Libra New Moon 2021

by Maia Mires

We have a Libra New Moon on 6th October at 12.05 GMT.

Wednesday 6 October – New Moon in Libra 12:05 GMT

Wednesday 6 October – Pluto Direct 19:29 GMT

Thursday 7 October – Venus into Sagittarius 12:21 GMT

Friday 8 October – Sun conjunct Mars 5:01 GMT

Saturday 9 October – Sun conjunct Mercury 17:18 GMT

Saturday 9 October – Mercury conjunct Mars 23:48 GMT

Monday 11 October – Saturn Direct 3:17 GMT

Wednesday 13 October – Venus sextile Saturn 20:26 GMT

Friday 15 October – Sun trine Jupiter 12:46 GMT

Saturday 16 October – Venus trine Chiron 19:49 GMT

Sunday 17 October – Mercury sextile Venus 2:23 GMT

Sunday 17 October – Sun square Pluto 13:12 GMT

Monday 18 October – Jupiter Direct 6:30 GMT

Monday 18 October – Mercury Direct 16:17 GMT

Tuesday 19 October – Mars trine Jupiter 3:36 GMT

Wednesday 20 October – Full Moon in Aries 15:57 GMT

As I’Ching 39 says “A way of dynamism” is about to be unleashed. This is very powerful. While Libra is ruled by peace-loving Venus, we have the Moon conjoining masculine Sun and Mars at this New Moon.

There’s something here about the Divine Masculine coming online. Most of us have no clue of its existence within us. We are always looking outside for its presence in our lives (as women) than inside for that support. But now is the time to take that journey in to meet it.

There’s no doubt about it – it’s going to start getting very intense, not like we have already seen. The masculine is stepping up – the planets are going direct, and while we are in a letting go phase seasonally, we are equally managing a dynamic push forward. It’s like we are being ripped a part sometimes.

This might not be expressed in the way we would expect. This doesn’t mean projects coming back online, as much as things becoming increasingly crystal clear in the sense that the direction, or rather transjectory clarifies in such a way you dots fit together, previous resistances start to make sense and we put the last year’s puzzle of our lives together.

We are learning to trust that much of what we have done or not felt guided to do is aligned, as opposed to not aligned with our path and process. We are always more aligned that we believe and others also. We get pulled into thinking there’s a right and wrong, and yet beyond the mundane there is a tapestry at work that we cannot see. We just need to trust it’s there.

However in the background, so much is in the process of dismantling. And with this doubts arise, doubts of our own faith and trust, in ourselves and the Divine and the situation at hand. It is normal to feel this. To not feel it at all is not the goal. The goal is to be human and acknowledge our feelings.

Why is this so important? Because if we want to create some kind of new earth then we need to know what it’s foundation will be, and for me it’s feelings as this is the depth we all need and crave to ‘get along’. 

We can spend all of our time in places of analysis, working things out, fixing, strategising, damage mitigation, but if we do not know how to access our feelings and what is contained within us, you can bet it’s going to be tough for others to hear and feel you, and treat you with humanity.

Why am I saying this now? Well, I have the feeling like this is global issue that needs righting. And I can’t help but feel that the only way to right it is for some kind of intense event, or series of events, that point us into our own leadership in this sphere. We need to be shown this realm. Or our denial of it.

Pisces Full Moon 2021 pic 1

If we see how little we have managed to work out through our heads – perhaps being thrust into this uncomfortable space will yield better results.

Feelings might be our greatest strength but that still doesn’t mean that there’s not going to be resistance. What will get us to that place where we can consistently know our feelings and express from that place? Are we willing to enter that space or do we need pushing?

It’s not an ascension process, it never was. It’s a descension process. It’s about depth and embodiment. There is nothing love and light about it. It’s wholesome, deep, still and complete within itself. I meet so many love and light individuals – there is literally nothing of substance there. It’s a great show, very convincing, but truly, when challenge comes, they flake out and become inconsistent. They can’t hold it together. 

I have been shown over and over again this year, that it is a descension and depth process, for all of us, and that through this, we will find our freedom, but freedom only comes through wanting to be here on the planet, fully here, in our relationships, in our bodies and feeling the fire within our divinity embracing all of who we are and what we hold dear.

We have to be prepared to feel our bodies and feelings. We have to invite and welcome that, we have to look at what we are so scared of in that realm. Feelings are our substance. If we cannot be there, we do not have our sovereignty. This is our sovereignty. Substance and sovereignty go hand in hand.

Now over the last couple of days it has felt like there’s been a huge amount of activity behind the scenes. And I mean in the physical – intel level – like many disclosures and releases of information. It feels like many have been working on our behalf, behind the scenes, put in positions where they needed to gain access to damning information. And it’s just about or is being released. I think there’s fear here also.

Either way, the I Ching 39 – The Way of Dynamism, points us to: “Avoid trapping your life force through fear.” Fear is a structure that binds us into the matrix. Pluto is dismantling it.

Spot on, the fear has been rising in recent days and so release and clear whatever you are holding within. Find your biggest fear and bring in the sacred fire to purify it. Let it take you into whatever dimension needs your witnessing to have it release. Learn to know the difference between your warning system and the old constant recycling of old fears.

The astrology and cards are suggesting multiple levels and aspects are going to be played out. I think this will span much of October since at the same time, a few days later we have many retrograde planets going direct – Pluto on 6th, Saturn 10th, Jupiter 17th and Mercury 18th. This block of time feels very significant.

With the New Moon itself, we have Mercury inconjunct Neptune – suggesting confusion and illusion. Then we have Sun-Mars conjunction bringing strong masculine dynamic energy. Then we have also Uranus inconjunct this Sun-Moon conjunction – which is shock, shocked into material, embodied Taurus. 

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is ‘a noon siesta’. Interesting with all this New Moon activity and complexity. Blain Bovee suggests that the noonday sun brings ‘a burning intensity’ and this is not ideal energy to work in – it’s burn out energy essentially. 

“The paradox is that resting at noon in such conditions actually improves productivity.” He goes on to add that it is also a paradox that the the noonday Sun is at its peak of illumination since no thing at this time exists in shadow. You could say it’s peak masculine also – another dose on top of the Sun-Mars. 

Do we have this clarity and crystal clear illumination on its way shortly? Either way we are not being asked to urgently act. Bovee suggests that the challenge here is awakening on a spiritual level enabled through rest for the physical body. Certainly the body needs more and more support as the intensity rises.

My sense is that this New Moon is going to trigger something – an uncomfortable higher truth perhaps – with Uranus. It’s a swift moving aspect only exact for day, and it’s a hard shock to integrate. It feels like it’s more personal than it is collective. But with the other aspects surrounding it, it could be both.

Mars in Libra isn’t comfortable – he struggles to be clear on his intent and desire, and with Mercury retrograde involved, nothing is super clear or complete yet for us to take things forward. But, I think once we reach 18th, it’s going to become clearer still. 

Remember also Mercury is squaring Pluto and opposite Eris three times for multiple days during this retrograde cycle, he’s exact again on 2-3rd November, so that’s a lot of highlighting to the Eris situation which is essentially the issue around ostracisation of those wanting autonomy over their own bodies because for well documented reasons they don’t trust big pharma, institutions or oligarch. 

Pisces Full Moon 2021 pic 2

And we should remember that Pluto in Capricorn is wanting us excavating and dismantling it all – inside and out. Our internal structures are coming down too.

But most significantly is that all the action is in a sense moving back towards Sun-Mars. Mercury is retrograding into that Sun-Mars conjunction slowly over the next few days. Exact around 9th-10th, which is as you will remember Saturn’s direct stationing. This is a massive reality check day, but confusion and frustration feel still abound. 

In between this with Pluto stationing direct, well, we can only expect big, big stuff. When a slow moving, outer planet changes direction it’s like the collective unconscious’ tectonic plates are moving. Stationary points are very illuminating, the Watergate scandal was triggered on a stationary Pluto, but there are have been many other events that change life as we know it around these stations.

With all these close intense activity, certainly not normal astrology, we can only assume the cycles are lining up for a reason. Interestingly also, we are half way between Sun-Mars conjunction and also half way through this Mercury retrograde cycle. 

It feels like things are levelling us all. Making us all equal, in some ways. It’s hard to accept, that the work you have done on yourself, feels kinda irrelevant at some level. Also those you think would just be the first to fall down are the last standing, and vice versa. You never know who anyone will be, what they will show – who will sink and swim – what people will choose, at this time. 

And perhaps it doesn’t matter either, perhaps ultimately, we are all playing a role, the role assigned to us, and that is what is needs to be. I’m not one for putting aside personal responsibility, but under these circumstances and with such high stakes, we have to assume it is as it should be – that consciousness is doing its thing to bring whatever completion is needed.

The New Moon is about completion here. Trusting at this time that it is moving forward as it needs to. We can’t rush, we need to learn to manage this intensity, this flow, the speed and the stillness – it’s all in there – and it’s changing moment to moment. Staying stable and neutral, observing more, feeling more – all this helps.

Most importantly, take that noon power nap.

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