Gemini New Moon 2023 – Card Guidance

Published on: 18 Jun, 2023

Join us for the a spirit led journey into what it means to be sovereign


Truths Unveiled

There are times when

appearances of people, places

and things are deceptive.

You will sense this when something feels

uncomfortable within you,

when you notice feelings of anxiety or doubt within you.

You may think there is something

wrong with you, but actually you are

intuitively sensing that all is not as it appears to be.

Trust what you feel, not what appears to be.

goddess of ten thousand names - isis
tarot - son of flames


Daughter of Cups

My mother gave the gift of serenity and devotion to me.

My father gave me tears.

My brother compassion.

Safely resting in my own shadow I drift along and reach my goal. The goal is inside of me and I am being carried by NON-DOING.

Wave lines, signs, and symbols are sending messages from the realm of opposites to both hemispheres of my brain. Through the pores of my soul’s skin I hear the soft choruses of pulsating rhythms of water.

Music flows through the network of nerves and veins.

I travel upon the wave patterns of my skin and see through the eyes of others.

I travel to the house of fear and hidden emotions, all the while knowing that my sister – freedom – lives there.

And old reality dissolves and perishes. Tiny little phantoms hiding in the folds of my diaphragm lose themselves in the wind.

I sense that all that lives is in a constant state of flux and will lead me to my creative source.


The Bridge

Bridges are built to connect two worlds.

They create flow, allowing us to travel between realms, ideologies, personalities. This archetype is the gesture of acceptance, of saying yes rather than withdrawing, separating, and saying no.

When we cross a bridge to an unknown land, we are led magically into a new reality. We open up to otherness. Healing and communication are made possible. We enter a state of curiosity, wonder, and learning.

The Shaman, for example, creates The Bridge between the seemingly disconnected parts of our life (relationships, ideologies, histories). Remember that a bridge can’t be forced. It must be made with love, or its structure will not withstand the inevitable weather of life.

When light it is acceptance, magic, communication.

When dark it is lacking boundaries, forcing connection.

archetypes the maiden
56 - the way of enrichment

I Ching

39 – The Way of Dynamism

Avoid trapping your life force through fear.

You are waking up, and so anger and provocation is the first stage. It cracks the inertia.

And we project out our fear onto others, at first we externalise our fear through causing pain.

But fear, adversity or obstruction is the universal face of change. It leads to innovation and ultimately to harmony.

It can reveal how to achieve movement and flow, in more innovative ways.

Explore a new way.

Your path of evolution is only limited by your unwillingness to move with change. Stay open-minded and impartial at this time.

Observe a world that is becoming. This is a time where life can unleash your genius, and your dynamism within.