Capricorn Full Moon 2022 – Card Guidance

Published on: 11 Jul, 2022

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When you are being initiated

into the Divine mysteries of

light, love and power,

there are moments of profound challenge.

The key is to find the light

within the challenge

– the opportunity for growth

that can transform

any challenge into an

experience of healing.

With compassion and cleverness,

you will not burn during your challenges

– you shall thrive.

Isis Cards - Initiation
Tarot - The Devil





The mind’s perception changes moment to moment.

Serene, open, and relaxed.

The door of transcendence opens up,

a miniscule split in the dark and narrow cage.

Welcoming the unexpected.

All muscles and organs are letting go.

Each cell is purified by breath and filled with sunlight.

Circling like a spiral,

you always encounter yourself and touch upon your own experience. 



The Castle

It’s no wonder fairy tales tell of sleeping princesses within castle walls.

Like most archetypes, The Castle is loaded with duality: it represents abundant riches, seductive fantasy, ornate wonders, and lavish adornments, yet the walls are thick, cold, and shadowy.

This card points to a tendency to hold on to possessions (quite possibly a literal home) or position that project the image of achievement, while the soul longs to run barefoot in The Forest, leaving it all behind. At times we must “settle down”, yet The Castle lulls us with its spell of materialism, and we fall asleep to our deepest dreams.

The Castle can be a motivating force, and enchanting goal to travel toward – but it is best not to linger within its walls of dependent deception for too long.

When light it is visiting your throne of power.

When dark it is stuckness, depression, spells, walls.

Archetypes - Empty Room
I Ching Cards - 19

I Ching

43 – The Way of Insight

In this hexagram we’re moving from Deafness to Epiphany through the Way of Insight. Life frequently and sporadically achieves breakthrough. The mystery of our being here seems random and sometimes overwhelms us. We’re deaf because we can’t handle the silence of the question without an answer. Deafness isn’t silence, it’s ‘a life of sound and fury signifying nothing’. We need to let uncertainty in for breakthrough to happen. We can’t escape breakthrough. Death is a breakthrough. We just have to give up our knowing. We have to pause more often and inhabit uncertainty. A true pause has no purpose; it’s a gap. We have to embrace unpredictability.

Breakthrough demands an environment of not knowing and mystery. Insight usually comes from the very direction our mind hasn’t considered. The breakthrough is really of the heart, not the emotional heart but the heart of our being. We don’t get the qualities that we don’t need in life, so there’s no reason to waste energy chasing them. True insight makes life simpler, not more complex. The efficiency – that comes from our roots, the connection with nature – is based on Simplicity. Deafness is about trying to escape the silence. Insight is about listening to the inner ear. Epiphany brings us back to the silence once again as we’re finally ready to embrace it. We can’t know anything – this is the epiphany, and in knowing nothing, we rest in the everything.