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Taurus New Moon 2024 – Card Guidance

Published on: 29 Apr, 2024

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Queen of Heaven

The Queen Of Heaven,

the Divine Empress of the Skies,

acknowledges your

feminine authority now,

as a man or a woman.

You have a life path of

spiritual leadership to bring

qualities of mercy, compassion

and wisdom into the world.

Isis - mother of life
tarot - two of coins




The Sun

Brightly singing – a sound grown white – you appear at the boundary of day and night.

Cosmic yellow-skinned goddess, far away, with your rays you touch the plexus named after you.

Pulsating organism, illuminating the dark and light parts of the world.

None more attractive than the other.

You see what happens far away and deep inside.

You shape the visible world.

You make whole what is separate.

Everything you touch is transformed.



The Kiss

Before a first kiss the air is electrified.

Each breath is alive with possibility and magic.

What will their lips be like?

Their tongue? Do they want me in return?

The archetypal energy of The Kiss is a heightened sensation of merging with the other, of letting in what was moments ago separate.

Two become one.

It is risky but beautiful business. These moments forever change us as we move past the solitary self toward union and acceptance.

This card suggests true intimacy is around the corner, which requires bravery and surrender. When The Kiss takes a nonhuman form, it may be experienced as touching the sacred, hearing a whisper, or being graced by a divine being.

You will recognize the presence of The Kiss by cold chills and awakening of the heart.

When light it is sensual experience, merging, inviting.

When dark it is neediness, pressure, dominance, disrespect.

Archetypes the underworld
54 - the marrying maiden

I Ching

43 – The Way of Insight

In this hexagram we’re moving from Deafness to Epiphany through the Way of Insight. Life frequently and sporadically achieves breakthrough. The mystery of our being here seems random and sometimes overwhelms us. We’re deaf because we can’t handle the silence of the question without an answer. Deafness isn’t silence, it’s ‘a life of sound and fury signifying nothing’. We need to let uncertainty in for breakthrough to happen. We can’t escape breakthrough. Death is a breakthrough. We just have to give up our knowing. We have to pause more often and inhabit uncertainty. A true pause has no purpose; it’s a gap. We have to embrace unpredictability.

Breakthrough demands an environment of not knowing and mystery. Insight usually comes from the very direction our mind hasn’t considered. The breakthrough is really of the heart, not the emotional heart but the heart of our being. We don’t get the qualities that we don’t need in life, so there’s no reason to waste energy chasing them. True insight makes life simpler, not more complex. The efficiency – that comes from our roots, the connection with nature – is based on Simplicity. Deafness is about trying to escape the silence. Insight is about listening to the inner ear. Epiphany brings us back to the silence once again as we’re finally ready to embrace it. We can’t know anything – this is the epiphany, and in knowing nothing, we rest in the everything.