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Pisces New Moon 2023 – Card Guidance

by Maia Mires

Join us for the a spirit led journey into what it means to be sovereign


Stay True & Be In Your Power

You are a sovereign Divine Being

with spiritual authority and freedom within.

You do not need permission from anyone

to be who you are

and live your life as you so choose.

This is your Divine birthright.

Guard it as the precious treasure that it is

and remember that you are a Divine being,

free to be you.

Stay true + be in your power - Isis
Two of Cups - Tarot


Two of Cups

Love, romance encounters, emotional exchange, and romance.

Giving and receiving of gifts. Interdependency, sense of belonging. The need to open up on an emotional level and to share what’s inside of you. Drinking from the other’s cup, mingling.

Images flowing into one another. No difference between yours and mine. Mirroring oneself in the other, melting into one another.

Opening up to the stream of images from the unconsciousness.

Hidden wishes and ideas. Once the veil of projections thins out, the contact towards others becomes clearer.

This could also mean a deep emotional encounter with yourself. The cups have been drained.

What do you see on the bottom? Am I you or are you me?



The Dead End

Contrary to what its name implies, The Dead End is very much alive. It is a force that stops us from moving forward as planned. It is thick, dense, uncompromising…a wall beyond all walls. With every bramble, thorn, and stone it simply states, “no more, child. You have reached the last page of this chapter.” It is natural to resist its very resistance and struggle even harder to make our way, to prove our point, to hold on to what was. In this way we fight with life itself. From a mythic perspective, The End you face is very much a beginning. There are doors opening all around you, just not the one you planned on walking through. If you are honest and courageous enough to accept, adjust, and adapt, The Dead End becomes known as Life’s Beginning. When light it is accepting, humility, relief, reverence for change. When dark it is inertia, stuckness, tension, unconscious gripping.

The Dead End - Archetypes
40 - Resolve + Deliverance - I ching

I Ching

40 – Resolve & Deliverance

Excess breeds lack and scarce resources. This is lack consciousness, where we don’t get what we need to survive. But this is a direct root to the Divine inside us. If we cut ourselves off from our own source, our divinity, then we begin to die. Learn not to waste energy and time. We exhaust ourselves in certain areas and do too little in others. As we begin trimming off the excess in our life, we find a healthy balance – we realign. We’ve forgotten how to do nothing, how to be quiet, simple. It takes resolve to stay with something that feeds the soul. We have to change to habits that fuel our soul rather than excessive behaviours that drain our soul. Our job is to find the thing we’re here to do that only we can do. When we finally decide to do it, then we’ll flood with resolve. Tasks won’t drain us, only support us. Everything will come to us. Resolve gives everything a perspective, and eventually liberates us. It drives us along the trajectory that’s natural for us. It carries grace. For Divine Will to forge ahead, we only need one quality – surrender.




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