Imagine a nourishing space where you can explore your whatever is fully present with you, whatever needs your attention right now.

Whatever you are at and whatever your starting place, Maia’s weekend in person and online 3 hour workshops are sacredly held spaces for you to devote to your own self-discovery. Their goal is to bring you a deeper sense of yourself, subtle refining skills, understanding and healing for you and your life.

The goal is for you to understand and discern sovereignty from other paths, with a focus on the Sovereign Being – our ultimate Divine wholeness – which we are here to fully embody as individual men and women. It negotiates, integrates, stands firm, bears witness, embraces and loves us into being, authenticity and action.

When we align with this authenticity, we deepen our journey into truth, compassion, humility and then our ultimate freedom. This is not always easy and we need support to negotiate the rocks and mountains on our path. These online and in person spaces are here for you to explore this richness with support and guidance.

These workshops will ask the deeper questions, meet you where you are at and then (with your permission) take you to your next level in your connection to your Sovereign Being.

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Community Forum

The Sovereign Being private online community accompanies both free and paid memberships through Sovereign Being. Treat it as a space and container to connect with like-minded and hearted people, ask us questions, get support and learn more about the journey of sovereignty for you personally.

The free space is for all free members and the paid memberships support our dynamic meditations, online and in person workshops, events and classes, online courses and active circle.

The community can be accessed directly from our Sovereign Being website or via Sovereign Being community.

Bring your questions to the ‘free space’ Sovereign Being – Being Sovereign.

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Online Courses

Modular Online Interactive Courses and Programmes

Courses offer a structured, supported approach to transformation and self-knowledge consisting of many online transformational tools, learning resources from videos, audios, PDFs for teachings, practises, meditations, rituals, breath work and exercises to heal, align, clear and raise your consciousness and deepen your awareness.

You go at your own pace so it fits in with your schedule. While you are a member you have lifetime access to the course content so you can return at any point to modules and reintegrate deeper.

You do not need any prior training to get started, they are designed for many levels and will deepen your knowledge and practise whatever level you are coming in at. Read the success stories to hear more from other participant experiences.

In our Sovereign Being community you can share your experiences and ask your questions, which Maia and others will answer to the best of their ability. Share creative ideas, artwork and reflections. Find your voice, expression and creativity through your mantras, songs, poetry and art. It is truly a creative space.

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Maia combines different approaches to bring a unique online experience; working with the body, the Divine, through movement, sacred fire, breath work, inner connection, astrology and meditation. Connecting with the Sovereign Being within, we aim to bring our spirit fully into our body, and as we encounter difficult emotions, we purify. These are dynamic and devotional classes, where we use our bodies and work with movement to music with breath work, in the privacy of your own home, (without your video on if you choose).

These classes will help you feel more grounded, connected to yourself, clear, emotionally balanced, flexible and in your body. They also help your body come into it’s wholeness, so it’s less disconnected and uncoordinated, functioning as one.

The sacred fire – of which there are many – are what you could call a dispensation for our planet. We focus on the 7 main sacred flames. They are a key awakening gift, as they offer us grace, dissolving karma, emotions, fear, interference and all else that we do not need to ‘process’. In these classes you will learn to work creatively and intuitively with the sacred fires, moving them through your body and energetic field. You will also connect to and build up a relationship with your own inner Sovereign Being. This is a powerful way of cleansing and connecting with your body every week.

Qi gong – you will start reconnecting with your body, and learn how to bring your spirit more fully in. We work with grounding, subtle sensation, flow and fluidity.

Breath work – we use breath to support the transmutation and purification of our bodies and etheric fields, you will learn powerful breath work that cleanses the body very deeply.

Dance and movement – understanding how movement supports both your connection with joy and healing.

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Maia runs larger events or one off events.  Please see calendar for up to date information or events below.

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Resources come in many shape and forms. Sign up for free resources.

I also recommend the lightpaper – uncensored truth at, get in touch if you want to be a distributor in your area or you want to receive the lightpaper. 


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If you are looking for more one-to-one support then try out an individual therapy session with Maia.

Sessions with Maia are a form of counselling and healing that brings together a spiritual perspective on life integrating innovative and holistic therapeutic approaches, and combining different tools.

For most, it is best to begin with a spiritual counselling session which works with whatever you bring in a psychotherapy and healing capacity, and if required, some work with charts.

Maia’s form of therapy combines many approaches and tools, knowing that different people need different approaches, since no one tool can solve all problems.

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