Pisces New Moon 2024

by Maia Mires

We have a New Moon in Pisces on the 10th March 2024 at 9.00 GMT.

Sunday 10 March – New Moon in Pisces 9:00 GMT

Sunday 10 March – Mercury sextile Pluto 22:20 GMT

Monday 11 March – Venus into Pisces 21:50 GMT

Sunday 17 March – Sun conjunct Neptune 11:22 GMT

Wednesday 20 March – Sun into Aries 3:06 GMT

Wednesday 20 March – Mercury conjunct Chiron 17:05 GMT

Thursday 21 March – Sun sextile Pluto 20:03 GMT

Thursday 21 March – Venus conjunct Saturn 23:09 GMT

Friday 22 March – Mars into Pisces 23:47 GMT

Sunday 24 March – Venus sextile Jupiter 16:37 GMT

Monday 25 March – Full Moon in Libra 7:00 GMT

Before the March vernal equinox and lunar eclipse, we have the Pisces New Moon on 10 March 2024 at exactly 9:00 GMT. This is where the solar-lunar cycle comes to completion in Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac, where the rivers flow into the ocean.

This momentous lunation furthers the already interesting developments of March, giving us the right inner landscape to deeply contemplate this completion time.

We’ve had a lot already happen this month with both Venus (3 March) and Mars (9 March) forming squares to Uranus, bringing us into contact what is to come with the April conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus. These are like forerunner activations, opening up what will transpire later in April and beyond.

As Jupiter edges closer towards his potent conjunction with Uranus on 6 April, we are tapping into a lot of high-end energy. While this is a very creative, fertile force when in Taurus, strongly connecting the sacral with the mental landscape, giving us fuel to accelerate our lives forward, it can feel too much for our systems to integrate.

Leo Full Moon 2024 - pic 1

The potential here is to love what you create and to create what you love. Under these conditions, our acts of creation will increase our energy instead of exhausting it. It’s the power to find our purpose and direction through using our own individual creative, abundant power. It’s an accelerating force and if there are blocks in the way, this has the power to swiftly remove them, with or without your conscious permission.

Additionally, this New Moon has Mercury right on Aries zero point, which is a courageous statement. The adds energy to the theme of pioneering new growth and developments; it’s a bit like the empress card in the Tarot, overflowing with growth. It should also reveal things on the public stage that might have personal meaning for us.

Uranus is like an electric bolt out of the blue, bringing a revelation, epiphany, life-changing events, potentially releasing into our awareness something that was previously concealed to us. This can of course accelerate both the good, the bad and the ugly. Either way information kept in the background will now be in the foreground.

Leo Full Moon 2024 - pic 2

Some of us will have received important downloads or information revealed that brings in a new orientation into our lives. There might even be multiple areas of our lives receiving sudden changes. This is all part of the essential now acceleratory awakening process for humanity.

At this juncture, with all the planets direct this month (Mercury turns retrograde on 1 April), the movement forward is like no other year. This factor alongside Jupiter-Uranus brings a very strong Spring energy. The extra powerful wood energy is responsible for sleeplessness and a pressurised nervous system. Hydration and detoxification is more important this year. Do whatever you can to be in the present and ground.

New vistas are opening up, some will be catapulted onto new journeys, others will begin relationships this spring, with the Sun-Jupiter and Sun-Venus activation in May and June. It’s time for some things to develop, seeds that were sown a long while back, perhaps years ago, can now begin their maturation process.

First we need to get through the changes that the eclipses of March and April will inaugurate, especially the April. By June, most will have a better idea of what and where they are heading and why things are as they are, until then just step into your faith and trust in the process.

The level of activation received now and through the next few months will depend on the proximity of Jupiter-Uranus and the forthcoming eclipses to natal planets and points. Focusing on Jupiter-Uranus for now, those with planets and points around 20-24 degrees will receive the strongest level of activation since they will be closest in orb.

Leo Full Moon 2024 - pic 3

We must remind ourselves that everything sent to us now, all redirections, are bringing us forward, accelerating our connection to our true path or healing, helping us make important transitions, breakthroughs and movement forward. Jupiter-Uranus’ role is to take us towards our freedom.

This New Moon in Pisces invites us to reflect on what inspires us, this lunation is a beautiful opportunity to clarify and commit to our highest purpose. At the mid-point between Neptune (the planet of endless potential) and Saturn (the planet of limited boundaries), this New Moon gives us a moment in time to tune into the guidance of how to make our dreams reality.

We will have to learn to manage the powerful Uranus signature flowing in the background – which is high voltage, eruptive, disruptive and inspiration. The level of invention and innovation accessible right now will take us to the next level, raising our confidence and insight.

Perhaps the most challenging quality to this month is restlessness and instability, especially with both the Pisces and Uranus influence. With the sensory world highly charged, it’s more challenging to sit still and get things done, especially when combined with the surging wood energy of spring. But our desire to escape stagnation might be enough to remind us to commit to what needs to get done.

While we can’t bring stability to these times, we can stabilise our own energy and system so to receive what is wanting to emerge more deeply in us.

When we get into eclipse season, the Aries-Libra axis supports us to develop more harmonious relationships through opening our hearts, stepping into our deeper understanding and compassion.

We are here to bring what is now missing in the world. It might feel like the gap between us is getting wider, but this is because some will now be clearly stepping further into their leadership while others have stalled. We all grow at different points, if you are ready to shine, then know this is because it is your time.


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