Sagittarius Full Moon 2022 – Card Guidance

Published on: 13 Jun, 2022

Join us for the a spirit led journey into what it means to be sovereign


Goddess of Ten Thousand Names

If you have felt

constrained by a role,

name or identity and

are wishing for assistance

in growing beyond it,

or if you have sensed a new role

or identity calling you into greater expression

and would love some divine help in that growth,

this Oracle indicates the help

you need is already with you,

urging your growth from within.

Isis - mother of life
Tarot - 7 of feathers


The High Priestess


moon goddess,

guardian of cosmic knowledge,

lingering in the temple of eternal change.

Visions born out of silence.

Mover of oceans and the red stream.

Black moon – white moon,

deeply inhaling – exhaling,

ebb and tide,

seeing without judging.

Mother of duality.

Sometimes creative, she opens the heart.



Anima Mundi

Anima Mundi epitomizes the principle “Accept all. Reject none.”Simply put, it is the living soul of the world in all its multifaceted, multidimensional layers, bonded together by loving cosmic forces.

Diversity is celebrated, multiplicity is honored, and nothing is denied embrace. Constructs of separation dissipate into the wonderful mess of shared consciousness.

Anima Mundi is the link between the literal and the imaginal, the rational and the mystic. It is the connective fiber that makes life meaningful. This card indicates an initiation on the level of the soul.

You will awaken the unique light within and witness how this light contributes to the radiance of the entire universe. You will sense yourself as a critical note in the cosmic orchestra. Destiny is altered as you hear the enchanted melody of all living things.

When light it is tending to the sacred details of life.

When dark it is overwhelmed by the bigness of existence.

archetypes - the vessel
Tarot - 7 of feathers

I Ching

41 – The Way of Anticipation

When we empty ourselves, we are in a process of decrease, a downward arc.

But this initiates a new cycle of experience, like pruning back the branches to encourage growth in spring.

So it’s a bit of a paradox.

We need to let go of the big plans we have for our life and focus on the small.

Accept that decrease and decline is there to accelerate and reorientate.

There is hope in restriction and things not going to plan, especially if you don’t attach to your own answers and outcomes.

The beginning contains the end and vice versa.

We think we are traveling to the future, but really we are traveling to the past.