Leo New Moon 2022

Leo New Moon 2022 – Card Guidance

Published on: 23 Jul, 2022

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Serpent of Fire

Do not assess your current ability

based on past standards,

as they no longer

apply to you.

You are stronger and

more powerful now

than you have been before.

You need to learn afresh

what you are capable of

– and Isis helps you, now.

Isis Cards - Initiation
Tarot - The Devil


Mother of Feathers

I am mother of all movement.

Invisible, I move in all directions and leave no trace.

I play with the leaves of trees and dry laundry in the wind.

My spirit is present in all.

No prison can hold me, because I penetrate all boundaries.

With a sharp sword I cut down the insatiable ad brooding discursive delusions that compulsively move round and round.

I look inside as well as outside.

I see new, freshly born thoughts still wet from birth.

They are soft, transparent, organizing themselves to feathers, plumage, wings of swans, singing through the air, breathing the happiness of belonging.

With invisible threads I weave the canvas of our protection.

I am incorruptible and recognize the truth of words immediately.

From my husband, the all-pervasive one, I took the warm current of his breath.




Apocolypsis indicates a particularly painful time, one that unfolds when two desperate dynamics occur simultaneously, pulling the psyche in seemingly opposing directions.

The first is a lifting of the veil.

This means truths that have been kept in the dark are revealed, seen, and unearthed.

No matter how relieving it is to witness them come into the light, an element of despair and grief follows.

The second dynamic is the regeneration that comes from the wreckage of the revealed truth.

The old narrative breaks, and a new story forms. Apocolypsis energy is similar to a forest fire’s: devastation for the sake of regeneration.

The veil lifts and we see who and what has been hiding. From the nakedness of the truth a child is born. Have faith in the process, hold on to your center – that is the only way.

When light it is the unknown becomes known and guides the way.

When dark it is nihilism, fatalism, hopelessness.

Archetypes - Empty Room
I Ching Cards - 19

I Ching

60 – The Way of Realism

This Gene Key and its Dilemma is all about keeping balance. The Shadow of Limitation is not the enemy; our attitude is the potential enemy. There’s an upward force in our nature, a drive to extend, evolve, stretch, reach, and fly. But there’s also a counter-force of constriction, limitation, pessimism, resignation and tightness. It’s like the darkness of space and the light of the Sun. Too much Sun and we burn, too much darkness and we shrivel. It’s all about finding balance. We can use structures, but we mustn’t fall victim to them. That’s how we find freedom. The limitation is genetic. The first layer is always your mind. How does your thinking limit your mind? Once our frequency rises through vibrations of possibilities we touch on the next layer, emotional patterns. Behind all this emotional pain, lies love. When love comes alive again in us, then we begin to crack open the final layer, the physical coding – light pours through us and that’s when the Siddhis arrive.

The Gift of Realism is about being able to take advantage of structures. It also knows that the structure is a means to an end. It sees the paradox of its position. It needs a structure but knows that all structures are ultimately doomed! All roads lead to death – that is realism! Knowing this can free us from being caught up in the structure itself. The Siddhi of Justice is not retribution; it’s a reward. It’s given as grace, not taken as punishment, and when it’s given, freedom flows from it. It isn’t a limitation, it’s an invitation, an opening. It’s not up to us to punish, life redresses the balance naturally. Our invitation is thus to let go.