gemini new moon 2021

Gemini New Moon 2021 – Card Guidance

Published on: 6 Jun, 2021


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Chariot of Acension – Mer Ka Ba

A spiritual practise

has come or is soon

coming to your

attention that will

help your soul journey.

Take your time

to develop and

practise your chosen

spiritual discipline regularly.

This will help you grow

in power and grace,

anchoring the spiritual

light within the

body of your soul.

Divine Sun Child
Tarot - The Devil



Two of Cups

Love, romance encounters, emotional exchange, and romance.

Giving and receiving of gifts. Interdependency, sense of belonging.

The need to open up on an emotional level and to share what’s inside of you.

Drinking from the other’s cup, mingling. Images flowing into one another.

No difference between yours and mine. Mirroring oneself in the other, melting into one another.

Opening up to the stream of images from the unconsciousness.

Hidden wishes and ideas. Once the veil of projections thins out, the contact towards others becomes clearer.

This could also mean a deep emotional encounter with yourself. The cups have been drained.

What do you see on the bottom?

Am I you or are you me?



The Healer

Though some claim the work of The Healer as their gift and name it as their dharma, the force of this archetype is within everyone.

It is our natural inclination to remember, to return to, and to reclaim that central and eternal life force from which we so easily drift away.

In Sanskrit, the word avidya means “forgetting”, and it is said that this is the source of all suffering and dis-ease.

The Healer’s mission then becomes to move through the comfort of forgetting, through the veils of ignorance and denial, to reveal the radiance that already exists.

The Healer approaches this in multiple ways, from multiple angles, knowing the cycle of healing is not linear – it is a multilayered and circuitous process, always leading back to its own origin…much like the ouroboros.

When light it is self-contained, grateful, awake.

When dark it is tired, needy, forgetting its own practice.

Archetype Cards - The Womb
I Ching Cards - 19

I Ching

61 – The Way of Inspiration

The 61st Gene Key concerns the eventual transcendence of the mind. We are all psychotic in the sense that psychosis generally points towards a loss of touch with ordinary reality; the planes of reality that are far beyond what we generally refer to as ‘normal’.

There is a precarious balance to be struck – if we go too far from our walking reality and are unable to return and integrate the experience, we may be labeled an unstable psychotic. But if we don’t even dare venture beyond the terrain of our mind, we’ll be a stable psychotic.

Generally when we look around, we don’t see a world created by the heart, but rather one by the mind. It’s come about through greed, lust for power and fear of death. To find wisdom we have to give up knowledge. Wisdom is alive, vibrant, wild, spontaneous, illogical, paradoxical. This is a journey of unlearning. The secret to this is the healing power of creativity. It allows us to listen to that which comes from within, from beyond the veil, and to reimprint our awareness with its truth.

Inspiration is playing with the music of creation. To be inspired means to be filled with the breath of life. This is the secret to how we can break out of our psychosis, we become a creator. Holy life begins with inspiration, then it becomes a life of higher striving and finally it becomes the life of self-emptying, in which all that we have learned is released.