Scorpio New Moon 2021 – Card Guidance

Published on: 31 Oct, 2021

Join us for the a spirit led journey into what it means to be sovereign


The Dark Healing Chamber

The most challenging

task is to take

courage in both hands

and journey within

to meet our own

dark self and

begin the healing

task of bringing love,

acceptance and light to it.

The sacred purpose

of any enemy,

within or without,

is to push us to venture inwards,

to seek and heal the darkness within.

Isis - mother of life
Tarot - 7 of feathers




A child born of the sun and the moon.

And so it hangs, head down.

The cord uncut.

A mighty shaking at the roots.

Evolutionary history is being looked at.

Fire burns up passions and desire.

Water cleanses and heals.

Feeling without echo.

Answers arise out of the very depths of our being.




The Vision

It is said that we are each born with a unique vision, a destiny toward which we are aimed.

It is also said that we forgot this vision the moment we are born…thus we are sent on a lifelong journey of rediscovery.

Such is the elusive nature of The Vision. It slips away, yet it guides.

It appears in strange dreams and surreal images, seemingly unattainable and preposterous.

When we are connected to The Vision, we carry an inspired, enchanted aliveness that others recognize. We trust the world and its synchronicities.

We walk through new doors into wondrous opportunities. We all want to be near those with vision. They emit energy more potent than any elixir.

When we lose connection to The Vision, life becomes dull and exhausting, lacking meaning. Bring back the mystery, bring back the dreams.

When light it is potent imagination, synchronicity, trust.

When dark it is disconnected from art and dreams, listless, aimless.

archetypes - the vessel
46 - iching

I Ching

55 – The Way of Freedom

Most of the time we experience life as though we are somehow victims of material reality and in servitude to our bodies and the emotions that flood through.

Escaping the lower, emotional reality to transcend into higher spiritual states is a way we can become trapped. Yet every emotional experience, if it makes you unhappy, tells us that there’s something there to heal, there’s a correction, we’ve forgotten our true identity as Source.

In the search for the heightened state, the fullness, we want it to last forever, and we can cling. But it’s natural for states to change. But as the Sun appears to set and the moon appears to wane, they always remain full. There is fullness within the emptiness, an inexhaustible source.

But attitude is everything and true abundance is where we know whatever state or emotion, it is as it should be, even if it then becomes the raw material for inner alchemy.

This card is about riding on top of the waves, letting peace reside within, and life replenishes you from this space. Trusting in life, knowing that some of the highest levels of consciousness annihilate the illusion of some kind of spiritual experience.

Everything serves us, if we can choose the attitude to see it. And if you can’t find that place, use that as fodder to find the place requiring healing.