Aquarius Full Moon 2021

Aquarius Full Moon 2021

by Maia Mires

We have a Full Moon in Aquarius at on 24th July at 3:37 GMT.


Saturday 24 July – Full Moon in Aquarius 3:37 GMT

Saturday 24 July – Mercury trine Neptune 17:35 GMT

Sunday 25 July – Mercury opposite Pluto 21:15 GMT

Wednesday 28 July – Mercury into Leo 2:11 GMT

Wednesday 28 July – Jupiter into Aquarius 13:42 GMT

Thursday 29 July  – Mars opposite Jupiter 16:50 GMT

Thursday 29 July – Mars into Virgo 21:32 GMT

Sunday 1 August – Sun conjunct Mercury 15:07 GMT

Sunday 1 August – Mercury opposite Saturn 22:50 GMT

Monday 2 August – Sun opposite Saturn 7:14 GMT

Tuesday 3 August  – Mercury trine Chiron 4:41 GMT

Tuesday 3 August – Venus trine Uranus 7:53 GMT

Wednesday 4 August – Mercury square Uranus 2:57 GMT

Wednesday 4 August – Sun trine Chiron 23:41 GMT

Saturday 7 August – Sun square Uranus 00:57 GMT

Sunday 8 August – New Moon in Leo 14:50 GMT

We have a Full Moon in Aquarius on 24th July 2021 at 3.37 GMT in the first degree of Aquarius. As is often the case with New or Full Moons at the beginning of signs, there is another Moon in the same sign at the month end. The next Full Moon in Aquarius occurs in late August at the zenith degree of Aquarius.

Jupiter is about to turn retrograde on 28th July in a few days also back into Aquarius, which unfortunately will bring more lockdowns and restrictions. This is likely to be the case until 29th December, when he finally enters Pisces, so we just have to be prepare for more disruptions.

This Full Moon occurs just after Venus enters Virgo and makes a strong opposition to Jupiter in Pisces. That’s a big statement at a Full Moon. There’s also a minor aspect between the Sun and Jupiter.

All this Jupiter just makes things feel bigger and more important. It can be a bit of a crisis time, issues are enlarged, perhaps even out of real context. There’s also a big emphasis on the South Node in Jupiter, so we are susceptible to more self-righteousness, arrogance and basically thinking we are right.

I think with this Full Moon, officially the water element season ends and with the shift to emphasis on Air, Fire and Earth. Mercury will also soon be out of Cancer, meaning the bridging, connecting process now takes on a different flavour.

The weather should really start to heat up and with it our general process. We need to watch we don’t burn out! We might need to be extra conscious of where we need to replenish ourselves and be sure we do not run dry. Tend to your water.

Aquarius Full Moon 2021 pic 2

Venus’ transition into Virgo should help as it’s about taking care of the small details, organising our lives so we don’t get overwhelmed, and also giving our body the right nutrients. This Earth connection is supportive. You can kick start this with a Venus ritual this Friday.

While this Full Moon is in Aquarius, the Moon is in Capricorn (not a particularly great place) for the Moon or rituals. Especially since when the Moon enters Capricorn, she mounts the cardinal cross. This is an important point in time.

But with this extra Venus-Jupiter energy presiding and a benefic minor aspect between the Moon and Venus, it is a great time to attune and petition Venus.

Rituals can be very powerful, especially when working with talismans. This is not the time for creating one of those – you need perfect energies for that! But it is a great time to petition to Venus, which is essentially asking for something to increase and expand in your life – something you want more of.

Just before the Full Moon on Friday 23rd July at 3.10 pm is the perfect time for this, since Friday is Venus’ day and it is also the planetary hour of Venus. With the additional Venus-Jupiter connection, there’s a lot of Venus.

Ritual 3.10 pm on Friday 23rd (Venus in planetary hour of Venus and on the Midheaven at this time. This is the time for a ritual. Venus in Virgo is Goddess related. There’s a long standing connection with Venus, the Goddess and Virgo.

Aquarius Full Moon 2021 pic 3

Another significant, likely challenging few days is when the Sun-Mercury conjunction makes contact with Saturn in an opposition. This is an uncomfortable aspect where we might have more issues with authority figures and the patriarchy generally.

Yet the entry of the Sun into Leo heralds a time of creativity and play. It’s the time for being lighter and rediscovering your sovereignty – your capacity to dance and explore through life like a child.

It’s a time to take risks and step into life. It’s the time to engage fully, and not be detached and disconnected.

“The fire of the life fore.
Flame out of flame.
Source of fire.
A force blasting through shells, capsules, buds, frames, and boundaries.
The might of inner forces.
That which has been gathered, incubated and heated now wants to break free.
The past and the future have been burned.
The only thing that counts is the present.
Being present and aware and making instant decisions.”

Yes, it is a time of breaking free, of restrictive patterns, situations and circumstances that no longer serve in this sovereign journey. We have been gathering, incubating in Cancer, going deeper into our feelings and sense of things, feeling our truth. Now it’s time to take what we feel and burst through in our expression of it.

This ‘burst’ might feel like you are full of fire and heat. That you want to burn your past and make instant, present based decisions based on no fear, only trust and self-love – which is also Leo.

We need to be mindful to not burn bridges and anything else that actually serves to nourish us. This is the danger of this energy. It’s a fiery, fierce masculine energy. Leo is fixed fire, it’s internal and contained.

“The Creator – the first archetype in the trio of existence – is not intimidated by darkness or by lack.
They know that from the void, creation inevitably emerges.
With meager, minimal, and outlandish materials The Creator reveals a new image. They make The Empty Room resonate with healing sounds; they generate bounty from the seed that others tossed away.”

So clearly for things to emerge with the pure force of fire and spirit, we have to be prepared to let burn what was before. To open up to fresh opportunities, to freedom, essentially, lest we feel burdened. Find your creative spark, better still find your combustion engine!

“The Creator does this by, first, being absolutely present to what is (not imagining or wishing things were different) and, second, trusting that a force greater than themselves awaits constant collaboration with each human soul.”

Leo is present. He creates his life, he doesn’t passively let life go by. He makes it happen. There’s no excuses and reasoning with Leo – he dives into being the leader of his life.

The sticking point that can create an impasse is that we have to contend with Saturn perhaps first, which takes us into our deep fear and inner/outer restrictions.

We spend a lot of out time dreaming up situations, existing in a non space almost, where we just hang out with who we think we are and do not even entertain who we really are. If this is the case for you, you are only going to get reflections of your own inner sense of inadequacy, which is Saturn. Saturn is where we feel oppressed and not enough.

“One of the greatest problems of humankind – the issue and purpose of suffering. Oppression is universal. Our oppression, the particular nuances and flavours of our suffering and karma during this lifetime are exactly equivalent to the greatness of our inner light. Their purpose is to awaken that light. The Shadow of Oppression is always externalised through our life until we turn inwards. Most people don’t own their karma and therefore they become a victim of it.”

This turning inwards, to the inner light and fire, to feel and feed it, rather than look outside for our comfort, reward, glory and reassurance, is where we need to go if we want to withstand the onslaughts of Saturn.

Any sense of not being enough, of not having the power, not feeling free, that life is against us and we are confined to this physical realm, is an immediate message to go inside.

The answer is often transmutation, when we enter into this present moment more fully, living in that realm by engaging deeply with it, which means engaging deeply within, with our own creative inner resource, brings us our freedom.

“The Gift of Transmutation occurs more and more as we enter into the present moment more fully. Once we become aware of our oppression, our suffering, it becomes more and more acute, an aching to remember something.”

As we go deeper inside, we reach into our essence, in this cauldron space, and we burn up the fear and suffering. It’s like our solar radiance, which our Sovereign Being, burns all that cannot sustain itself in the light, all the illusion and lies we tell ourselves. And so, as we move deeper inside:

“we begin to reach out into the Siddhic realm. Transmutation takes place in the belly, in the cauldron. Here all karma is burned from our DNA and transformed… Consciousness burrows into the form, transmutes and digests it before its true nature can be realised.”

This is powerful couple of weeks, drawing on these deep inner reserves and resource. We will know our sovereignty. Leo is the sign of sovereignty. It’s where we radiate and shine, the glory arises from within.

So we might be seeing who we are quite clearly, powerfully, in all it’s Leo drama. The veils that once obscured who we are, that we could hide behind in denial or resistance are no longer there. We can bust through them now, we can confront what we have never truly confronted and discover so much more of ourselves in our true light.

Make the most of this powerful time and get yourself into expressive action.

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