Virgo Full Moon 2023

Virgo Full Moon 2023

by Maia Mires

We have a Full Moon in Virgo on 7th March 2023 at 12:40 GMT.

Tuesday 7 March – Full Moon in Virgo 12:40 GMT

Tuesday 7 March – Saturn into Pieces 13:34 GMT

Saturday 11 March – Venus sextile Mars 15:05 GMT

Saturday 11 March – Mercury sextile Uranus 21:04 GMT

Sunday 12 March – Jupiter conjunct Chiron 6:52 GMT

Wednesday 15 March – Mars square Neptune 00:39 GMT

Thursday 16 March – Sun conjunct Neptune 00:39 GMT

Thursday 16 March – Mercury conjunct Neptune 18:13 GMT

Thursday 16 March – Sun square Mars 19:09 GMT

Thursday 16 March – Venus square Pluto 20:58 GMT

Thursday 16 March – Venus into Taurus 23:34 GMT

Friday 17 March – Mercury square Mars 5:48 GMT

Friday 17 March – Sun conjunct Mercury 11:44 GMT

Friday 17 March – Venus sextile Saturn 23:35 GMT

Sunday 19 March – Mercury sextile Pluto 4:24 GMT

Sunday 19 March – Mercury into Aries 5:24 GMT

Monday 20 March – Sun sextile Pluto 21:12 GMT

Monday 20 March – Sun into Aries 22:24 GMT

Tuesday 21 March – New Moon in Aries 18:23 GMT

Both Saturn and Pluto are in their zenith degrees and in semi-sextile, the first aspect they’ve made since the ominous January 2020 conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, which kick started everything we are now experiencing.

This is the most active month of the year for big planetary shifts. Firstly this Full Moon coincides with one major ingress – Saturn moving into Pisces on 7th March.

Saturn in Pisces forces us to face denial and delusion, and address our relationship with spirit. It will force us to work on our grounding – of which there are many types.

We are going through a long period of figuring out what reality, truth and grounding is for us. The noise is getting louder for this process to become clearer.

Yet it will need to get an awful lot louder, over the forthcoming months, for many to work this out for themselves.

Virgo Full Moon 2023 - 3

Yet it will need to get an awful lot louder, over the forthcoming months, for many to work this out for themselves.

Where and in what do you put your faith and trust? When the blankets of security come falling down, having a stable inner connection that guides you like a rudder in an ocean is going to be fundamental. Focus on inner resilience – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual – and the outer follows.

What many will be left with, is a painful realisation of how misguided they have become or been. This is happening at many levels of reality, from the personal to the public and within our inner and outer experience.

If your level is one of refinement, then the knock on impact will be less severe, more graceful and smooth, than if you are working at the level of gross. If we are fixed and attached to something, we could be in for a reality bending month.

On 23rd Pluto enters Aquarius for a few months, giving us a taster, a forerunner of Pluto in Aquarius, which is a generational change. Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius speaks of cultural, social and political transformation.

As Pluto ingresses into Aquarius, society’s systems will shift focus from physical to virtual power structures. These changes will provide us individual and collective evolutionary shifts, requiring an evolutionary leap. We are already sampling this in our cities. 

More uncomfortable changes will follow. And it might be some time until its form and tone becomes something palatable.

Virgo Full Moon 2023 - 1

On 16th March there’s a pile up of planets in Pisces with Sun, Mercury and Neptune, all in square to Mars. This might be a difficult few days especially if you have planets around 25 degrees. Be mindful of your words and actions, there will be a fair amount of confusion, and likely chaos.

Especially since the following week Pluto moves into Aquarius, meaning all that Saturn in Aquarius work we’ve just completed now just gets taken to another level with Pluto taking his place. Saturn’s hard work turns into some serious mining with Pluto.

No rest for the wicked. But you could just say that now the work you are ‘really’ here to do (the house with Aquarius on the cusp) begins in earnest. The last few years was about foundations.

Alongside these major planetary shifts, we have Jupiter and Chiron forming a conjunction on 12th March. This heralds a new 13-16 year cycle before their next conjunction.

This all provides March with a strong, initiating, powerful force. It’s the time to take risks and push your own boundaries, if your mental health allows. And that perhaps is the other side of this month; sometimes it feels like we are being asked to jump a hurdle while limping with a broken leg.

Some won’t have a choice. It’s a do or die month. A lot is at stake.

Virgo Full Moon 2023 - 2

Envisioning and initiating the impossible is where we are being to go, how we go about that is personal to us, there is no set path or approach to this, we will each need to feel it out for ourselves. Depending on what is our next level, we will be thrown the perfect environment and set of circumstances to grow towards that.

Some of these circumstances will inform our lives for the next 30 or so years, so be conscious that this is a big month for some of us. All of this planetary shifts are inaugurating the deep process of change within. New cycles of growth through which we spiral are being birthed, and so the old ones, and all they encompass, need to die.

With Saturn and Pluto also now in aspect in the final degree, the ante is upped to bring a sense of urgency, crisis or finality. The compulsion to change can now not be escaped. With Saturn representing structure, order and limitations, and Pluto power, intensity and evolutionary regeneration, this is both systemic internal and external order.

Outdated inner structures are being dismantled. This is not an easy process for many wounded aspects within, ego that was born from fear. The inner child is likely to feel very uncomfortable and vulnerable.

As always, the key is to feel and witness yourself deeply and express from this place. The blessing this month is the conjunction between Jupiter and Chiron on 12th.

In union together they synergise upliftment and ascension of spirit with the descent and depth of the soul, the inner and outer world journey. Chiron’s path to wholeness touches the deep wounds within the soul while Jupiter’s panoramic journey broadens our perspective so we can reach into a higher understanding.

Chiron represents the full embodiment of the physical, etheric fields and beyond – reality bending as it’s the wisdom of our multidimensional, multi-sensory nature, as he shapeshifter through the cosmos. Jupiter is the world of culture, philosophy and spirit.

They seem quite different but they have a lot in common. Since both paths are about knowing and wisdom, our expansion and wholeness. Just using different means, approaches and tools.

Both paths are needed. We must learn to bask in the fire of our spirit while dredging the depths of our soul. Our healing requires a full spectrum approach. So many get stuck in a one way approach, singular, familiar modus operandi, and from there the projections pour out.

People do not realise they need to at least be a little willing to update themselves and their tools, reflect on their patterns and find alternative solutions to past problems.

Much of what we need to do is retrieve parts lost in the depths of our consciousness and evolve older aspects based on survival patterns, usually deep in fear, but very wise for it. And they will need to come up, regardless of how much we’d prefer to resist change.

So this is the Virgo nitty gritty work. But, at the larger picture end, this month should be an intriguing, revealing, even exciting one, that keeps us on our toes…

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