Aries New Moon 2022 - cards

Aries New Moon 2022 – Card Guidance

Published on: 31 Mar, 2022

Join us for the a spirit led journey into what it means to be sovereign



Rising Sun

A dark phase and struggle is over.

A new phase is upon you –

one of hope, glory, light and triumph.

It is won through boldness and persistence.

You have been through much

and now victory is upon you beloved,

for the Divine Solar Child,

a new consciousness within you

is born.

Isis - Rising Sun
Empress - Tarot


The Empress

Mountains surround you,

Where grasses and trees grow.

Emptiness and fullness.

To occupy a space.

Naked and open Entering a space.

Organis reality.

A body understands and speaks many languages.

Devotion and creativity are born in the centre of the heart.

Nurturing, nourishing –

Source of being.


The Forest

Consider for a moment your earliest memory of The Forest.

It’s likely it included all the mythic dynamics of this archetypal space:

a little fear, a little enchantment, perhaps losing your way, perhaps discovering a secret mystical treasure.

Such is the magic of The Forest.

It requires first that you enter it, and then that you get lost within it.

You may think there is a path to lead you straight through, but soon enough you’ll be on what is known as the pathless path.

There are tricksters here, dense foliage, and entanglement.

But equally present are the glimmers of fairy light and friends among the trees.

You’re on an adventure now, and there’s no turning back, so embrace the dim light and the moving shadows.

Whether literal or imaginal – brave The Forest and get lost getting found.

When light it is magic abounds, childlike wonder, adventure. When dark it is concealment, density, savagery.

The forest - archetypes
I Ching Cards - 19

I Ching

19 – The Way of Sensitivity

It’s an extraordinary trick we’re living in; we’re woven into the fabric made of dreams. The reason we’re so easily hoodwinked is because of our attachments, our co-dependence. We agree unconsciously to support each other’s illusions. Our co-dependence is with the energetic environment we live in. It’s with our thoughtforms, belief structures, opinions, emotional patterns, unconscious belief that we’re a victim or that we can behave badly and get away with it. It takes heresy to break out of this world of co-dependence – to see behind the scenes. Heresy must throw everything out and open our mind and heart up to other realms, behaviours and possibilities. The purpose of this wisdom is to bring us into the world, not take us up and away into other dimensions.

The Gift of Sensitivity is strength and it is healing. Sensitivity feels like coming home. The sensitive has learned the art of approach. We start to gently approach our life in a new way, one that meets our primary needs. Heresy always leads to Sacrifice. The lower Sacrifice or self sacrifice is when you give away your power for the sake of others, which isn’t healthy. The higher Sacrifice takes place internally, sacrificing lower impulses for a higher purpose. We have to sacrifice our negative projections and in fact our positive projections. To reach the highest frequency, we have to move beyond good and evil and step out of the drama altogether. The greatest sacrifices are unseen. Whatever we give up, if it truly is selfless, justice will reward us and we’ll discover the inner Truth.