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Cancer New Moon 2024 – Card Guidance

Published on: 6 Jul, 2024

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Mother of Life

When life seems dry,

depleted, filled with repetitive tasks or

simply stagnant and stifled,

Isis, the Mother of Life,

holds the ability to revive

even the most numb, resistant

and difficult circumstances in your life.

She calls to you now,

seeking to bestow gifts

of life upon you.

Be bold and brave;

open your arms and receive.

Isis - mother of life
tarot - two of coins





Seven of Flames

The fire of action.

The courage to express yourself.

Accepting responsibility for your own feelings and emotions but not assuming responsibility for others.

Willpower, self-expression, and realization of your own needs and desires.

Daring to be angry.

Releasing the tiger in your pelvis and shoulders.

How you act in the present determines your being in the future.



The Underworld

This is no time to mince words: the archetypal territory of The Underworld is fraught with nightmares, suffering, and pain.

It is the darkest shadow realm, which we try vigilantly to avoid or eny at any cost. Try as we might, the darkness pulls us into its depths through disturbing dream images, unexpected accidents, illness, war, conflict, and ultimately death.

Not visiting The Underworld (or denying its existence altogether) is what gives it dangerous power.

Traversing it forces us to bow humbly to the greater forces that be, while summoning the inner strength we previously underestimated.

Take solace that The Underworld subsumes everyone from time to time, making us deeper friends, more intimate partners, soldiers of light amid our shadowy times. Facing darkness and choosing light is the most profound calling of all.

When light it is bravery, depth, facing of deepest fears.

When dark it is denial, suppression, evil, unconsciousness.

Archetypes the underworld
54 - the marrying maiden

I Ching

23 – The Way of Simplicity

One of the keys to happiness is simplicity and synchronicity. The symbol for this hexagram is a knife. Slicing through – streamlining.

It’s about exposing shadow but not in a negative light. It’s about allowing things to break down, distilling and rebuilding them so they shine the beauty within.

This is about the quintessence and numinous of life which is found in the problem. When we have lost this simplicity in our individual and collective lives, it’s time for declines, decrease and deterioration, and this is a natural part of life.

This is a time of waiting and protecting while in difficult times. Reaching into the heart of the matter. Life needs different things at different times as it runs on rhythms.

By attempting to resolve things that are not at this time resolvable, you can do more damage than good. The answer here is trusting simplicity, getting back to nature.

Complexity comes from an incoherence in the mind, simplicity from the being, the quintessence at the heart of things.