Capricorn Full Moon 2021 – Card Guidance

Published on: 22 Jun, 2021

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Life Restored

Spiritual resurrection

is gifted to you now.

Whatever part of you

or your life

you thought

to be dead

is being revived

and will flourish

back into life.

Just as the Phoenix

rises from the frequency,

transitioning from

death into life,

so too will you rise again,

healed and renewed.

Divine Sun Child
Tarot - The Devil




A child born

of the sun and the moon.

And so it hangs,

head down.

The cord uncut.

A mighty shaking at the roots.

Evolutionary history is being looked at.

Fire burns up passions and desire.

Water cleanses and heals.

Feeling without echo.

Answers arise out of

the very depths of our being.




The Faultline

Imagine walking across a frozen lake that begins to crack before your eyes. No matter how optimistic and brave you might be, panic ensues.

You become fearful and tense and long for stable ground. Such is the energy of The Faultline.

It’s the energy of walking on eggshells, of precarious dynamics, of sensing what is ready to break open into chaos.

It’s likely this cracking open is overdue, as faultlines develop slowly and naturally from underlying elemental pressures.

This card comes as a potent warning not to deny the shakiness that’s afoot.

It’s much better to prepare yourself for change than to walk along The Faultline pretending all is well.

There is no easy fix for the situation at hand – it will require a foundational shift that alters the current dynamics from the ground up.

When light it is redefining reality, breaking open.

When dark it is precariousness, pretending, delusion.

Archetype Cards - The Womb
I Ching Cards - 19

I Ching

62 – The Way of Precision

The 62nd Gene Key has the capacity to go beyond the maya by going through the maya – the shadow world of intellect, rooted in dualism.

Intellect is based upon number and associated with facts. Everything has become about the dialectic, about identification, opposites, reason and conflict; intellect and facts. Ancient wisdom didn’t take the magic away from number as we do, making it rigid as fact and creating a world of false reality.

Facts can be manipulated to give us the illusion of order, balance and harmony. Here we need to uproot false realities, the maya. The only cellular certainty is love. But we’re split – we are no longer one, we have become two. We can only return to unity, to one, by moving forwards into three, trinity.

To step out of the maya is to see the depth of the illusion that surrounds us in everything, everywhere. Precision gives us the ability to see which patterns are in resonance with truth and which are false. Unconditional love – love rooted in service of the whole, is the only love that can dismantle the maya.

Only truth has influence, and when truth is expressed through our physicality it becomes impeccability. It’s pure authentic presence. We’re no longer the mover but the moved. We’re no longer the choosers but the chosen. We’re no longer divided but whole.