily put on hold.

Many now are not honouring the law of unity, of oneness. They are living separate – looking after self, without connection to the whole. Those that are aware of the segregation, schism and separation are connected to the law of One. They know all is not well. They can feel the falling out of alignment with this law.

We have a choice; we mutate or we evolve. Mutation ultimately leads to death and us being reabsorbed into the undifferentiated source of all that is. We mutate when we disconnect from these laws and therefore disconnect from ourselves. It is now the time to disconnect from that which is not serving your reconnection process.

We now have the opportunity to consciously individuate, which is what sovereignty is, to fully reassemble our Sovereign Divine blueprint. We can now manifest, in physical form, all of who we are, becoming individuated and autonomous, yet not separate from the whole. This is the path of Oneness.

Many are taking the path of chaos. We must not judge another’s path. That path is right for them, in the grand orchestrated scheme of this massive global process. Yet we can always leave the door open for those that we feel intuitively might join us in this deeper journey.

So take heart and faith, take a deep breath in and out, and resolve yourself for what is to come, knowing you will not be disappointed…