Libra New Moon 2022

Libra New Moon 2022

Published on: 26 Sep, 2022

We have a balancing New Moon in Libra on Sunday 25 September at 22:54.

Sunday 25 September  – New Moon in Libra 22:54 BST

Monday 26 September – Venus trine Pluto 6:46 BST

Monday 26 September – Mercury conjunct Venus 18:59 BST

Monday 26 September – Sun opposite Jupiter 20:33 BST

Tuesday 27 September – Mercury trine Pluto 13:56 BST

Wednesday 28 September – Mars trine Saturn 6:48 BST

Thursday 29 September – Venus into Libra 8:49 BST

Saturday 1 October – Venus opposite Jupiter 19:12 BST

Sunday 2 October – Mercury Direct 10:07 BST

Friday 7 October – Mercury trine Pluto 4:55 BST

Friday 7 October – Sun opposite Chiron 11:48 BST

Saturday 8 October – Pluto Direct 22:56 BST

Sunday 9 October – Full Moon in Aries 21:55 BST

We are finding the space between letting go of the old and bringing in the new.

We have the final square between Uranus and Saturn coming now strongly into orb until the end of October. This is a background influence that is likely to get drawn into the foreground as Jupiter activates this square by being bang in the middle of it, forming two semi-squares of 45 degrees.

This brings also more tension and stress into our lives, but can also give us that push that we need to make constructive changes. Life might not be yielding perfect results right now, and we might feel torn, pulled in one direction and then yet another, unable to make choices, paralysed, because no ideal solution can be found.

We have to learn to stay with the uncomfortable and be patient, and seize opportunities when they arise, knowing that our expectations are now less in need of being met and more in need of being dissolved.

Aquarius full Moon 2022

We are having to face realities and truths because we have been living in the Neptunian fog of denial for far too long, brought up us by our whole culture, the media, our upbringing and our education. We have all submitted to certain patterns, desires and values in the hope that the easy route is the route.

Unfortunately, at this time, it is more important that our denial and delusion is dispersed so we can begin to see more clearly, and begin to place the right values, principles and relationships at the cornerstone of our lives.

We still do not know what is right, but we are clear that things are not as they need to be. Yet, again, be acutely aware that under such astrological conditions, the background tension filled square, makes reconciling and integration challenging.

When we move in the direction of our spirit, we move away from needing to think through everything and deliberate our lives and more into a natural alignment that just emerges in the moment. These challenging energies are supporting this new way of being, as there is now little other choice if we do not want to suffer.

Aquarius full Moon 2022

And fortunately, many of us feel more done with suffering through life.

The interesting thing is that this New Moon activates Jupiter, as the Sun-Moon are in opposition to Jupiter. So we can expect a return of the themes of rebellion and protest (Uranus) and restrictions from authority (Saturn), all of which might also be experienced within us, in our close relationships and in the collective at large.

Mercury and Venus conjoin on 26th September but are also close to the Sun-Moon conjunction. With Venus ruling this New Moon and Mercury ruling Venus (being in Virgo), we have a strong emphasis on Virgo and Mercury.

With his current retrograde until 1st October, we can see that there’s an awareness that all is not smooth and work needs to be undertaken to get us to where we want to be. We need to stay grounded and in touch with ourselves, lest we get pulled into old patterns.

Jupiter now opposite the Sun, which happens once a year is now also the closest he’s been to Earth for tens of years. With the stellium of the Sun-Moon, Venus and Mercury all now in opposition to Jupiter, this brings a stronger focus to all things Jupiter.

Jupiter seeks out Divine wisdom, meaning and the broader horizon on events. So while we have a lot of focus still on Mercury and Virgo, which asks us to use discernment, Jupiter asks for us to integrate our discernment with the bigger picture.

Aquarius full Moon 2022

We all sense that things can’t continue as they are. People are really struggling to to not be deeply effected by this external pressure and tension of opposites, that appear irreconcilable. But as they say, they are irreconcilable if you stay at that level when attempting to reconcile them.

We are gently, and sometimes against our fervent lower will, being nudged towards finding alternative ways to viewing life. But in the squeezing and stretching, we are feeling our madness, our nervous systems at the edge, our neurosis in our faces, and then equally just feeling these morose moods with no apparent roots or causes.

Who would have signed up for this?

With Jupiter in Aries, the sign of the I am, our presence and pure existence in physical, independent, bodyily form, we are being encouraged to seek out experiences, people and meaning that lends to our contact with the prima materia, the essential existence of life.

This is because we need feel connected to what is real and tangible, in this now obviously delusional world. We need to almost escape to that now. Especially since Saturn’s journey through Aquarius disconnects us from one another. We are very much in contact with the lack of social cohesion, it’s been in the background for a while.

Yet equally with the Sun now in Libra and Venus soon to enter and catch up, we are also needing to ask how does everyone else fit in with me. It feels like a heart opening time, albeit still a cautious one. We can create work together with one another more comfortably this month.

The question is always what do I actually need? Who am I really? If we take all that I thought I was away, what is left? We all have more in common than what we think, and yet we cannot come together on those terms, not yet anyway. Perhaps that’s the not too distant future.

It’s deep inside us, in our core, that we find what doesn’t work in our world. This will become increasingly apparent as the grappling for plasters naturally phases out until there’s nothing left to grapple for. The descension will then happen like it’s never happened before.

As the unity wave continues to do it’s thing, and the duality wave continues to have its last blast, we will see how misaligned the world is, how the authorities, rules and laws have gotten so out of touch with where people are at within themselves, it will be so blatantly obvious that change will come. The energy will not be able to keep it the same, or hold to the old pattern

It’s not a time to be angry at what we have here on this planet, but a time to instead make some of sense of it and see that the phase in which we currently reside is just a necessary, unavoidable part of the entire process. That all have contributed towards getting us to this place in nice and not so nice ways.

We are still moving fluidly between an internal space and drawing out ourselves, that’s what a Mercury retrograde and some libra relationships support and it’s not a bad thing, to take yourself inside and bring yourself when it feels right, and then move back inside.

We are learning so many new life skills, ways of functioning that are beyond coping strategies. Yes we haven’t dropped all those strategies – we still need these crutches – but we are progressing in some shape or form, even if we are moving 5 steps back to go forward.

Judge nothing, hold what you can, go to the bigger picture that’s the advice for this New Moon.

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