Virgo Full Moon 2024

by Maia Mires

We have a Full Moon in Virgo on 24th February 2024 at 12.30 pm GMT.

Saturday 24 February – Full Moon in Virgo 12:30 GMT

Sunday 25 February – Venus square Jupiter 4:01 GMT

Tuesday 27 February – Mars square Jupiter 20:30 GMT

Wednesday 28 February – Sun conjunct Mercury 20:43 GMT

Wednesday 28 February – Mercury conjunct Saturn 15:07 GMT

Wednesday 28 February – Sun conjunct Saturn 21:25 GMT

Thursday 29 February – Mercury sextile Jupiter 9:53 GMT

Friday 1 March – Sun sextile Jupiter 12:15 GMT

Friday 1 March – Venus sextile Chiron 14:58 GMT

Sunday 3 March – Venus square Uranus 13:17 GMT

Monday 4 March – Mercury sextile Uranus 20:24 GMT

Wednesday 6 March – Mars sextile Chiron 23:04 GMT

Friday 8 March – Mercury conjunct Neptune 15:06 GMT

Saturday 9 March – Mars square Uranus 22:06 GMT

Saturday 9 March – Sun sextile Uranus 23:01 GMT

Sunday 10 March – Mercury into Aries 4:05 GMT

Sunday 10 March – New Moon in Pisces 9:00 GMT

The Sun, Mercury and Saturn are all close together in Pisces.

Chiron is conjunct the north node opening new paths into self-healing through increased self-responsibility, or perhaps just trusting and relaxing more into the process (later expanded upon).

The personal planets are in square to Jupiter, edging closer to Uranus in Taurus, encouraging us in our ongoing quest for self-love through self-care.

With Mercury, this Full Moon’s ruler, forming a conjunction to the Sun and Saturn on 28th after this Full Moon, the Pisces influence of Sun-Saturn on Mercury is strong, and the signature of this Full Moon in Virgo.

First Mercury conjoins Saturn, then the Sun a few hours later, which is also currently edging towards Saturn. So here the Pisces influence at this Virgo Full Moon submerges the usual discerning Virgo effect. Sun-Mercury together brings a lot of talk about compassion and unity. Saturn though wants to hold back in caution, perhaps through fear or for good, unspoken reasons.

This Full Moon brings a lot to the surface. Or more accurately put, the last two weeks have been like a slow dredging up process, but this isn’t necessary the old awareness, as it contains much newness. Veils are thinning, things we couldn’t previously see, or were in the periphery of our awareness, are gaining clarity. The clarity we gain will be reflective of where we are at.

Now with more clarity around the issues, connections drawn and directions honed, there’s a degree of relief in the air. We don’t need a lot to move forward, since we are now riding on the building momentum of the wood energy, active in this early Spring.

Having said all this, the next week is not without its challenges – Sun-Mercury-Saturn is a heavy, water logged energy when in Pisces, analogous to the overflowing down-pouring of rain in the UK. This all fits neatly with the Sun and Mercury coming up to meet Saturn in Pisces.

This conjunction between all three couldn’t be much closer. In this case, it’s known as a rare triple cazimi. This is where planets meet to within ten minutes (minutes are parts of a degree) with the Sun. Usually it’s just one planet which meets the Sun.

When a cazimi forms with the Sun, the qualities of that particular planet are intensified and illuminated. In this case the Sun brings its energy to both Mercury and Saturn. It’s a great time for everything associated with both communication, bridging and discipline, or being self-controlled.

This big event in Pisces, the element of water, the source of all life, which water represents brings to mind, and to quote Albert Szent-Gyorgy; “water if life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium”. Why is this important? Because this is an activation of remembrance, something deep and interconnected between us all, that we have almost all forgotten.

With Mercury close within the Sun’s rays in Pisces, it’s a time for powerful messages from the unconscious world, through dreams and intuition, often symbolic and revelational.

Virgo Full Moon - pic 1b

Water is an information carrier, it’s synonymous with the blood within our bodies. Emotional information is processed by the heart, water in our bodies, and blood absorbs material and carries it away. Water breaks things down, reabsorbs and redistributes, this is why water is the carrier of life force in the body.

In ancient times, it was revered as it was seen as a mystery. Stating the obvious, the water within us and in the earth’s body are both contaminated with residues and debris. But water holds many a secret and it is calling us back, into remembrance strongly at this time. Intuiting outside the box, with this triple cazimi at a Full Moon, it’s as though it’s signifying the end or completion of something that has separated us both from ourselves and from one another. While that completion certainly won’t come over night, it’s a signal of it to come.

The nature of water, along with the other three elements (4 if you count ether/plasma), are having their homecoming, their rebirth. There’s a growing awareness and with it an understanding of how out of alignment we have actually become.

Water unites. But people still want to be on sides, desperate in their self-righteousness, often coated in spiritual jargon. True listening involves facilitation of sides, seeing the value in all perspectives rather than being right, or ‘making things right’. Water’s role is to open up subtle awareness, following the dynamics quietly, rather than jumping on bang wagons and making your voice heard. Water – especially when Mercury-Saturn is involved – waits.

With spring sprung early this year, we need the water to feed spring’s upsurging wood energy. On a Chinese medicine level, in our internal make-up water nourishes wood and prevents burnout. We need to look after our kidneys, liver and gall bladder now to be ready to handle this rising wood energy.

Additionally, a dragon year requires us to support our tendons, joints and ligaments. Drink more water, observe and even be like water. Be fluid, let the parts of you join up.

Virgo Full Moon - pic 3

We can trust in water doing its thing. It has immense power and subtlety. We should not underestimate its capacity to reclaim its power. It will do it in spite of us and yet it will do it through us also, if we are willing to listen. The journey back to life giving, purified water, within and outside us, is anything but straight forward; being like water is the antithesis of most human expression, yet it is also our deepest nature, so it’s not so far away.

To understand the nature of water we need to feel our tears, our grief – both individually and collectively. Feelings – authentic ones – emerge from the heart, not our head or brains. All this water serves as an awakening for the heart – much could be said about this.

There is some caution here though, which Saturn expresses here. It is to enter into existence on real terms, that is the reality that is before you, not the one on the other side of the world, or the one on TV. Do not catapult yourself out of your body into other spaces that might or might not be real. We need to be discerning, and appreciate more fully the effect of technology.

To see through the veils, see through the heart of unity into reality, to be sure you are not looking at yet another veil (of which there are many!). Apply this shortcut. Find your own way to do this, or commit yourself to this task.

With Saturn involved, there’s a blending or tension between Saturn’s focus on reality, boundaries and structure and the dissolving quality of Pisces, where we are all one and unified. The compassion of Pisces meets the rigidity of cold Saturn.

The thing here is that Pisces tends to smooth the harsh, hard edges of Saturn, a bit like how the ocean water erodes a rocky coast. Saturn isn’t bad, he asks us to think and look at things with real eyes, when Pisces’ tendency is towards an illusion of oneness (attempting to fake it till it makes it). The trick is to bring together (Sun) and communicate (Mercury) the truth that both Saturn and Pisces express. Saturn and Pisces express something very different, and will emerge through different types of people, depending on their orientation, but they can work together.

There’s another level to this. Many people foolishly believe that the government (Saturn) can be influenced into more compassion and unity by ‘the people’ (Pluto in Aquarius). I beg to differ at this current stage in our evolution – call me old and cynical but I prefer to er on the side of caution and see the puppet masters as intelligent planners who will where necessary capitalise on any astrological or energetic dynamic to give the appearance that they humbly choose to ‘follow and be influenced’ by people power.

Be mindful that in secret esoteric societies, the knowledge of astrology is deep and likely abused to bind the masses into playing by the system’s rules. In other words, they are quite capable of creating a new system to reflect more unity when the energies require this.

But the creation of a new system for such means isn’t necessarily outside of the Divine plan. It could be a stepping stone. Or, at the point of no return, when the controlled demolition of the old system is complete, we will have the option to say “no thanks, we don’t want your new but fake ‘people power’ system.

Any system without true spiritual principles such as holding in reverence the elements, is not a sovereign system.

Virgo Full Moon 2024 - 4

Reclaiming our sovereignty, at all levels, is a process of being in the unknown and following the crumbs, and certainly not being rigid or fixed. It’s not a clear obvious path, since it’s about trusting the process. Let’s at least unite on one thing though and that is that we want the ‘real deal’ – true sovereignty – not yet another illusion, or an upgrade to so-called ‘democracy’.

Water is on our side. If we open to it, feel its presence within us, observe and know its multifaceted medicine, it will teach us what gives and supports life, and what takes it away. We have an opportunity to peer through the illusion now, to the real deal, or get caught up in the fake runner-up prize. True, we might need to wait a little longer for the real deal, and it might demand something from us, some temporary sacrifice.

But if there’s one thing about water that we should all know is that it mirrors back to us the foundation of all life, which is love, of self and others, for this is the essence that it holds. This essence can dissolve the fiercest of hearts. Never underestimate the power of water.

It’s the way of the Tao, following the process in the moment, letting things unfold, trusting the deep wisdom flowering in life. Not pushing, fighting, forcing, rejecting. Its place is the heart. It’s a regulator and lubricates all with this feminine quality of flow. It’s the opposite of work really, something that very few know about, but this is our destiny if we choose it. It’s the space in between levity and gravity. This is the space we can now begin to enter.

There will be many replicas around, there has been for years anyway. Many imitations, simulating the way of water. You will need to be able to recognise this path; you will need to keep your whole self engaged, and not get taken by the emotions of the moment, perhaps not even your empathy. This is what the Virgo full Moon is urging – silent, grounded, careful discernment.

Water is silent, it speaks very little since it doesn’t need to, it trusts that from it’s fully embodied presence that the truth will arise. This is what we need to trust in too.

Like I said, the element of water is calling you it’s calling us all, listen deeply, heed its message, through the tears, the raindrops, the floods, from the heart. Embody water’s lubrication in your own relationship with yourself and out in the world. We all need it now, and we will need it more in the future. Its message is bringing forth the life of the new earth.

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