I am curious

Some of us feel we have no roots, no route, adrift in the ocean of life. Others of us can feel too rooted in their routines and stability, or routed in a fixed direction. 

What or where are my roots? How do I know if I need to re- route? Am I too rooted, or not rooted enough? Are you curious about how you can grow in your rootedness?

There are many ways to root. Our cycles, rhythms, our connection to our bodies are all ways in which we can begin to feel more grounded and in touch with our self in connection to our nature, of being in a body.

I am questioning

You may be wondering why you need roots, would they hold you back on your awakening journey, are they too basic? Trees grow up, not down. But, in fact, the roots of a tree literally reach as far into the earth as the trunk does above it.

Why would I need to reroot? Is it really necessary? What can rerooting show me?

Often we are rooted into the wrong things, unsupportive things – like our phones, other people or life structures we have outgrown. 

I want to learn

You may have begun to explore and understand what it means to ground, stablise, or go back to your roots. Yet learning is not only in the mind; we learn through the body, through experiencing and connecting beyond the mind’s confines; where a deeper wisdom is also found.

What am I re rooting into, and where and how did I lose touch with my roots? What are natural wisdoms and what can mine teach me? What can my roots teach me about my unique life route?

Going deeper into rerooting takes us into deeper lost knowledge. Much of our understanding around ancient wisdoms concerns our need to stay in touch with the natural world and our bodies. Many new age concepts bypass the body’s relevance, and we are now returning to it’s importance on this journey.

I want to interact

It might be challenging to reroot with others at this time, as so many groups that encourage energetically grounding practices, such as tai chi, are online, which in itself is ungrounding. Yet there are simple ways to also ground when interacting online. It’s about interacting with ourselves more deeply too.

What can my interaction teach me about my roots, and my route; who am I interacting with, where is it coming from, and where is it taking me?

As we connect more to universal wisdoms, we see that we can learn more about our rerooting when it’s a shared process, since there is so much to relearn and discover about this marginalised RE of life