Pisces Full Moon 2021 - card guidance

Pisces Full Moon 2021 – Card Guidance

Published on: 16 Sep, 2021


Join us for the a spirit led journey into what it means to be sovereign


Mother of Life

When life seems dry,


filled with repetitive tasks or simply stagnant and stifled,


the Mother of Life,

holds the ability to revive even the most numb,

resistant and difficult circumstances in your life.

She calls to you now,

seeking to bestow gifts of life upon you.

Be bold and brave;

open your arms and receive.

Isis - mother of life
Tarot - 7 of feathers



Seven of Feathers

Focus your antennae on your inner voices.

From which perspective do you perceive things?

You are the newly hatched butterfly seeing things as if for the first time.

You are the black shadow bird with sharp beak and claw, always ready to tear apart that which is not to your liking.

The more you wish to be like others,

the more you will be trapped by your own ideas.

Recognize the trap of self-fulfilling prophecies and hypnosis.

I can’t… One is not allowed to…

That’s impossible… It won’t work anyway… I have to… etc.

How do you trap yourself?

Realize your own blind spots and change your attitude towards your own hostility.




The Mentor

It is said that cosmic knowledge pours down on the world like a great illuminating waterfall. This can be an overwhelming force.

The true teacher, though, is said to be able to hold this flow of wisdom at bay while the student sips from a focused stream.

The Mentor archetype has a gift for reading the room, for sensing the exact ingredient that will stimulate growth within the student (whether pleasant or painful).

The Mentor may appear aloof or available, harsh or tender, humorous or rigid…their gift is to know what serves the soul. Ultimately The Mentor is in service of the greater cosmic good and aids in the elevation of consciousness.

Anytime The Mentor forgets this humble link and mistakes themselves for the source of enlightenment, the archetype falls into shadow.

When light it is focused, clear, bright, remains a student. When dark it is self-serving, envious of youth, righteous, rigid.

Archetypes - the Mentor
I Ching - 28 preponderance of the great

I Ching

28 – Preponderance of the Great

We’ve been avoiding our deepest fear, the fear of death, the meeting with our morality – which leads us to the fear of living.

We can’t live fully if we don’t embrace death. It leads to a notion of a hollow life. Fear is simply a vibration, a frequency that emerges from the chemistry of the body. When we change the chemistry, we change the fear.

Through facing our fears we can start the path of living life to the hilt, living totally, holding nothing back. There are three layers of fear in the power of Avoidance – the fear of living, the fear of death and the fear of not living. What we really want is to experience being alive.

Let go of mentally needing to know your purpose, and begin to move into the actual living of it. The 28th Gift teaches us here that true purpose and fulfillment always contains an aspect of service. And that means we become a role model of what it means to be authentic, of what it means to be truly human.

The only purpose of life is to reveal its presence to itself. It simply watches, listens, and breathes. It’s our essence.

It’s beyond life and death. It’s beyond time and space. It’s beyond all drama, it’s even beyond love. It only matters that we play our part, the part that belongs only to us, and we play it willingly and with an ever deepening sense of trust that life always knows best.