Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse 2021 – Card Guidance

Published on: 25 May, 2021


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Lady of the Stars

Sirius is a

celestial goddess,

a star of unconditional love

and wisdom at an

extremely high vibration.

She brings

deep soul awakening

spiritual gifts

and a high capacity

of divine service.

She asks you to pay attention,


because something significant

is taking place

at a spiritual level for you at this time.

Divine Sun Child
Tarot - The Devil



The Crone

Aging as spiritual journey.

The soul listening

inward through the ear labyrinth.

Listening to the

voice of the heart

– place of knowledge and wisdom.

The old traveler

on her way to the point of oneness,

where she touches

the cosmic whole.

Wingless flying straight into the heart.

Every step is perfect.



The Desert

The Desert leaves us disorientated, desperate for direction, grasping for meaning, longing for solid ground.

For endless miles we are confronted with a lack of clarity and existential dread.

We are thirsty, hungry, pleading with life to get back to normal – to become animated by the simple pleasantries of day-to-day life.

The Desert offers no such comfort, and all must pass through it.

If you can embrace the discomfort of the Desert knowing you will, someday, reach water again, you can tap into the potent energy of the landscape.

Its lights are blindingly bright and its darks terrifyingly deep, which makes for unbridled creativity and clairvoyant visions.

Truths reside in The Desert that otherwise remain hidden.

The crows, the shadows, and the coyote’s call surround you. Let the winds and sands work their deep magic, weary traveler.

When light it is surreal, strange, unexpected visions, silence.

When dark it is drying, deadening, disorienting, isolating.

Archetype Cards - The Womb
I Ching Cards - 19

I Ching

60 – The Way of Realism

This Gene Key and its Dilemma is all about keeping balance.

There’s an upward force in our nature, a drive to extend, evolve, stretch, reach, and fly. But there’s also a counter-force of constriction, limitation, pessimism, resignation and tightness. It’s like the darkness of space and the light of the Sun. Too much Sun and we burn, too much darkness and we shrivel. It’s all about finding balance.

We can use structures, but we mustn’t fall victim to them. That’s how we find freedom.

The first layer is always your mind. How does your thinking limit your mind? Once our frequency rises through vibrations of possibilities we touch on the next layer, emotional patterns. Behind all this emotional pain, lies love. When love comes alive again in us, then we begin to crack open the final layer, the physical coding – light pours through us and that’s when the Siddhis arrive.

The Gift of Realism is about being able to take advantage of structures. It also knows that the structure is a means to an end. It sees the paradox of its position. It needs a structure but knows that all structures are ultimately doomed!

All roads lead to death – that is realism!