Cancer New Moon 2024

by Maia Mires

We have a New Moon in Cancer on 5th July 2024 at 23.57 BST.

Friday 5 July – New Moon in Cancer 23:57 BST

Saturday 6 July – Venus square Chiron 7:33 BST 

Monday 8 July – Venus sextile Uranus 12:04 BST

Monday 8 July – Mercury sextile Jupiter 15:26 BST

Thursday 11 July – Sun trine Saturn 4:04 BST

Thursday 11 July – Venus trine Neptune 15:32 BST

Thursday 11 July – Venus into Leo 17:19 BST

Friday 12 July – Venus opposite Pluto 15:12 BST

Monday 15 July – Sun square Chiron 12:44 BST

Monday 15 July – Mars conjunct Uranus 15:05 BST

Thursday 18 July – Sun sextile Uranus 15:00 BST

Friday 19 July – Mercury trine Chiron 12:57 BST

Saturday 20 July – Mars sextile Neptune 16:17 BST

Saturday 20 July – Mars into Gemini 21:43 BST

Sunday 21 July – Full Moon in Capricorn 11:17 BST

This is a friendly, nurturing New Moon bringing some softer energies to July, with a gentler, caring influence. Yet a deep power moves through this month that we can all tap and tune into.

At this time we are all more moved to take care and nurture those things in our lives that feed us. Whether it be a group of friends, a child, a community or a project, or our relationship with our own body, it is time to give freely from our inner nurturer in order to support growth and expansion.

Feelings are at the heart of Cancer. When we move through life coming from what brings us into our true inner authority, which encompasses our authenticity, then we find that we emerge more from the depths of our soul, our being, which is the inner world of Cancer.

The world around us is seems orientated to external control and authority. People try and control us, situations and the flow of things. There are those that are more fluid and adaptable, going with the flow. There are those that have a tendency towards caution and control, resisting, forcing or pushing things through.

Jupiter’s year long sojourn in Gemini is encouraging us to step into our adaptable and flexible nature, so we flow with what is showing up, resisting less and trusting more the process of life.


Leo Full Moon 2024 - pic 1

The middle ground is fluidly moving the process forward by seeing everything as a resource or feedback – a resource to utilise or release, or feedback that brings a say yes or no to inform the process. Either way it helps us discern and define what we are trying to do, where we are wanting to go and what we want to achieve.

True authority arises from surrendering up this control to following a process. The process itself, that is the spirit that moves through everything, knows what it wants to do and where it wants to take things; our job is to align with it and support it to manifest. We need to get out of our own way, and trust, follow and allow it to become. This is true abundance, as i this place we cannot lose internally, not if we are not attached anyway.

At the same time, we need to be attached somewhat. Or perhaps invested is a better word. We need to bring in our human desire, to feel what we want, visualise it, talk about it, imagine it, in order to make things happen.

It’s about a constant moving process of reorientation, release and reconfiguring the through the journey of manifesting. You can’t get rigid or fixed with it, you must be willing to reorientate and grow with the process, and in order to grow, things need to be pruned and even sometimes die.

Holding on tight like a tree hugging koala bear never got anyone very far. Neither does just letting go. Learning when to hold on and when to let go means we are following the emerging process, which is the Divine embodying through us.

Leo Full Moon 2024 - pic 2

Our truth is only a part of the story, other people’s truth might be far more relevant and supportive, getting us further. We can never be too attached to our own sense of things. Our openness in situations allows our receptivity to other ways, paths and answers.

Our feelings are just one way of working out what is important. Our depth is the way we get to that place of knowing. But without feelings online (many people are numb), it’s very difficult for much to be known, since flow is inhibited within the being. And we are all water. When numb, our inner waters run incoherently, since they are not operating at a level of awareness. They are iced up, often frozen with trauma, and need warmth to open.

When we come from this place of supporting the truth contained within our watery depths, we are also supporting everyone else’s truth as part of the manifesting path. Connecting to our depths brings everyone else to that place. One person can do this alone, as they can express the common things shared amongst us all, when they connect to their own depth.

It’s rarely what we say, but how we say it. Expressing ourselves softly without force, no matter what we are giving expression to, usually gets positive feedback. This is because we align with an openness and receptivity. Being fixed and focused on our own message, as opposed to the subtle world of our environment, will also influence the feedback.

Learning the art of when the energy is behind us, helping us bring forth a wave, and when it is simply going to bring a wash out, is at the foundation of giving birth to things, manifesting things. Again, all has its place and time. Reading our environment and our inner world is so crucial to all this.

Leo Full Moon 2024 - pic 3

When we are on this path of expressing from this rooted, trusted place, we are aligned with the whole, as this place is connected into the soul, and all our individuated souls are interwoven together.

Rather than seeing others as expressing opposite forces or polarised views, see them as helping you to refine the expression of your depth and inner world. In other words, it is a kind of parallel view, but you just can’t see how yet. Our jobs is to go slow, letting and allowing the common denominators to emerge.

So often we are all on the same spectrum, running the same themes or archetypal energy, but different places on the spectrum. For example, when in Cancer season, we can’t forget Capricorn’s influence – it’s required. Cancer is about feeling the care, Capricorn is about expressing that care with diligence and duty.

Both care and duty are interdependent and inextricable. To take care of a child, you need to be disciplined. You need commitment. Care without these qualities isn’t really going anywhere or holding any weight.

When people talk about unity and wholeness, what they are really referring to is understanding how all the parts are necessary for the wholeness. If we take one part away, then we are not really whole or unified. The preferable goal is for all parts to be working together, on the same page, not fractured or fragmented, isolated or alone doing their own thing.

When parts are working in isolation, they burn out exhausting themselves, bring feelings of overwhelm, hopelessness and despair, as they see no end to the suffering and lack of support. This filters down into the physical realm of our existence.

So our suffering is inextricably bound to our fragmentation. Yet a period of aloneness or isolation ironically can also bring us back to our wholeness. As experiencing aloneness can filter out all the noise and distraction, reconnecting us to the simplicity and depth, the truth within. So there are many paths to unification and we will more fully appreciate the process if we connect into our depth.

We also then begin to see others in their depth too. People like to be seen and heard in places they cannot readily do by themselves. This is what we all need. In fact people crave this interrelatedness, but also deeply fear it. For this level of commitment and intimacy with themselves, others and with the world brings up attachment and codependence.

When we become attached, thrive off and crave something, we often intuitively feel fear because we get involved and invested in things. Yet if people got invested through their joy of giving and receiving from spirit, understanding that it is intrinsic to life to let go and release things once they are have done their work with us, then we would have less fear.

The trick is to trust that goodness is always there, waiting for us, we might not be able to feel, see or receive it at that moment, but it is never far away if we can shift our perspective.

When orientated to moving forward, growth and expansion, we are less in polarisation and more in connection to the spectrum of everyone is on our side, even if they themselves do not know it. This means we can weather any storm, and resist being a victim to anything that is said or done to us. It is not and easy position to commit to, but it is worth it, for it truly empowers us and unifies us with the rest of the world.

A couple of dates to watch out for this month for challenging energies is 11-15 July, when on 11 July Venus opposes Pluto, just as she ingresses into Leo (in the first degree). Last summer, we had a long Venus retrograde in Leo. This brings a little underworld into the equation, the need to face dive into fear, darkness and shadow, rather than stuff it down and away.

Yet at the same time the Moon ingresses into Libra, (also in the first degree), which brings flowing energy to this Venus-Pluto opposition, helping us find a balance. This should help us with the power dynamics that opposing Venus-Pluto can trigger.

Late on 14 July, Mercury forms a quick moving inconjunct to Saturn as the Sun also squares Chiron. On the same day, the Moon squares Pluto, then squares Venus. All this combined brings deeper stuff up, perhaps re-triggers what happened on 11th, and brings in a deeper, rawer level with Chiron involved.

These days might be a little more stressful, but still have a lot of potential for growth, if we can stay with the challenge and limitation of it all. It’s not a time of answers or growth, as what we say might be understood or well received. Therefore patience and trust in the process is required until there is more favourable opportunities for being on the same page.

The month of July brings development, and with it helps us hone our individual courage. The focus is on the individual with the heart engaged, moving more effortlessly with the currents. If we focus on our source of yin – our flexibility, receptivity, core stability and flow. Be different, noble and majestic, but from a unified whole where we also make contact with our humility, subtlety and stillness.


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