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Libra Luna Eclipse 2024 – Card Guidance

Published on: 23 Mar, 2024

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When you are being

initiated into the

Divine mysteries of

light, love and power,

there are moments

of profound challenge.

The key is to find the

light within the challenge

– the opportunity for growth

that can transform any

challenge into an experience of healing.

With compassion and cleverness,

you will not burn during your challenges – you shall thrive.

Isis Cards - Initiation
tarot - two of coins




Nine of Cups

Fulfillment and happiness.

A tiny grain of sand is washed into a shell.

Being hard, sharp and angular it embeds itself in the soft flesh and causes continuous pain.

The shell covers the grain of sand with many layers of mother of pearl until a round, beautifully shimmering pearl has been created.

This process was initiated through pain.

If you really accept your pain, it will change you and bring you knowledge, wisdom and happiness.

This is a gift from the far depths of the ocean.



The Shaman

Three archetypal ingredients constitute The Shaman – and all must be present in order to reveal its magic.

First, The Shaman is activated by long-standing and diligent study (The Mentor). Second, its orientation is generously and accurately aimed toward the healing of the self, the other, and the culture (The Healer). And third, The Shaman has a knack for finding doorways to the otherworld, allowing psychic visions and old magic to leak into this world (The Unseen).

In this way The Shaman is a master who bridges the everyday and the sacred, revealing potent power needed desperately in our time.

Yet where there is power, there is a shadow….so The Shaman must be vigilant in studying their darkness. This card reminds us that the force of healing is ultimately not our own. We must shape it and share it with the world.

When light it is fearless student and practitioner.

When dark it overpromises, blames, hurts self and others.

Archetypes the underworld
54 - the marrying maiden

I Ching

63 – The Way of Inquiry

This hexagram is called After Completion, and combines the trigrams K’an and Li, water and fire. The shadow of doubt is the source of logic itself, it drives our need for organised thinking. The 63rd shadow is the left brain and it’s deeply suspicious of its counterpart – the right brain. It’s the yang, the male, division and separation. This is all about maintaining equilibrium in our chemistry. The more afraid we become, the more we move into doubt. Fear makes you lose touch with the feminine, the right brain, the part that brings balance to the world we see. It is keeping an open mind and using the energy of logic rather than becoming a victim of it. Inquiry is never a fixed truth, it always has to stay open. The moment the mind becomes fixed in a finite system or structure, we have dogma and opinion – we have division once again. Inquiry is having the mind of a child; we’re endlessly unravelling the mystery, playing. Heart expansion is knowing that the answer we come up with can only ever be a relative truth. Only when we’re truly open-minded and open-ended can we become indefensible, indivisible. This is not about answers, it’s about questions. Truth is only realised After Completion, when we finish with logic and the mind. The logical mind can only operate in a dualistic world, therefore logic and truth aren’t of the same world or dimension. When we let go of our identity in time and space we’re reborn, without doubt and fear. And there is no inquiry anymore, there is just the truth of consciousness. Truth can’t and won’t ever be pinned down and put into words. “The Tao that can be spoken of is not the true Tao.”