Cards Guidance 2021 New Moon Aries

Aries New Moon 2021 – Card Guidance

Published on: 13 Apr, 2021


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Divine Sun Child

Blessings of the Sun

flow to you now.

It is time to allow

your life to flourish,

without limits,

to let your light

burn bright

and without veil,

just like the

midsummer sun

burning without contest

in the Egyptian desert!

It is your time to shine bright.

Divine Sun Child
Tarot - The Devil



The Devil

Confusion in the passionate flame.

Fears and desires.

Always the same questions and no answers

regarding the shadows in the mirror.

Rewinding of memories and emotions,

captivating fantasy.

Only the voice of hunger

and thirst can be heard.

Thinking becomes impersonal,

mechanical, predictable.

Beauty misused, separated from yourself.

In the sharpened vision

at the point of brilliance,

new perspective opens.



The Shadow

Although every card in the archetypes deck has a shadow potential, this card asks us to delve into the qualities of The Shadow itself.

We often think that The Shadow can be purified, illuminated, and made right through effort and achievement.

However, it is typically the case that our lofty pursuit of ascension and perfection is the very source of shadow material itself.

By rejecting parts of ourselves and the world we begin to separate from the whole rather than getting to know the qualities and content of our shadow, we busy ourselves with avoiding its presence.

This is denial. When this card appears, it is time to take inventory of those things you’ve been denying.

When the mind responds with, “No, anything but that”, you are touching shadow. Find support for this deep inner work, and move toward The Shadow with patience and compassion.

When light it is revealing unconscious aspects of the Self and world. When dark it is denying unconscious aspects of The Self and world.

Archetype Cards - The Womb
I Ching Cards - 19


I Ching

12 – The Way of Discrimination

This hexagram is about moving from Vanity to Purity. At the Shadow frequency of Vanity is really the Dilemma of aloneness. It’s about the balance of wanting to be alone and wanting to be part of something and others.

Vanity is the false belief that we actually exist as individuals. From the view of the heart or the purity, there is only One being here because we all are a single consciousness.

The Shadow brings out the fear that others can take away the spirit of our freedom, it’s the same fear that makes us emotionally cautious.

These boundaries have been developed to keep people away, to prevent them from causing hurt.

At the Gift level of Discrimination, it’s all about balancing the emotions and the mind, understanding where the behaviour is coming from.

It’s important to note that purified and refined emotions are talked about, not the unconscious ego driven expression.

We have to let the whole world into our heart and as we learn to discriminate we realise that other people can’t touch us.

The 12th Siddhi shows us that we are nothing but purity. No one and nothing can take away the purity of our heart.