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Sagittarius Full Moon 2024 – Card Guidance

by Maia Mires

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Mother of Life

When life seems dry,

depleted, filled with repetitive tasks or

simply stagnant and stifled,

Isis, the Mother of Life,

holds the ability to revive

even the most numb, resistant

and difficult circumstances in your life.

She calls to you now,

seeking to bestow gifts

of life upon you.

Be bold and brave;

open your arms and receive.

Pillar of light Isis cards
5 of feathers - tarot



Five of Feathers

Fighting in vain. Give up!

If I do that, you might think one thing or another.

Because I know you might think one thing or another, I say something else to confuse you.

This will be my triumph.

To show you how you manipulate.

No, I won’t do it. I’m afraid it might be too obvious.

I don’t really want to fight or to hurt anybody.

She always thinks that. Always! Why always? I didn’t mean it like that.

Nobody should think I would… Forgo your imagined triumph. GIVE UP. SURRENDER.




Apocolypsis indicates a particularly painful time, one that unfolds when two desperate dynamics occur simultaneously, pulling the psyche in seemingly opposing directions.

The first is a lifting of the veil. This means truths that have been kept in the dark are revealed, seen, and unearthed. No matter how relieving it is to witness things coming into the light, an element of despair and grief follows.

The second dynamic is the regeneration that comes from the wreckage of the revealed truth. The old narrative breaks, and a new story forms. Apocolypsis energy is similar to a forest fire’s: devastation for the sake of regeneration.

The veil lifts and we see who and what has been hiding. From the nakedness of the truth a child is born. Have faith in the process, hold on to your centre – that is the only way.

When light it is the unknown becomes known and guides the way. When dark it is nihilism, fatalism, hopelessness.

30 I'ching

I Ching

30 – The Path of 

This hexagram is called To Shine Brightly or To Part, and the trigram Li, fire, appears twice. Desire is a projection from our centre outwards, seeking, a request. It’s a longing, an ache, a yearning for something that we feel we’re lacking. Are we looking for something to make us feel whole? Complete? Free from suffering? To find peace? The more we try to resist temptation, the more powerful it becomes. We’re here to learn from our desire, contemplate them, have an awareness to watch them come and go. Honouring needs but lessening desires. The mind can get a hold of desires and blow it out of all proportion. Desire is a fire in the body and if we use it we find the real purpose of desire. Purification. We need lightness to transcend and transmute desire – when we can look at desire with equanimity. This is the field that lies behind desire – it’s generous, accepting, and appreciates the juiciness of desire and also sees the futility of it. As we embrace this, we become less caught up in the desire game. We begin to purify our nature by releasing ourselves from the mind’s influence. The desires emerge but are simple fuel and our awareness begins to refine that fuel. Instead of feeding our lower bodies, it begins to fuel our higher bodies. This is alchemy. Rapture comes when all our desires have been purified into the desire to return to our source – to be free from suffering, a rippling field of love, of Divine rapture. To let that in is our highest purpose.




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