Libra New Moon 2021 – Card Guidance

Published on: 28 Sep, 2021

Join us for the a spirit led journey into what it means to be sovereign


Divine Sisterhood

Letting the Divine Feminine

nourish you now

into new relationships,

collaborations, community

and friendships

is very wise.

There are many souls

with whom you have

spiritual contracts decided

upon before you were born

who wish to help you –

and whom you can help, too,

as you grow together in

peace and light and wisdom.

Isis - mother of life
Tarot - 7 of feathers



Ace of Cups

Clear, fresh water.

The opening of the heart.

Origin of all feelings.

You are lively and spirited.

Sudden insights born out of contact with your own feelings.

Trust your feelings.

Pure love.

An opening up to meet yourself and other people.

Springs are considered sacred places.

Their water is pure and full of minerals.

The lotus as flower of light and purity is the source of all being.

It is the symbol of renewal and the opening heart.



The Storm

Possessing an energy much like the tarot’s Tower card, The Storm undoes all that is.

Everything was solid, known, and relied upon is stripped away by the winds of fate.

The ground becomes the sky, the sky becomes the center, and then the center disappears.

The Storm is a great equalizer – no matter how far we’ve come on the path, no matter our age, wealth, or wisdom – we can’t hide from its savage winds.

Their disturbing howls stir anxiety and make it impossible to see and think straight. You must wait it out. If you try to fight The Storm, you will lose.

A better option is to seek temporary shelter and a reliable friend. When all else fails, go within. There, for a moment, you settle into the eye of The Storm.

When light it is meaningful obliteration and annihilation.

When dark it is meaningless disorder and dysfunction.

Archetypes - the Mentor
I Ching - 28 preponderance of the great


I Ching

39 – The Way of Dynamism

Avoid trapping your life force through fear. You are waking up, and so anger and provocation is the first stage.

It cracks the inertia. And we project out our fear onto others, at first we externalise our fear through causing pain. But fear, adversity or obstruction is the universal face of change.

It leads to innovation and ultimately harmony. It can reveal how to achieve movement and flow, in more innovative ways.

Explore a new way.

Your path of evolution is only limited by your unwillingness to move with change. Stay open-minded and impartial at this time.

Observe a world that is becoming. This is a time where life can unleash your genius, and your dynamism within.

Surrender your individualistic approach to be fully liberated.