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Pisces New Moon 2024 – Card Guidance

Published on: 9 Mar, 2024

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Rising Sun

A dark phase

and struggle is over.

A new phase is upon you

– one of hope, glory,

light and triumph.

It is won through

boldness and persistence.

You have been through much

and now victory is upon you beloved,

for the Divine Solar Child,

a new consciousness within you is born.

Isis - Rising Sun
tarot - two of coins




Five of Feathers

Fighting in vain.

Give up!

If I do that, you might think one thing or another. Because I know you might think one thing or another, I say something else to confuse you.

This will be my triumph.

To show you how you manipulate.

No, I won’t do it. I’m afraid it might be too obvious.

I don’t really want to fight or to hurt anybody.

She always thinks that.

Always! Why always? I didn’t mean it like that.

Nobody should think I would… Forgo your imagined triumph.




The Lover

Pulsing through the heart of The Lover is gratitude.

The Lover appreciates and experiences the world through the senses, reveling in beauty, song, art, music, scents, and sensuality.

This energy awakens at the tip of the tongue when we taste the sweetness of honey, kiss a lover, or speak gentle words to a child.

The Lover lingers in foreplay, aroused not by the “getting there”, but by the slow merging of self and other.

This energy is usually experienced for short periods of time, as in order to feel it, we must be fully present and awake, with no expectations or rules about what “should be”. Rather, The Lover is in awe of what the world presents, reveling in the glorious details, grateful to savor every last drop of life’s offerings.

When light it is connection, expansion, devotion, awe.

When dark it is indulgence, attachment, obsession.

Archetypes the underworld
54 - the marrying maiden

I Ching

38 – The Way of Perserve

One of the keys to happiness is simplicity and synchronicity. The symbol for this hexagram is a knife. Slicing through – streamlining.

It’s about exposing shadow but not in a negative light. It’s about allowing things to break down, distilling and rebuilding them so they shine the beauty within.

This is about the quintessence and numinous of life which is found in the problem. When we have lost this simplicity in our individual and collective lives, it’s time for declines, decrease and deterioration, and this is a natural part of life.

This is a time of waiting and protecting while in difficult times. Reaching into the heart of the matter. Life needs different things at different times as it runs on rhythms.

By attempting to resolve things that are not at this time resolvable, you can do more damage than good. The answer here is trusting simplicity, getting back to nature.

Complexity comes from an incoherence in the mind, simplicity from the being, the quintessence at the heart of things.