Pisces Full Moon 2023

Pisces Full Moon 2023

by Maia Mires

We have a Full Moon in Pisces on 31st August 2023 at 1.35 BST. 

Thursday 31 August – Full Moon in Pisces 1:35 BST

Monday 4 September – Venus Direct 2:20 BST

Monday 4 September – Mercury trine Jupiter 11:29 BST

Monday 4 September – Jupiter Retrograde 15:11 BST

Wednesday 6 September – Sun conjunct Mercury 12:09 BST

Friday 8 September – Sun trine Jupiter 12:13 BST

Friday 15 September – New Moon in Virgo 2:40 BST

This Full Moon is super powerful and very interesting. Three are almost stationary about to change direction. Uranus stationed retrograde just before, Jupiter becomes retrograde just after and hours later, Venus turns direct.

On top of this, the Moon makes some powerful aspects herself. We can say that this Full Moon stands a part from many others and represents something of a game changer, or game ignitor.

It’s in conjunction with Saturn and an asteroid named Karma. And this in combination with the Pisces influence suggests something collectively karmic is happening – individually and globally. 

With Pisces we have that which is left over, unprocessed, stuffed into the collective history of our souls, often karmic. With Saturn we have the consequences from actions taken, and whatever ignited these actions, will determine the consequences felt. Best to think in terms of motivating factors here.

Karma is the law of consequences and often shows up when significant events take place. This portends to internal events, inside of us as much as the external ones.

However I’m not sure this is just about cause and effect, in the way we currently know it. It feels like we are about to be introduced to the sort of consciousness that takes us beyond this. Where we are being asked to see beyond the cause, not fixed to attaching a string of reasons to why we are where we are.

With all this emphasis, we can assume that we can make some significant breakthroughs, if we are on the journey of breakthroughs. Wherever our current emphasis is placed is about to receive an amplified focus. So bring awareness or depth to what your focus in on. And ritualise it.

Pisces is also about healing and growth, but not the forced kind. The breakthroughs are likely to be experienced more spiritually. That is we connect to ourselves beyond the norm. 

The point Trans-Pluto (otherwise known as Isis h48) is in conjunction to the Sun at this time (opposite Moon-Saturn). With this, the focus of this is thrown on our wholeness and our relationship with others.

We all have a tendency to rely on others or things outside of ourselves to validate and support our existence – whether it’s to be part of a tribe, to belong, to feel supported, to feel loved, or an addiction or behaviour that inhibits us feeling our own existence separate from outside stimuli. 

Aries New Moon 2023 Act 2 - 1

Either way, our relationship with that which is outside, or perceive as outside, tends to show up as a reliance or dependency rather than a ‘relationship’. A relationship is where you exist in relationship to something, in spite of it also, so separate.

Trans-pluto is speaking of getting beyond some of these barriers that we have within us. These narrow, tunnel-like version of ourselves, based on ego desires born from fear of being nothing and purposelessness, which stack up many old worn out versions of ourselves, are in need of examination, or reexamination.

With Mercury, and Venus retrograde we are RE-examining, reassessing, going into the past, or rather, just sitting with through introspection. It’s not a comfortable time, it’s about allowing yourself to feel, and sit in what’s uncomfortable long enough to feel the deeper fear.

Much of this is hard to do entirely alone, this is granted. Often it’s best to go to these places with a witness. We cannot be entirely separate and whole, ironically, in the process of discovering our wholeness. 

Going to these depths and drawing out what needs to be seen and felt is a process of trust and patience, and more often than not requires focus, encouragement and reflection. It is about shining an inner light on what’s within, and rarely received.

We are asking here, in our reexamination, where are we, and how did we get to this place, and do we want to be here now and if not what is next? These are the surface questions, that can begin to help us journey into our shifting, now deeper values. 

Perhaps the values you placed at the corner stone of your life, or the goals you strived to accomplish now feel empty and do not reflect where you are now at. Perhaps the world outside and around you is clearly reflecting back a dissatisfaction, something is simply not being met and it can no longer be avoided.

What do you pay homage to? What are you now rejecting? What is between you and what you see as important? There is some business to finish perhaps, or to begin to entertain finishing.

It feels like there is a maze that we are within, a labyrinth, which we are now invited into, to unlock and release some of deeper fear. Fear we shouldn’t fear, of course, but neither should pretend it isn’t there. Fear must be felt, only then does it lose its power over us.

I’ve heard analogies recently saying that the old paradigm is dead, that it’s just having it’s final chaotic exertion of power. That it no longer holds any power over us. That it is not to be feared. I’m all for this. But unfortunately they are just telling us half the story.

If we naively disappear into believing that it’s all going to be ok, and the ‘no fear’ story, then we are going to be rudely awakened. It cannot make any sense to be naive at this time on the planet. Nothing can be assumed blindly. No thing.

Fear should never dictate to us. And if we are avoiding it and pretending there’s no thing there, then it is indeed dictating to us. The only way through is to examine it and truly understand and ultimately feel the depths of it. Only then will it hold no thing over us. In this way, and only in this way, is it our friend.

At this time, it really might be absolutely anything that is appearing in your reality, that is uncomfortable and karmic in it’s feel. But what is karmic, but on our side? Everything here is heaven’s kiss.

“Perhaps there is room on your altar for something new, something surprising. Offer it to the heavens.” 

pisces full moon pic 2-1

Offer what you most fear, what you thought would never, in a million years, be sacred to you. That which is sent to rip you a part. This is what this Full Moon is for and is the power of Pisces, and Saturn, together.

Alongside this, what might have been fulfilling could now feel stressful and trapping. We can become addicted and attached to our stress, as it’s a comfortable known reality. It means we do not need to step into new versions of ourselves or acknowledge our full potential. 

But at the same time, we need to now slow it right down, to get out of this striving to come out of body. The deeper life, the more purposeful life will reveal itself when we stop in our movement out of the moment. When we stop trying to not be uncomfortable. 

Through being with it, feeling it, deepening into it, we let it open to be released. Especially if we allow the Divine flames to sooth it. So our orientation, through this strongly retrograde period is important. Our orientation to ourselves.

With the Venus retrograde now almost complete, and Aries North Node emphasis, this has been and will continue to be an individual journey to sovereignty, one that’s never just us alone, even when it feels that way. But it will require us to feel our apparent aloneness at least for some time, so we pull back our cords and contracts from that around us.

“The movement is within the stillness, and the stillness is within the movement… Temporary and self imposed inaction for the benefit of assessment”. Which will bring a shift of perception.

Aries New Moon 2023 Act 2 - 3

And as we shift our perception, we notice a lot more, we see and feel things we couldn’t catch, attune to or access before in the movement. We notice perhaps that we are being very judgemental of ourselves, or critical, or even brutal (then we wonder why we have that coming back at us in our relationships).

Shifting to simply observe our inner or outer reality, without engagement or movement, helps us see if we support ourselves enough, and in the right ways. What kind of support are you most in touch with? Do you reject, resist, wish your reality to be different? 

How can you support the layers and layers of consciousness within you? What do you need to now acknowledge? If you are being harsh with yourself do you need to step back and look at that more seriously? Harshness is there for multiple reasons.

If you are being too soft with yourself, ask is it supporting you or not? What would support you more? What are you trying to escape, prove or let go of? What do you fear, resist?

Perhaps most importantly ask, what would I be without all these ties, bindings and contracts? Where is my soul wanting to take me? How can I get everything on side as my ally? What will get me to that perception?

“If you look closely at a leaf, [the] whole worlds will open up. The leaf is an octave.” 

Saturn in Pisces brings together a space defines by boundaries, with the cosmic nature of multidimensionality. As always – we are straddling a lot of levels, be fluid, 

These disembodied and outward focused times reflect Saturn’s uncomfortable journey through watery in Pisces. The edges and boundaries dissolved like rocks at the ocean’s edge. Sometimes we will feel like the rocks and sometimes the ocean – at some point we have the opportunity to be neither extreme and both simultaneously, if a fluid perception allows. 

Easier said that done. Whatever supports the stillness within movement and the movement within stillness is the go to place. Perhaps now this full moon heralds a definitive shift, towards the deeper still, inner needs rather than this disembodied shell, that we often fall into line with. Let see where this Full Moon and the next two weeks takes us.

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