Libra Full Moon 2022 – Card Guidance

Published on: 7 Apr, 2022

Join us for the a spirit led journey into what it means to be sovereign



Spirit of Isis

Beloved Initiate,

there are times to surrender and let go,

but there are never times to give up!

Persist with your bold faith and inspired action until the impossible happens.

Isis has the spirit of triumph and will never fail in her quest,

no matter how bold or impossible it seems.

Let her inspire you!


Isis - Rising Sun
Empress - Tarot


Eight of Feathers

The eye’s vision.

A changing of perspectives.

The stronger you hold on to the past the more you copy it again and again,

the more distorted and grotesque your perception will become.

Recognize shadows and ghosts for what they really are.

When do they show up?

Why do they show up?

How do they come into being?

Recognize their dynamics and play with it.

Everything you see is you.

It is all perceived on your retina.

Forgive yourself and acquire a new perspective.


The Kiss

Before a first kiss the air is electrified. Each breath is alive with possibility and magic. What will their lips be like? Their tongue? Do they want me in return?

The archetypal energy of The Kiss is a heightened sensation of merging with other, of letting in what was moments ago separate. Two become one.

It is risky but beautiful business. These moments forever change us as we move past the solitary self toward union and acceptance.

This card suggests true intimacy is around the corner, which requires bravery and surrender.

When The Kiss takes a nonhuman form, it may be experienced as touching the sacred, hearing a whisper, or being graced by a divine being.

You will recognize the presence of The Kiss by cold chills and awakening of the heart.

When light it is sensual experience, merging, inviting.

When dark it is neediness, pressure, dominance, disrespect.

The forest - archetypes
I Ching Cards - 19

I Ching

38 – The Way of Perseverence

Here we take a deeper look at understanding the pattern of struggle. Struggle can either free us or trap us. It traps us when it becomes a habit. At low levels of frequency we get so used to struggling that it becomes our daily norm. We have to begin with self-honesty about where we struggle in life because we can then put that struggle to better use to serve a higher purpose. Put your struggle into something that you’ve always wanted to do – from your heart – and that will change your life. There is a difference between the cessation of struggle and the end of suffering. It is suffering that we transcend, not struggle. We need struggle, it defines, sharpens, hones us. It is a gift from the higher realms. Even the most illuminated beings struggle, but they do not suffer as they struggle. Struggle is their joy because they know it is testing them, polishing them and refining their awareness. To break our habits we need to take a breath and pause. With pauses, our days become more extra ordinary as we become aware of the day. The 38th Gift tells us – find a fight worth fighting for and then pour our energies into that. We’re built to persevere. We won’t be happy in life unless we reach and stretch and break new ground. Love carries perseverance hidden within it. Every challenge we meet in life is an opportunity to learn to love and honour ourself more deeply. When we truly honour the moment of the struggle and feel the field of honour behind life’s challenges, our life will have a certain buoyancy, an uplift. Honour transforms difficulties into opportunities. It’s all about surrender. Honour turns surrender into victory. We have to learn to surrender to our Dharma, “Fate” – our challenges, setbacks, failures. It’s all part of our training for a higher kind of being. Honour is a spontaneous response to life and it is rooted in unconditional love.