I am curious

Perhaps you are yearning for something, but not sure yet what it is, your mind or heart needs replenishing.

Curious about how you can realign your life so you feel happier and more in touch with your deeper essence. This is a time for openings, and you feel fertile to new things.

Water is the foundation of life. We are a body of water. This is the beginning of it all. You are emotions weaved together and the container. Begin to understanding more about how to replenish yourself from within.

I am questioning

As the breakdown of order ensues and the illusionary veils of our world fall down revealing a starker reality or truth. You might be questioning a lot of what you previously accepted as truth and fact.

Are you questioning what reality is for you, what and whom you have aligned with, and unsure of what truth is anymore? Do you get lost somewhere between opinions, facts and truth?

You might be experiencing a lot of internal and external conflict. Perhaps your relationships are changing, and you don’t know who you are anymore.

I want to learn

Are you eager to dive in to learning about yourself and the truth of reality? Do you feel hesitation but the desire to grow and expand holds less fear at this time?

Learning takes us out of our comfort zone and into new dimensions of our mind, bringing new possibilities, explanations and perspectives into focus.

This is a time of discovering more about yourself, as they say ‘know thyself’, so you can invite more alignment into what you need to be happy. We all have different purposes and the more we know about ourselves, the more we connect to your potential .

I want to interact

Perhaps you have been learning, exploring and questioning for a long time. You are now in a time of testing out your ideas and hearing from others, discerning yourself from others, so you can move more into sovereignty.

Interactive learning with others allows us to grow in relationship with others, and with ourselves. It’s all ok to be on our own in our sovereignty, but we need to learn to be sovereign with others.

Here you are ready to explore relationship and move more out into the world, engage and participate with sovereignty, and challenge yourself to be more in the world.