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Aquarius Full Moon 2023 – Card Guidance

Published on: 31 Jul, 2023

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Miracles of Isis

Isis offers a miracle healing.

No matter how much you have

struggled with a particular matter,

no matter how impossible it may seem to

imagine your life without this old wound,

addiction, problem, relationship issue

or inner struggle being part of it,

you are guided now to accept

the possibility of miraculous healing.

Let go and let the Goddess be.

Isis - Lady of the Stars
Tarot Cards - 4 cups



Three of Cups

Festivities, celebrating, and sharing.

Not leaving, but stepping out of the cozy limits of two-some intimacy.

The transition and new contacts are celebrated.

The boundaries of everyday life shift and expand.

Forget your worries, but don’t suppress them.

A new beginning, a fluid sense of being in the present.

Images and roles change.

Celebrating, playing, dancing, and communicating nice and easy.

A celebration is an unfolding and a cleansing.

Heavy emotions transform into lightness and joy and renew themselves.



The Sword

To use The Sword is to decide.

The blade separates one reality from another. The choice is made, and all else falls away. If you find The Sword in your grasp, you can no longer hesitate. This weapon requires a clear and decisive mind and a willingness to act. 

An onlooker may think The Sword bearer is hasty and violent, but the most compassionate and responsible gesture is one that is honest, swift, and accurate.

Our first encounter with The Sword is at birth, when the cord we share with The Mother is cut. This moment defines our separation from her and begins our journey of becoming ourself. We just make these cuts again and again, if we are to grow. Decisions shape our life, and The Sword is an infamous shaper of destiny.

When light it is cutting through to what is essential.

When dark it is hasty, backstabbing, a dull and painful blade.

Archetypes - The Sword
I Ching - 16 Enthusiasm

I Ching

16 – The Way of Versatility

As we look at the world, so many people aren’t really here. They’re just bodies going through the motions, they have become automatons. Humanity is all about caring for each other and the world. If we don’t care, we might as well be dead.

Until we feel the love we’re born with, we’re not really here. That’s why the Shadow of Indifference makes us inhuman. We’re trapped by our indifference, because we’re too lazy to care and we can’t be bothered to take a look inside our hearts.

Awakening takes discipline and hard work on an internal level. We are comfortable at being all indifferent together and we’re too lazy to wake up. Our fear makes us lazy, we’re afraid that if we open our heart up to life and all its suffering, we’ll drown and be overwhelmed. To be Versatile means to be multi-faced. Once indifference is taken out of the equation, all that skill and natural talent can be used to serve the whole, rather than individual fame and fortune.

To serve life is to respect every level of society, it’s to revere the chain of life. To understand the interconnectedness of all things is the Gift of Versatility. Versatility requires viscosity, flexibility, and openness. We move from Indifference to Mastery. Mastery is all about time. It’s about where we focus our awareness, how we invest our time. To be a master means to be a master of living. The greatest art is to live well. That’s richness. That’s wealth. That’s the only thing worth living for.