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Aries Full Moon 2022 – Card Guidance

Published on: 7 Oct, 2022

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Divine Sun Child

Blessings of the Sun flow to you now.

It is time to allow your life to flourish,

without limits, to let your light burn

bright and without veil, just like

the midsummer sun burning without

contest in the Egyptian desert!

It is your time to shine bright.

Divine Sun Child
Tarot Cards - 4 cups




Five of Cups

Grieving and letting go.

Let go of a seemingly endless succession of disappointments.

Stop looking and feeling in one direction only.

See the flow of the present.

Say good-bye to old hurts, feel your grief.

The bitterness of the heart will dissolve once you let your tears flow.

Tears cleanse the body and you will become open for new approaches to yourself.

Your mourning will release you from the hold of old negative emotions and free you from your isolation.

You will fall into the ocean like a drop and experience the narrow limits of your ego dissolving.




This is no time to mince words: the archetypal territory of The Underworld is fraught with nightmares, suffering, and pain.

It is the darkest shadow realm, which we try vigilantly to avoid or eny at any cost.

Try as we might, the darkness pulls us into its depths through disturbing dream images, unexpected accidents, illness, war, conflict, and ultimately death.

Not visiting The Underworld (or denying its existence altogether) is what gives it dangerous power. Traversing it forces us to bow humbly to the greater forces that be, while summoning the inner strength we previously underestimated.

Take solace that The Underworld subsumes everyone from time to time, making us deeper friends, more intimate partners, soldiers of light amid our shadowy times.

Facing darkness and choosing light is the most profound calling of all.

When light it is bravery, depth, facing of deepest fears.

When dark it is denial, suppression, evil, unconsciousness.

Archetypes the underworld
I Ching - 28 preponderance of the great

I Ching

28 – The Way of Totality

We’ve been avoiding our deepest fear, the fear of death, the meeting with our morality – which leads us to the fear of living.

We can’t live fully if we don’t embrace death. It leads to a notion of a hollow life. Fear is simply a vibration, a frequency that emerges from the chemistry of the body. When we change the chemistry, we change the fear. Through facing our fears we can start the path of living life to the hilt, living totally, holding nothing back.

There are three layers of fear in the power of Avoidance – the fear of living, the fear of death and the fear of not living. What we really want is to experience being alive. Let go of mentally needing to know your purpose, and begin to move into the actual living of it.

The 28th Gift teaches us here that true purpose and fulfillment always contains an aspect of service. And that means we become a role model of what it means to be authentic, of what it means to be truly human. The only purpose of life is to reveal its presence to itself. It simply watches, listens, and breathes. It’s our essence. It’s beyond life and death. It’s beyond time and space. It’s beyond all drama, it’s even beyond love. It only matters that we play our part, the part that belongs only to us, and we play it willingly and with an ever deepening sense of trust that life always knows best.