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Aries New Moon 2023 – Card Guidance

Published on: 21 Mar, 2023

Join us for the a spirit led journey into what it means to be sovereign


Queen of Heaven

The Queen Of Heaven,

the Divine Empress

of the Skies,

acknowledges your

feminine authority now,

as a man or a woman.

You have a life path

of spiritual leadership

to bring qualities of mercy,

compassion and wisdom

into the world.

Isis - Lady of the Stars
Tarot - The Devil



The Devil

Confusion in the passionate flame.

Fears and desires.

Always the same questions and no answers

regarding the shadows in the mirror.

Rewinding of memories and emotions, captivating fantasy.

Only the voice of hunger and thirst can be heard.

Thinking becomes impersonal, mechanical, predictable.

Beauty misused, separated from yourself.

In the sharpened vision at the point of brilliance, new perspective opens.



The Healer

Though some claim the work of The Healer as their gift and name it as their dharma, the force of this archetype is within everyone.

It is our natural inclination to remember, to return to, and to reclaim that central and eternal life force from which we so easily drift away.

In Sanskrit, the word avidya means “forgetting”, and it is said that this is the source of all suffering and dis-ease.

The Healer’s mission then becomes to move through the comfort of forgetting, through the veils of ignorance and denial, to reveal the radiance that already exists.

The Healer approaches this in multiple ways, from multiple angles, knowing the cycle of healing is not linear – it is a multilayered and circuitous process, always leading back to its own origin…much like the ouroboros.

When light it is self-contained, grateful, awake.

When dark it is tired, needy, forgetting its own practice.

ARCHETYPE CARDS - the orphan
58 I ching

I Ching

52 – The Way of Restraint

We’re conditioned to forget as we grow up – we forget how to breathe which leads to the Shadow of Stress being a manifestation of Shallow Breathing. As our cells don’t get enough oxygen, we move out of balance with the whole and with nature. The moment we do, we experience stress. No one enjoy’s stress; but we become addicted to it. The fear that we haven’t got enough time comes from this Shadow. It’s all about time and our perception to it. We have to slow down, not our vibration, but our rhythm. The Earth, Gaia, has a tempo, we can feel it everywhere in nature. When we forget this tempo, our DNA contracts and sends our body into a stressful state, an alarm goes off. We have to trust that alarm instead of ignoring it. The Gift of Restraint is to align oneself with cosmic timing. It exudes calmness and allows the organism to rest, pause, regain perspective, clarity and timing. It’s not to put a break on enthusiasm. The 52nd Gift is filled with optimism, idealism and enthusiasm because that’s the dynamic energy of life. It provides an attunement to a deeper flow that lies beneath everything. It reveals the secret of slowing down and the secret of breath. The movement is within the stillness, and the stillness is within the movement. Stillness is not death or an icy lifeless world, it’s bursting with potential and potency. When the 52nd Siddhi of Stillness takes us, there’s no drama in our life. We simply observe but do not engage. Stillness is the wellspring of joy, the font of bliss and, the end of all seeking.