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Cancer New Moon 2023 – Card Guidance

Published on: 15 Jul, 2023

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Lady of the Stars

Sirius is a celestial goddess,

a star of unconditional

love and wisdom at an

extremely high vibration.

She brings deep soul awakening

spiritual gifts and a high capacity

of divine service.

She asks you to pay attention,

now, because something significant

is taking place at a

spiritual level for you at this time.

Isis - Lady of the Stars
Tarot Cards - 4 cups



Son of Cups

My mother gave the gift of sensitivity to me. My father taught me the languages of water.

My sister, pure as a lotus blossom, gave me tenderness. I drink and drink but no water can quench my thirst.

I am familiar with the many reflections on my skin. Sometimes I see my father but I forgot where my mother lives.

I am floating upon the waters of self-remembering like the leaf of a flower. In the darkness of night I can feel the sea bottom and the architecture of my thoughts becomes blurred.

During the day the sharp knife of my mind has separated me. I feel sad and try to hide it.  Dusk brings me peace.

Control sleeps and I dare to jump through the reflections. I allow myself to fall; my amor becomes soft and scaly.

Following the tracks of thousands of tiny air bubbles I sink down to the bottom melting into that which awaits me.



The Healer

Though some claim the work of The Healer as their gift and name it as their dharma, the force of this archetype is within everyone.

It is our natural inclination to remember, to return to, and to reclaim that central and eternal life force from which we so easily drift away.

In Sanskrit, the word avidya means “forgetting”, and it is said that this is the source of all suffering and dis-ease. The Healer’s mission then becomes to move through the comfort of forgetting, through the veils of ignorance and denial, to reveal the radiance that already exists.

The Healer approaches this in multiple ways, from multiple angles, knowing the cycle of healing is not linear – it is a multilayered and circuitous process, always leading back to its own origin…much like the ouroboros.

When light it is self-contained, grateful, awake.

When dark it is tired, needy, forgetting its own practice.

Archetypes - the One
40 - Resolve + Deliverance - I ching

I Ching

39 – The Way of Dynamism

Avoid trapping your life force through fear. You are waking up, and so anger and provocation is the first stage.

It cracks the inertia. And we project out our fear onto others, at first we externalise our fear through causing pain.

But fear, adversity or obstruction is the universal face of change. It leads to innovation and ultimately to harmony.

It can reveal how to achieve movement and flow, in more innovative ways. Explore a new way. Your path of evolution is only limited by your unwillingness to move with change.

Stay open-minded and impartial at this time. Observe a world that is becoming. This is a time where life can unleash your genius, and your dynamism within.