Capricorn Full Moon 2023

Capricorn Full Moon 2023

by Maia Mires

We have a Full Moon in Capricorn on 3rd July 2023 at 12.38 GMT.

Monday 3 July – Full Moon in Capricorn 12:38 BST

Thursday 6 July – Mercury square Chiron 5:28 BST

Friday 7 July – Mercury sextile Uranus 5:54 BST

Monday 10 July – Mercury trine Neptune 12:57 BST

Monday 10 July – Mars into Virgo 12:40 BST

Monday 10 July – Mercury opposite Pluto 21:48 BST

Tuesday 11 July – Mercury into Leo 5:11 BST

Wednesday 12 July – Sun square Chiron 13:06 BST

Saturday 15 July – Sun sextile Uranus 00:02 BST

Monday 17 July – Mercury square Jupiter 13:49 BST

Monday 17 July – New Moon in Cancer 19:32 BST

This is an intense one. Although Full Moons are always felt a few days prior, and on the day tend to feel a little more resolved.

Our exhaustion levels are higher than normal, nerves tenuous and on edge, and generally we need to work to keep balance and order within more at this time. These are some full on energies to navigate, if you are choosing to sit in them, as opposed to pretend no change is coming.

It’s hard to pretend though, but you are either working through things, or you have checked out. Looking around us we might be forgiven for sometimes wondering if it’s only us feeling it all.

This is a full on month, with Venus turning retrograde on 22nd July until 1st September. On 22nd, we have a big grand square in the sky with the Sun activating Pluto, the nodes, all at 29 degrees in cardinal signs. The events happening on or around this day will be very noteworthy, and probably life defining, especially if you have any planets at 28-29 degrees.

Take care of yourself running up to this day, as you really want to ensure you are getting enough sleep, healthy food, hydration, grounding and whatever inner support you need.

Venus retrogrades through Leo, and so stays in Leo until October. Whatever Leo rules in your chart will be under review, and will receive a lot of reevaluation. This means that thins might be up in the air in that sign for all summer.

Gemini New Moon 2023 - pic 1

It’s a time for revisitations from the past also, we can return to people from the past, and generally any unfinished business, especially in the arena of relationships, but knowing specifically where Leo is in your chart gives you a strong sense of the area, wherever it be relationships at work, in your local community, your children, with yourself or partners.

So you might start to see some complicated layers to this area of your life, or finally see how you can make a break through also. But this is unlikely to fully arrive until October.

With the nodes moving from Taurus-Scorpio into Aries-Libra, we have a shift of emphasis into self and other. The impulse of will, our sense of self, versus those outside of us ie. others, and all the reflective mirrors of our life.

We are being driven to be true to self, to express what defines or individuates us, which is the Aries North Node. But this must not come without forgetting about the other.

At the same time, Pluto in Capricorn and the Sun in Cancer both at 29 degrees, square the nodal axis at 29 degrees, which is highly unusual, and so we can only assume part of the Divine plan.

But in actuality, Pluto is pretty much square the nodes for the entirety of July. Mercury on 7th July also squares this whole configuration. So with all this focus on Pluto, which is creating deep lasting transformation, this makes July a pivotal and potent month of realisations, decisions and change.

Capricorn Full Moon 2023 - 1

We are at major crossroads, standing between one phase of our life and the next, standing or straddling this transition space, is highly uncomfortable, and more so if you are at a loss as to how, what etc to further this transition.

We are birthing a new world, yet we are birthing a new relationship with ourselves and those around us, our communities and entire environment.

At this time, fate can step in to fill in or direct us in ways that our normal, or even heightened consciousness cannot supply. There is often a lot of possibilities and potential that exists way beyond our zone of access.

There are places within ourselves or decisions which we will never entertain or experience unless the outside world’s dynamics step in to push and force recognition of what we never saw as a possibility before.

We are at a time when if we’ve been struggling with finding our feet, or discovering where we need to now focus, that that reality can come in but it won’t hit you between your eyes, unfortunately. It’s rather more of a strong undercurrent, that pulls you this way and that.

Capricorn Full Moon 2023 - 2

However with Pluto at odds with the nodal axis, this is unlikely to be a smooth, comfortable transitions and change. It’s more likely to come with forcing our hand. Or having no choice but to let things die. There’s often a striping back with Pluto, to the bare bones.

The emotional depths, the dark spaces that lack light, a sense of connection, acknowledgement or love, are more able to be met now. The problem with this is that we often totally identify with the pain of these places and so become submerged by them.

Keeping your head above the waves, coming up for breath, discerning and observing are useful approaches so we do not get lost in the process of change.

Capricorn Full Moon 2023 - 3

A lot of this can feel unfathomable at times, and certainly if it doesn’t already feel this way to you, then it’s likely to at points feel this way. This is when we feel immobilised, uncertain and unsure, even paralysed in our responses. It’s akin to the rug being pulled from under our feet, but very, very slowly.

With Venus retrograde, it’s time to cut back and cut out. It’s not a time to spend, spend, spend, especially on anything Venus-like, like beauty treatments or clothes. It feels a bit like an early Halloween.

Venus retrograde tends to have the opposite effect and encourage us to indulge in all things sensuous, and so we need to not fall into this trap later in the month. Buy whatever you need to now but ensure you are feeling yourself with the right resources.

But with this configuration, and especially with Pluto involved, try and simplify your life further, embrace some ruthlessness. Make some space so that you are prepared for the coming changes.

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