Cancer New Moon 2022

by Maia Mires

We have a New Moon in Cancer on 29th June 2022 at 3.52 BST. This new moon is on black moon Lilith, as Mars is on Eris, moving into a dynamic square with Pluto.

Wednesday 29 June – New Moon in Cancer 3:52 BST

Wednesday 29 June – Venus sextile Jupiter 4:51 BST

Saturday 2 July – Mars square Pluto 3:14 BST

Saturday 2 July – Mercury trine Saturn 11:39 BST

Saturday 2 July – Mercury square Neptune 21:52 BST

Tuesday 5 July – Mars into Taurus 7:04 BST

Tuesday 5 July – Mercury into Cancer 7:25 BST

Tuesday 5 July – Mercury sextile Mars 7:37 BST

Wednesday 6 July – Venus sextile Chiron 18:17 BST

Friday 8 July – Sun square Chiron 14:22 BST

Saturday 9 July – Mercury square Jupiter 7:14 BST

Sunday 10 July – Sun sextile Uranus 9:39 BST

Wednesday 13 July – Mercury square Chiron 5:08 BST

Wednesday 13 July – Venus trine Saturn 5:27 BST 

Wednesday 13 July – Full Moon in Capricorn 19:37 BST

With this Cancer New Moon forming a conjunction with asteroid Black Moon Lilith, we have an emphasis on relationship with the unknown shadow within us and in our world around – the two are always but a reflection of each others. 

It’s rather ironic that the dark side of a new Moon is illuminating our collective, and individual shadow, from within ourselves. This makes this New Moon internally focused, or focused on the internal shadowy underworld of the collective – it’s unconscious, it’s hidden elements, and what lies beneath the veil of illusion. 

Needless to say that there is a lot of controversy around the US’s overturning of abortion rights in many states, which is inextricably linked to this New Moon, and the upcoming intensely challenging Mars square Pluto.

Abortion, as I learnt throughout my time studying group process, is never on the cards for discussion. It’s one of those ‘we will not go there’ issues, even for activists. Perhaps precisely because it brings in the level of spirit, soul and body, not easily resolved on the mundane level of ‘rights of women’ or feminist activism, is why I experienced it as such a marginalised topic.

People never want to talk about what they cannot resolve within themselves, or conversely, what they think they have resolved and prefer to then sweep under the carpet. This is one of our biggest issues; we ostracise and repress aspects of ourselves, aspects of the collective, because we have no answers or it forces us to look at our belief systems and values, or more importantly, entertain questions and curiosity around our connection with spirit and soul, which is the biggest no no.

Taurus Solar Eclipse 2022 pic 1

Well, all those enamoured with identity politics will now have to delve a little deeper into identity, perhaps even to soul and spirit, dare I suggest it. Let’s see if this is circumvented even though it is now staring us right in our face. I suspect we and the media will manage to find another more ‘urgent’ issue to process.

An unborn child has no right to life and so is perhaps in the least privileged position of all of us. Mutilation isn’t high on the list of privileged experiences. Not to mention your body parts and DNA eternally sold and used in experiments to infinitum. No one wishes to discuss all of this, because it’s not convenient to do so. 

I do not claim a position or stance here, but that this side is rarely discussed as it has no privilege or rights to even do so, and as such it doesn’t even exist, it is so untouchable. That which we reject from existence always calls us back.

So I like to make contact with the untouchable, I even go looking for it so it doesn’t need to coming knocking at my door. This always brings us into closer contact and relationship with the Divine.

At this juncture, it’s not about which side you are on, perhaps it’s not even about that which we reject or why. But rather can we hear and listen to the quiet part within that says “you might need some of that ‘dense rejected material with you, you know, even if a larger part would not have it another way”.

We like to think there’s a problem, something is missing, or wrong, it’s not enough, it’s too late, or too soon. But actually, that thing, which is all of the above and before, will release its revelation of the abundance of life, when it’s ready and at the right moment for you to see the irony and marvel at the majestic multidimensionality. It’s like it was always there, present, existent, waiting to make itself known, but it either wasn’t the time, or you weren’t ready (or both, or neither).

In fact, can you at least accept that your purpose even requires you to have this rejected essence with you. Because if you can, it will quicken the process of integration. While if you cannot, it will slow it down, for our capacity for integration is based upon the often skipped steps of non-acceptance, denial and rejection of reality. Watch for your method.

The nature of individuals and groups though, is that we back up as oppose to challenge our current belief systems. So the irony is profound – I can’t say I’m surprised. My new moon ritual will be to every man and woman and child to have an awakening into that which they reject. These days it’s best to leave it up to Divine intervention to resolve our dilemmas and self-righteousness.

We are being shown the extremes of all the sides in our world and it will continue in this guise for many years to come. For we have to witness, acknowledge and grapple with it all. I welcome it, I welcome support to see that which I throw out and say is not on ‘my side’. I ask for support to go deeper into the hidden, dark vestige of our psyche. 

Taurus Solar Eclipse 2022 pic 3

I ask to be shown through grace, as I welcome that into my life, all the nuances within the sides. I want to be taught more about how they are not just a side, but more of a portal, an extension into the fullness and richness of reality.

We need to have more trust in Divine intervention at this time, whatever that intervention looks like as frankly, it will come however it can; there is an urgency for this exposure. It seems like there is no stopping this wave of consciousness which is hell bent on waking people up to the veils of illusion within themselves, that which separates us from our sovereignty. 

It is not going to allow people to get away with not facing their own shadowy material – whichever camp you are on. It will do it in whatever way it can – it’s not taking any prisoners. 

Our discussions really are very marginalised – even those who ‘think’ they are processing this stuff in my personal opinion, are more likely to fail to connect the dots and do it authentically. Profound discussion would require varied, evolved, diverse, nuanced and questioned points of view from within ourselves and between each other – I don’t see this happening anywhere – it doesn’t happen now.

If you are doing it or want to do it, get in touch with me.

There’s been more than a lot of outer focus on our world of late. The Cancer Moon is traditionally a time for coming back to what takes care and nurtures us. Some would say have a pampering rose bath with incense, go to the spa, replenish yourself in whatever way feels nurturing. 

I would say the most nurturing thing you can do for yourself right now is connect with your inner shadow and send it love. Love your pain. Your own pain is always in that which you vehemently reject. You can always trace it back through the threads of your consciousness. Whose to say one person’s pain is worse than another; whose to say where it belongs. It’s all pain, and it’s all of ours.

I think this is what is slowly, but now surely, opening up, and it’s exciting; it helps us see the vision more clearly, and the more we see it, the more we help bring it to and us into it.

This western obsession with comfort, habitual behaviours and addictions as a means of self-soothing (but really moving away from our pain) is a limited and even inversed way of experiencing the Cancer energy. At this particular new moon, this doesn’t chime with the deeper, more authentic vibe, which is clearly something more deeply internal and dark.

It’s continuing the theme of descension into matter, to realise that matter is not what we think it is; certainly not anyway when we imbue it with spirit. But spirit, the unknown and ‘non identity’ are always the missing denominator in matter. Yet matter is not what we think it is, and of course the word matter is connected to mother – materie, matere, matière, materia, mater – all meaning substance, origin, source, mother. 

Black Moon Lilith conjunction brings forth a complex relationship with mother and motherhood. Who hasn’t got that? BML is either associated with taking children or refusing to bear children, depending on which historical version you are referencing. Children, for BML, is what keeps her on the periphery.

The US is also central at this New Moon. With the Aries ingress chart for the US, Lilith is right on the ascendant, and Lilith is right now in the sky is transiting Cancer, and the US also has planets in early Cancer. This issue of abortion – giving and taking life – is foundational to our planet’s journey right now, and to its future. 

Black Moon Lilith also challenges us to step outside of norms and comfort. She doesn’t walk the path most well trodden. She steps outside of it, and lives life on the edge of society, ostracised and marginalised. That doesn’t necessarily mean we have to do the same, but if you see her as representing those aspects inside which we refuse to entertain, witness and repress or stuff down, then you get the picture.

With the waves of consciousness shifting us from this vibration to that, and that level to this, you would be forgiven for feeling like you have no idea where your internal home is right now. Who we are, is not who we think we are, and all of this is being pummelled and will continue in this guise until at least 2030. The Moons and other planets are forcing us into acknowledgement of what makes us more connected to the whole spectrum of who we are.

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Shadow can turn into yearnings also, it doesn’t only bang down the door. It can gently tap at our psyche, penetrating our minds with mild discontent, entering through our more subtle unmet needs and longing desires which float about us like looming clouds of mystical despair. 

Rejection of spirit happens even those that ‘identify’ as more connected to spirit reject spirit the most. If you reject spirit you accept it, if you accept it, you reject it. Something like if you try and save yourself you lose yourself, and vice versa. This is profound knowledge, from which we are largely disconnected.

Life is so ironic. I can’t emphasise this enough. That which you believe you are and love the most, or believe you are not and hate the most, is rarely a straightforward, linear matter. But we make it so. Purpose is connected as much to our hate as to our love.

So this is the mother Moon today on 29th June 2022. She brings it all under her cool luminary light. We can expect some heightened sensitivity and highly activated intuition, with Neptune stationary retrograde. Try not to go with the societal / cultural / mainstream / new age / ideological perspective on self-care today. Try and be radical and get outside the box. Perhaps even return to that thing you always feared would overwhelm or drown you….

Being cared for begins with you caring for your wholeness and the entirety of existence. This is the true radical self-care, as there is self with this, but also something beyond it. 

So through tending to your deeper needs, perhaps through entertaining something outside of your comfort zone, you could learn some deep truths about yourself, your service and purpose.

This isn’t a time for throwing this belief out or that. Random, passing illuminations that holds no deep revelatory truths are getting boring and falling away. This is a total set up for riding a wave you will never forget.

So this is perfect new Moon to state your intention clearly from the totality of mother.

Jupiter in square to this Moon will force some adjustment, and will amplify the wisdom or truth you receive. Jupiter in Aries in square to the Moon asks us to examine our pioneering, warrior, activist aspect. Who and what are we protecting (Mother), and for what reasons the our true depth? What are our ultimate fears? As these back up our belief systems.

Most people are self-righteous and identified with their beliefs as opposed to an individuated self, rooted via established and explored principles. Explore what you belong to, get in touch with your principles which lay beyond beliefs and even values.

Clear your intentions around your shadow to move both yourself and the collective forward in sovereignty – the liberation of each sentient being into true belonging and abundance.

The Mars-Pluto square exact in a couple of days brings in power struggles, manipulation and aggression reactions. It’s powerful and compulsive and it will held us look at that which we do not want to face. It’s on our side, even though it might bring in some temporary derailing. Remember you need to get derailed now, as the line you are on and traversing is probably off kilter and in need of some redirection.

I don’t know a person who is not going in the wrong direction, even just a little bit… so in for alignment, we certainly are.

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