Taurus New Moon 2022 – Card Guidance

Published on: 29 Apr, 2022

Join us for the a spirit led journey into what it means to be sovereign



Key of Life

The Ankh portends new life

being born through you now.

This new life being born,

in whatever form, will enrich your life,

bringing you more into wholeness and fulfilment.

Do not give up on your creative destiny.

Stay with it.

You are flowing in the right direction,

and you have spiritual support from the unseen worlds.

Let it happen.

Isis - Rising Sun
Empress - Tarot


The Fool

You are young and far away from home.

A glittering crack, heaven, sun, and clouds, and foaming waters.

The elements at play.

Blue breath.

Risk finding the way to yourself.

Engage yourself where chaos begins,

where you stand alone and without help facing life.


The Box

We all live, to some degree, within the confines of The Box.

This archetype represents everything that is known, anticipated, and expected. It holds us in place while simultaneously holding us back from our greatest visions.

The Box is sneaky, insidious, and everywhere…limiting us at the most unconscious levels.

It is built of layer upon layer of social constructs and pressures. Breaking through its confines requires awareness, continued effort, and bravery.

The Box may appear as expectations from parents, a well-paying but heartless job, the pressure to look or behave like others or simply to stay small.

There is a box around you now, made of some type of confining thought.

What is it?

The Box shifts and morphs as we grow – this is part of its multilayered nature. Once you break through one layer, another will present itself to you. Keep going. Break through. An exquisite life requires it.

When light it is structure, order, coherence, logic.

When dark it is limitation, rigidity, judgment, fear.

The forest - archetypes
I Ching Cards - 19

I Ching

30 – The Way of Lightness

Desire is a projection that moves from our center outwards. It’s a seeking, a request, a learning outwards through our heart, mind and body. It’s a longing, an ache, a yearning for something that we feel we’re lacking. Are we looking for something to make us feel whole? Complete? Free from suffering? Able to find peace?

The Dilemma is Temptation – the more we try to resist temptation, the more powerful it becomes. We’re here to learn from our desire, contemplate them, have an awareness to watch them come and go. Buddha suggests honouring needs but lessening desires. The mind can get a hold of desires and blow it out of all proportion. Without the mind there would be no desire that lasts. Desire is a fire in the body and if we use it at a Gift level we find the real purpose of desire. Purification.

We need the Gift of Lightness to transcend and transmute desire. Lightness is when we can look at desire with equanimity. Lightness is the field that lies behind desire – it’s generous, accepting, it appreciates the juiciness of desire and also sees the futility of it. As we embrace the Gift of Lightness, we become less caught up in the desire game. We begin to purify our nature by releasing ourselves from the mind’s influence. The desires emerge but are simple fuel and our awareness begins to refine that fuel. Instead of feeding our lower bodies, it begins to fuel our higher bodies. This is alchemy. Rapture comes when all our desires have been purified into the desire to return to our source – to be free from suffering. We are all one rippling field of love, of Divine rapture. To let that in is our highest purpose.