Aries New Moon 2023 a (1)

Aries New Moon 2023

by Maia Mires

We have a New Moon in Aries on 21st March at 17:23 GMT.

Tuesday 21 March – New Moon in Aries 17:23 GMT

Thursday 23 March – Pluto into Aquarius 13:13 GMT

Saturday 25 March – Mars into Cancer 12:45 GMT

Sunday 26 March – Mercury conjunct Chiron 19:58 BST

Tuesday 28 March – Mercury conjunct Jupiter 7:50 BST

Thursday 30 March – Mars trine Saturn 20:03 BST

Thursday 30 March – Venus conjunct Uranus 23:26 BST

Monday 3 April – Mercury into Taurus 17:22 BST

Monday 3 April – Mercury square Pluto 19:55 BST

Wednesday 5 April – Mercury sextile Saturn 17:21 BST

Wednesday 5 April – Sun conjunct Chiron 23:18 BST

Thursday 6 April – Full Moon in Libra 5:34 BST

This is the most powerful New Moon of the year and perhaps even for some time, for a few reasons, one being it happens this year shortly after the March equinox.

This is a time of endings and beginnings, if there ever was one. These moments do not come along regularly. It’s ritual time – what do you want to release and what do you want to support more of in your life. Choose wisely.

This New Moon is at the Aries zero degrees point, the start of the zodiac. There is a very powerful initiating force behind this New Moon, and it has the potential to really blow up an awakening process in the collective.

This is because this point is known as the personal becomes public, and the public becomes personal! What perhaps went under our radar, what we didn’t raise an eyebrow about, suddenly now takes centre stage in our lives.

It’s going to ignite an increase in participation and engagement on community and collective issues. People are going to want to voice and be heard. This Moon is about anything but silence. It’s the warrior energy, which can bring out our impulsive and truthful side.

The shadow of this though, as you can imagine, can be strong. In the cards I pulled this month, the Devil card came up. My initial response to this card, as I think most peoples’ is, ‘please anything but this card’. But it’s very reflective of where the collective is at.

It’s a time of significant crisis, torn and collapsing realities. Chaos is showing itself on every corner.

Aries New Moon 2023 - 1

Nobody wants to address to darkness within them, everyone wants to look to the light, and live in a fair amount of denial. The reality is though, if we avoid the darkness, we disregard our life force which is contained or trapped in that space. Going into it releases it.

Our shadow, with some people, is very strongly activated at this time. The ugly side of humanity, or more to the point the ugly side of our creations, is more on show now than ever. The underbelly is being exposed in a comfortable piecemeal fashion.

We can observe this also in our individual processes, with Mars in quincunx to Pluto, this brings up an uncomfortable, unresolvable tension that makes us feel our frustration, anger and even rage, perhaps towards ourselves, situations or others.

In this process we are experiencing our venom. Our capacity to attack and perhaps also defence with equal force. We are feeling the intensity within the psychic realm. Possibly this is projected onto a person, or people, there’s a lack or incapacity to forgive with Mars-Pluto. It’s quite an attacking energy.

Remember this is all part of the reality of being at various or one massive threshold. Pluto changing signs into Aquarius on 23rd is a big deal, and Saturn has already made his transition.

We are about to enter new territory. A new journey of exploration. We are also integrating a lot spiritually, while embodying more of our spirit, which means conversely emptying ourselves to become more of a vessel. We are emptying out our venom.

Aries New Moon 2023 - 2

The venom of these various projections needs to be out but not necessarily expressed. Having a relationship with our own shadow, the underworld and knowing that we are far more than what we identify with or as, can help. Know what’s confining and trapping you.

It’s a big time for change. But perhaps we feel too exhausted and stressed for this. This Aries Moon is very physical. It puts the pressure on the physical body and the simple processes that keep us balanced physically. The discontent is palatable – people are not relaxed or at peace in their bodies.

We must reach into our inner healer, and refuse to get fixed into blame and projection. We can polarise or we can look at life from multiple perspectives, knowing that life is a multilayered process of many gathering cycles, spiralling us back to its own origin… much like the ouroboros.

It is hard to remember and appreciate this at this time. But this New Moon is special. We can connect into the other realms, and we can break down barriers to come more into inner and outer union. Essentially this is struggle.

We can achieve a deep and fertile connection with life, ourselves, other realms and other people, if we have it as our intention. At this time, we can exist more in the liminal, beyond words, knowing that each soul is sent to us for our deeper healing.

Sometimes the difference between us acknowledging and realising that while in the midst of chaos, conflict and polarisation, is all it takes to shift our perspective into something life restoring rather than life exhausting.

Keep coming back to this focus, sure we can’t stay there, that’s unnatural for most of us and besides its the fluid process of back and forth between dimensions that actually builds our light body and resilience in life. If we stay fixed on high frequency, we are not strengthening or risking anything.

We must be prepared to sacrifice our ideals and perfection in order to get closer to it. It’s the process or spiralling and honouring of this as a journey to be experienced that gets us ever closer to where we want to be.

Aries New Moon 2023 - 3

New Moons are also a time when the veil between the worlds is ultra thin. We can reach into otherworldly realms, and experience more oneness and connection. We can make contact with loved ones and receive messages, and perhaps feel more at home in ourselves through this.

We need to strive for the peace and balance. Use this powerful new moon to rebirth, regenerate and liberate ourselves from our lower perspective and emotions that bind us into the discomfort. This is why ritual is a particularly useful tool at this New Moon.

There is a destructive quality, willing to annihilate and sacrifice anything in its path that does not protect the new life on the way. We are shredding layers, people, and patterns. It feels a ruthless time, where not much comfort can be had.

Rather than allowing this ruthless energy to freewheel through your life, which is not going to be much fun, use instead the power of choice and free will. You are defining yourself through choice, choose mindfully, it’s an act of self-definition.

We need to be in search of balance at this time, we can’t just leave it all up to the universe. We create balance and truth through our choices. Be in touch with your deeper feelings, it’s the only way to stay in a deeper orientation which immediately disconnects you from the drama and the surface waters.

We have been through this process (although I won’t lie – we are still just at the beginning). We have been absorbed by the ocean and thrown about, and gently rocked, turned over, dissolved and even pummelled. There are many facets to who we are, and we are arriving to seeing or experiencing ourselves as far beyond all the facets.

Soon, nothing will shock us in the same way anymore. We will feel more complete and grounded, as all will be accepted for what it is. This is what perhaps the next few years will teach, but I suspect the next few months will keep throwing out this lesson in earnest until we learn what we individually and collectively all need to learn.




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