I am curious

When we are starting out on this journey of awakening, there can be a powerful curiousity that takes us forward, driving our need to understand what is happening to us or others in our life.

Are you asking – what might I need to reawaken? Do you even know what it means? How do I know if I’m awake or asleep? Does it matter?

Awakening is a powerful process. It’s rarely graceful in the beginning. There are also many illusions about the awakening process. The reawakening – beyond awakening itself, is the real place of transformation, and awakening.

I am questioning

The questioning aspect of reawakening is perhaps core to reawakening itself. We can go through various awakenings – and when we begin to question our spiritual journey, that is when we are about to start the real journey.

How can I navigate the spiritual jargon around awakening? What is the difference between being awakening and enlightenment? And what about being woke? 

It’s not always easy to question. We are surrounded by others who are so convincing and convinced about what they believe. If you are questioning, then there are more veils coming down for you, and while challenging foundational elements, is exactly where you need to be.

I want to learn

Sometimes you awaken with a thud, a crashing moment of change or it’s a quieter moment in-between ‘life’, we have all felt that we were missing the point of life somehow. The sleepiness of routine, distraction, and complacency all contribute to loss of purpose.

What is my life, who’s living it, and for what purpose? When we make the choice to learn about awakening, we disable the snooze button and open to explore the notion that, through humbleness and honesty, we can learn new ways to bring awareness into the dream we are living.

Awakening moves us out of the astral maze – where we are constantly projected outside of ourselves – whether backwards, forwards, or a more grounded, conscious reality. Awakening triggers fundamental changes, but it can be one of the most thrilling and freeing choices we ever make.

I want to interact

In a community setting, awakening can be accelerated. Other people are mirrors; constantly reflecting our own fears, beliefs and wants. When those other people are also aware, on this journey of awakening, they can be honest mirrors that give us real-time feedback, an unrivalled opportunity to know ourselves.

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The impetus of collective movement towards any goal brings a greater energetic force, and impact, than any work we’d do alone. If a group is coming together, each in his own way, for a shared goal like awakening, the awakening of each individual in the group is supported, amplified, and so tends to happen in a faster and more sustained way.