I am curious

Maybe you’ve noticed that you’re feeling disempowered, or that the narrative around empowerment is not helping you to actually feel like you have power. This curiosity has led you to a space where you can begin to acknowledge your inner force, and even start to play with it.

What are my rights? Do I feel disempowered? Where is my power? What is power to me?

Growing in our we can be more conscious in our use of power, where we might not even be aware of how we have borrowed power from elsewhere, or how we let others carry our power for us. When we start getting curious about power, there’s so much expansion.

I am questioning

Our relationships can be fertile grounds for our discovery of power. Intimate relationships often force us to question who we are and where we give away our soveriegnty.

Do you have challenges around power? Do you think there might be better ways of managing your relationships? Are you struggling to feel empowered and need help understanding what you are missing?

Sometimes the questioning can come from not trusting ourselves fully enough, from a place of doubt. Perhaps no one in your early life modelled the appropriate use of power. The question to ask is am I using power in a evolved or unevolved way? Directly working with our relationship to power is very liberating.

I want to learn

Your life force is the greatest energy you have at your disposal. Maybe you’re starting to connect to these powerful, energetic aspects of yourself, but can’t discern what they are or where they’re coming from. Perhaps when they’re absent, you don’t know where they’ve gone, or for what reason.

What is my power/life force energy? Where does it go when I ‘lose it’? Who/what has power over me? How can I reclaim all parts of myself?

It’s important to learn what power is physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually for you. What sort of power have you been using, and what power are you not using and why.

I want to interact

Reclaiming our sovereignty within the context of relationships is never an easy thing. Yet when there is a safe space, where power is understood and faciliated, then we can truly grow in our sovereignty.

Do you need a safe space to explore the ideas of power with others? Do you want to go deeper and reclaim yourself without fear of your impact, or the impact of others on you?

We are committed to going deep in our reclaiming in relationship of others. We believe this is where the real journey begins. Where we start looking at our relationship to conflict, and our fear of confrontation.